Traveling to the United States

From the Grand Canyon to the rugged coasts of Maine, the United States of America has something for every type of traveler whether you’re selecting a spring break destination in the USA or simply a romantic getaway!

On this page, you will find posts from US national parks, cities, and more! If you’re interested in going to Virginia, be sure to head over to our other site where you’ll find everything to know before traveling to Virginia. You can also see our Hawaii travel blog here.

US National Parks

The National Parks are one of the best things about the US!  We have plenty of guides covering them and a lot more in the works.  We highly recommend purchasing an America is Beautiful Pass that allows you access to over 2,000 Federally Designated national sites in the US all for the low annual price of $79.99.

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Which Type of National Park is Best For You?​

Most popular national parks in the US
Most visited US national parks
Underrated US national parks
Free national parks
Least visited US national parks
Least visited US national parks

Here are some of the specific guides we have for US National Parks. Click here if you’re looking for the best national parks for backpacking and camping.

We also cover the best parks to visit depending on the season and park popularity, so be sure to not miss those guides!

Acadia:  Acadia National Park in winter   •   Airbnbs Acadia National Park

Arches:  Arches National Park in winter•  Airbnbs near Arches National Park

Bryce Canyon:  One day in Bryce Canyon  •  Bryce Canyon in winter

Capitol Reef:  Things to do in Capitol Reef National Park  •  Airbnb Torrey, Utah

Channel Islands:  Channel Islands National Park travel guideHiking in the Channel Islands

Crater Lake:  Crater Lake in winter  •  Best Airbnbs near Crater Lake

Death Valley:  Death Valley in winter  •  Death Valley Airbnbs  •  2 days in Death Valley itinerary

Glacier:  Glacier National Park in winter

Grand Teton:  Airbnbs near Grand Teton National ParkGrand Teton National Park in winter

Haleakala:  Haleakala National Park travel guide

Joshua Tree:  One day in Joshua TreeBest hikes in Joshua Tree

Kenai Fjords:  Things to do in Kenai Fjords National Park

Lassen Volcanic:  Things to do in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Mt. Rainier:  Cabins near Mt. Rainier

Olympic:  Best hikes in Olympic National Park  •  Cabins near Olympic National Park

Rocky Mountain:  Rocky Mountains facts

Saguaro:  Hikes in Saguaro National Park

Sequoia:  One day in Sequoia National Park  •  Best Airbnbs nears Sequoia National Park  •  Best hikes in Sequoia National Park

Shenandoah:  Shenandoah National Park in winter

Yellowstone:  Two days in Yellowstone itinerary •   Yellowstone in winter  •  Airbnb Yellowstone National Park

Zion:  Zion National Park in winter

Best Time to Visit US National Parks​

National Parks in January
National Parks in January
National Parks May graphic
National Parks in May
National Parks in September
National Parks in September
National Parks in February
National Parks in February
National Parks in June
National Parks in October
National Parks in October
National Parks in March
National Parks in March
National Parks in July
National parks in November
National parks in November
National Parks in April
National Parks in April
National Parks in August
National Parks in August
National Parks in December
National Parks in December

Beyond American National Parks​

Megan has traveled to 45 of the 50 US states and most of them multiple times. However, we have not written about every state thus far, but we plan to get more and more USA travel resources on this site, so please stand by!

We are not including the National Parks guides in the next section (you can find it above). Click here to check out the best beaches in New England and the best New England state parks. If you are looking for general guides to the United States, you can find our kayaking USA guide here.

Alaska:  Airbnbs in Seward  •  Things to do in Sitka  •  Places to visit in Alaska  •  Small towns in Alaska

Arizona:  Best places to visit in Arizona  •   California to Arizona road trip  •  Things to do in Prescott  •  Airbnb Prescott AZ  •  Day trips from Phoenix  •  Day trips from Tucson  •  Best small towns in Arizona  •  Weekend trips from Phoenix  •  Sedona in winter  •  Things to do in Sedona  •  Things to do in Tucson  •  Weekend in Tucson itinerary  •  Day trips from Sedona

California:  Coffee shops in San Diego•  Weekend getaway to LA   •   Colorado to California road trip  •  Airbnb Temecula CA  •  2 days in San Diego  •  Waterfalls in California  •  Best small towns in California  •  Lake Tahoe in winter  •  Small beach towns in California  •  Palm Springs to Joshua Tree National Park  •  Day trips from Los Angeles  •  Things to do in Julian CA  •  Best places to visit in Northern California

Colorado:  Weekend getaway to Denver  •  Best small towns in Colorado  •  Day trips from Colorado Springs  •  Day trips from Denver  •  Breckenridge in winter  •  Garden of the Gods in winter  •  Steamboat Springs in winter  •  Telluride in winter  •  Crested Butte in winter

Connecticut:  Small towns in Connecticut

Florida:  Miami to Key West road trip  •  Bahia Honda State Park  • Key West in December  •  Lighthouses in Florida  •  Small towns in Florida  •  Things to do in Key Largo  •  Things to do in Marathon FL  •  Things to do in Islamorada  •  Day trips from Miami  •  Best things to do in Miami  •  Best key lime pie in Key West  •  Miami jet ski tour  •  Weekend in Key West itinerary  •  Golf courses in the Florida Keys  •  Things to do in Orlando  •  Things to do in Clearwater Beach  •  Things to do in Kissimmee  •  Best beaches in Tampa  •  Florida Gulf Coast road trip

Georgia: Small towns in Georgia  •  Savannah in winter

Hawaii:  Kayaking to the Mokes  •  Things to do in Honolulu  •  Manoa Falls Trail

Idaho:  Day trips from Boise•  Things to do in Stanley  •  Things to do in Coeur d’Alene  •  Small towns in Idaho  •  Boise in winter

Illinois:  Chicago in summer  •  Kayaking and canoeing in Illinois  •  Small towns in Illinois  •  Places to visit in Illinois  •  Day trips from Chicago

Louisiana:  2 days in New Orleans•  One day in Louisiana

Maine:  Best places to visit in Maine  •  Things to do in Kennebunkport  •  Airbnbs in Kennebunkport  •  Small towns in Maine  •  Lighthouses in Maine  •  Best lobster roll in Maine

Massachusetts:  Day trips from Boston  •  Best lobster roll in Boston

Michigan:  Small towns in Michigan  •  Best places to visit in Michigan  •  Waterfalls in Michigan  •  Things to do in Detroit  •  Michigan lighthouses  •  Apple orchards in Michigan  •  Day trips from Detroit

Minnesota: Weekend trips from Minneapolis  •  Small towns in Minnesota  •  Weekend getaways in Minnesota  •  Weekend in Minneapolis  •  Places to visit in Minnesota  •  Waterfalls in Minnesota  •  Day trips from Minneapolis

Missouri:  Weekend trips from St. Louis

Montana:  Things to do in Whitefish  •  Airbnb Whitefish MT  •  Airbnb Missoula  •  Places to visit in Montana  •  Small towns in Montana

New Mexico:  Places to visit in Santa Fe•  Best places to visit in New Mexico  •  Hiking trails in Albuquerque   •  Santa Fe hiking trails  •  Day trips from Santa Fe  •  Small towns in New Mexico  •  Things to do in Ruidoso

Nevada:  Best places to visit in Nevada  •  Best small towns in Nevada  •  Valley of Fire from Las Vegas  •  Day trips from Las Vegas  •  Las Vegas in winter

New York:  Greenpoint coffee shops•  NYC in winter  •  Unusual things to do in NYC  •  Day trips from Buffalo

North Carolina:  Weekend trips from Charlotte  •  Day trips from Wilmington NC  •  Blue Ridge Parkway itinerary

Ohio: Ohio wineries  •  Weekend trips from Cincinnati  •  Small towns in Ohio  •  Ohio covered bridges  •  Waterfalls in Ohio  •  Things to do in Dayton OH

Oregon: Airbnb Cannon Beach  •  Weekend trips from Portland  •  Small towns in Oregon

Pennsylvania: Weekend trips from Pittsburgh  •  Things to do in Pittsburgh

South Carolina: Waterfalls in South Carolina  •  Charleston in winter

Texas: Day trips from Dallas

Utah:  Visit the Bonneville Salt Flats  •  Day trips from Salt Lake City  •  Best Moab Airbnbs  •  One day in Salt Lake City itinerary  •  Things to do in Moab  •  Camping in Utah  •  Things to do in Park City

Virginia:  Best coffee shops in Virginia Beach

Washington:  Walla Walla wineries  •  Airbnb Port Angeles  •  Airbnb Leavenworth WA  •  Airbnb Walla Walla  •  Leavenworth in winter  •  Things to do in Wenatchee  •  Day trips from Seattle in winter  •  Weekend in Seattle

Wisconsin:  Places to visit in Wisconsin  •  Waterfalls in Wisconsin  •  Small towns in Wisconsin  •  Weekend getaways in Wisconsin  •  Apple orchards in Wisconsin  •  Things to do in Stevens Point

Wyoming: Places to visit in Wyoming  •  Small towns in Wyoming

US Virgin Islands:  Things to do in St. Thomas  •  Things to do in St. John  •  St. Thomas tours  •  Things to do in St. Croix  •  Best beaches in St. Thomas  •  St. John beaches  •  St. Croix beaches  •  St. John itinerary  •  St. Thomas itinerary

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