13 Most Beautiful St. John Beaches (+ Tips for Each!)

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St. John is known for having some of the best beaches in the Caribbean! This guide discloses the best beaches in St. John!

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If youʻre booking your trip to St. John last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🇻🇮  Top Tours on St. John and the USVI:

  1. St. John Full-Day Lime Out Snorkel Sail w/ Lunch (bestseller!)
  2. All-Inclusive Snorkeling Experience
  3. Night Kayak Tour in St. John
  4. Circle the Island of St. John + Taco Boat (fills up quickly and leaves from St. Thomas!)

🛌  Top Accommodation and Lodging in St. John:

  1. Estate Lindholm (4-star in the national park)
  2. Gallows Point Resort (4-star luxury)
  3. Coconut Coast Villas (outdoor pool and more)
  4. St. John Inn (close to Honeymoon Bay Beach)

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From Trunk Bay to the world-famous Honeymoon Beach, these St. John beaches make it hard to pass up a trip to the island!

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Best St. John beaches to visit
Best St. John beaches to visit

Best Beaches in St. John

1. Salomon Bay

The US Virgin Islands are famous for their beaches, and Salomon Bay Beach is considered one of the gems on St. John’s island.

If you are looking for a secluded place where you can lay on the sugary sand to tan, dip into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, or just enjoy some reading, then Salomon Bay is the place to be.

The beach is usually not crowded as it is not accessible by car (but is still one of the best things to do in St. John!).

Salomon Bay
Salomon Bay

You can reach it either on a ferry or by hiking. Take the Lind Point Trail, which starts from the National Park Visitor’s Center in Great Cruz Bay.

During the one-mile hike, you will enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze and the spectacular views of the Caribbean.

As coral reefs and their colorful creatures surround the beach, you can also have a pleasant snorkeling experience in the shallow waters surrounding the beach.

2. Maho Bay

Having so many stunning beaches, Maho Bay Beach still remains one of the best in St. John.

Though the beach shading and vegetation were impacted due to the recent Hurricane Irma, you can still enjoy the crystal-clear waters, powder-soft beach with high coconut trees, and forested slopes in the background.

Visitors can also see many tropical plants and more than 50 species of tropical birds.

Maho Bay
Maho Bay

Due to its shallow waters, the beach is perfect for kids and excellent for snorkeling, as you can also spot rays of fish and green sea turtles.

On the beach, you will also see a pop-up village called Maho Crossroad, which offers its visitors exciting drinks in its Paddle-In Tiki bar and delicious food from its food truck.

After enjoying water sports activities offered around the bay, you can purchase merchandise from the Love Maho boutique on the beach.

3. Francis Bay

Francis Bay Beach is considered to be one of the family beaches in St. John.

Regardless of the tides, the beach always stays wide, offering plenty of area for its visitors.

This beach with powder-fine sand and sunny skies is very long, and one can find several picnic tables around the beach.

If you enjoy snorkeling, then consider the east side, as it is richer with marine life, sea fans, tangs, parrot fish, and reef squid.

Francis Bay
Francis Bay

Many visitors also rent kayaks on Maho Beach and paddle out towards Francis Bay in search of sea turtles.

In case you are visiting by car, then be sure to get to the beach a little earlier to find parking near it.

Though there are no hotels around this beach where you can organize your vacation, you can still find villas for rent that are convenient for families and friends.

Sunnyledge Villa is an option with a short walk to the white sand beach at Francis Bay!

4. Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is the most popular beach on St. John and, arguably, the most photographed. It is a must for any St. John itinerary!

This beach, which is a quarter-mile long, is the actual visualization of the stereotypical paradise view with fluffy white sand, azure waters, and a fringe of stately coconut palms.

Though St. John beaches offer a great snorkeling experience, the one you will have on Trunk Bay will be different due to the self-guided Underwater Snorkeling Trail.

It even provides underwater information about coral formations and marine life.

Trunk Bay
Trunk Bay

Though the beach does not have hotels or resorts for your stay, you can still get here by car or taxi.

The beach has a snack bar/grill, restrooms and showers, a souvenir shop, and lifeguards.

Also, you can consider renting kayaks or snorkeling gear on the spot if you decide to experience the Snorkeling Trail.

Trunk Beach also has an entrance fee of $5.

5. Hawksnest Bay

Hawksnest Bay Beach is located on the northern shore of St John’s.

Though the beach is fairly narrow, it’s pretty long and can offer a great beach-side walk experience.

The beach has fine white sand and is surrounded by sea grapes that provide satisfying shade.

You can reach the bay from Cruz Bay and find comfortable parking spots next to the beach.

Note that part of the beach is a little rocky, but you will reach the fluffy sand very quickly.

Hawksnest Bay
Hawksnest Bay

As Hawksnest Bay is not as protected as the other bays on St. John due to its orientation, be ready for a bit of surf.

Thus, because of the geographical location, the beach is not suitable for snorkeling.

You can find luxurious rentals around the beach to organize your stay there.

6. Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Bay Beach, located in the north of St. John Island, is best for full-service amenities.

It was one of seven beaches that were part of the Caneel Bay Resort.

The beach is open to everyone, but the best is that you only need to take your towel and sunscreen with you and rent the rest on the spot, including beach chairs or kayak rentals.

Honeymoon Bay
Honeymoon Bay

You may even purchase some refreshments and delicious food from the Bikinis On The Beach stand.

While you can take a taxi to the beach, you can also hike to Honeymoon Bay by taking the Lind Point Trail and marvel at the majestic scenery of the Caribbean.

Keep in mind that if you are planning to rent items at the beach, it will cost less by just purchasing a $49 day pass.

7. Denis Bay

Denis Bay is believed to be one of the hidden gems on St. John, nestled on the north-western part of the island.

It is one of the beaches that can be reached either by boat or by a rugged trail.

The beach accessibility (or relative lack thereof) is why you won’t find many people on the beach.

To get to Denis Beach, you must take the Peace Hill trail in the west, and when approaching the beach, the serene sound of waves will hint you’re already there.

You can see only one private property behind the trees that line the beach.

Note that there are no beach amenities there, so take the necessary items with you and enjoy your time in the sun on this secluded beach, dipping into the crystal-clear water, and experiencing excellent snorkeling.

8. Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Bay Beach, being the longest beach on St. John, reminds visitors of the typical postcard image of a Caribbean vacation.

Located near Maho Bay and Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Beach is one of the few beaches that offers full-service amenities on the island.

Cinnamon Bay Beach & Campground offers different types of tents and cottages to organize your stay on the beach.

Cinnamon Bay
Cinnamon Bay

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily in the Rain Tree Cafe.

In addition, one may participate in art classes, water sport training, or hiking sessions to ensure an unforgettable experience on the beach.

Watersport rentals are available for snorkel gear, paddle boards, kayaks, and beach chairs.

Thus, Cinnamon Bay is one of the best options to organize your vacation with pristine white sand surrounded by stately palm trees.

9. Salt Pond Bay

Salt Pond Beach is located in the southern part of St. John Island.

It is known for its transparent waters that shower the rocky, white-sandy crescent-like beach, perfect for disconnecting from your busy routine and connecting to nature.

Here, you will also find tide pools filled with marine creatures and experience great snorkeling due to the lovely coral reef in the middle of the bay.

Ram Head Trail views
Ram Head Trail views

You can reach the beach by hiking Ram Head Trail and marveling at the best views.

In the surrounding area, you will find the famous pond that the beach is named after, which was once used to mine for salt during dry summers.

If you want to organize your stay near the beach, then consider the nearby Concordia Eco Resort, which has an open swimming pool, terraces, and WiFi availability.

10. Oppenheimer & Gibney Beaches

Don’t get confused with the two names of Oppenheimer and Gibney Beaches.

These are just the two names of the same beach located on the north shores of St. John.

In the 1950s, almost 40 acres behind the beach were purchased by the Gibney family, whom the beach was named after.

Gibney Beach
Gibney Beach

Later, some part of the land was purchased by Robert Oppenheimer, the inventor of the atomic bomb, who built a beach house there. Today the beach house is a community center.

Though reaching the white-sandy beach surrounded by high coconut trees and showered with turquoise waters of the Caribbean requires hiking via the Peace Hill Trail along Denis Bay, the end destination is really worth it.

Don’t forget to take your snorkeling gear with you to experience a great time here.

11. Jumbie Bay

Jumbie is located on the north shores of St. John, next to Trunk Bay.

It is also considered the smallest beach as it is only 100 yards long. If the north shore beaches are expected to be a little rough, then Jumbie is the roughest.

However, the white-sandy coverage of the beach is a great and cozy place if you just want to feel secluded and relaxed.

Jumbie Bay
Jumbie Bay

Trunk Beach is so close that many visitors usually get there by swimming.

The beach is lined with lovely sea grapes. You can always find a place to cool off in the shade under them as the beach doesn’t have parking, and few guests visit there.

The beach is also subject to high surfs, thus it is not really good for snorkeling.

12. Lameshur Bay

Lameshur Bay Beach, located in the southern part of the island, is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches.

Some parts of the beach are covered with sea grass, and this is where you can see sea turtles.

Lameshur Beach is suitable for family trips as there are several picnic tables and BBQ grills. The beach is protected from the surf, so it offers a great snorkeling experience both for kids and adults.

Lameshur Bay
Lameshur Bay

When snorkeling along the eastern shores, you can spot octopuses, rays, barracuda, tangs, parrot fish, Caribbean lobsters, banded coral shrimps, and Queen Angelfish.

At the western part of the bay, you will have a fantastic opportunity to explore the nicely preserved and renovated sugar mill ruins. Also, this is the start of several great hiking trails running along the beach.

13. Frank Bay

Located next to the busy beaches of Cruz Bay, Frank Bay Beach is often forgotten as a destination.

The water here is calmer, making it an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling both for kids and adults.

However, keep in mind that though the beach is home to the perfect aqua-blue water and lovely coconut trees, some parts of the beach are covered with cobblestones, so you might need to wear special socks.

Picnic tables and toilets are available on the beach, but there are no restaurants or bars.

If you’re considering visiting Frank Bay or any other Cruz Bay Beach, it will be convenient to organize your stay at Gallows Point Resort, which is close to both bays.

It offers fully-accommodated ocean-front villas, fine dining at the highly-proclaimed onsite restaurant, and an open swimming pool with a view of the Caribbean.

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