Norway is a country in Scandinavia that is partially positioned above the Arctic Circle. I have lived in Norway for several years and has experienced the country as both a traveler and a resident.

Tourism in Norway has been booming in recent years as people discover the beauty of its nature, culture, and people. However, there are still many undiscovered places to visit in Norway that make it the perfect travel destination!

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Planning a Trip to Norway

Are you planning a trip to Norway soon? I have been there too many times to count and lived there for over four years, so I have you covered!

I know the country and its regions in all seasons and can assure you that there is something special about every destination in Norway, regardless of the season.

This Norway travel blog aims to help you book your trip to the country (and Svalbard!), and I really hope you find all the practical information you need to confidently travel to Norway here. If not, please let me know so I can create some new helpful posts!

This blog has guides on what to know before you visit Norway and its destinations, the best accommodation options, itineraries, what to pack, and more!

Sommarøy is a fantastic place for hiking during the summer months

My mission is to make Norway trip planning a fun process and not a daunting one! In addition, there are many things to do in Norway, and I hope to give you the resources to not miss out on anything exciting.

These Norway travel guides will detail the best places to visit in Norway and how to plan your trip. I break down by city, region, town, etc.

As you can tell, I have focused my efforts on Oslo, Bergen, and the Arctic. However, I am constantly creating new content and hope to churn out some helpful guides in other places in the near future!

I also cover Svalbard! My Svalbard travel blog posts will help you plan your trip to Longyearbyen and the far north as well!

I have visited Svalbard and Norway in winter and summer and try to have guides for all seasons, but it is a work in progress! Feel free to message me with any specific questions you may have. Thanks!

Lillehammer Norway during winter

Information about Moving to Norway

Not only do I have Norway travel guides, but I also have guides about living in Norway (and how to move to Norway). Click below to see my expat guides and resources:

Visiting Arctic Norway? Get started here.

Winter Travel in Norway

Best of Norway Guides

These are some roundup guides to the best of Norway (and some seasonal-specific information)!

Norway Accommodation and Airbnb Guides

There are a variety of options for where to stay in Norway. I cover everything from ice hotels in Norway to camping options, as indicated in the travel guides below.

Hotel and Airbnb Destination Guides

Norway Destination Resources

If you’re seeking specific destinations and places to visit in Norway, you can see my destination guides below. If there is a destination you’re visiting that is not here, please let me know! I have probably been there and can still help!

Southern and Eastern Norway

These are the Norwegian travel resources I have for southern and eastern Norway. This includes Oslo, Innlandet, Viken, Agder, and Vestfold og Telemark.

Jotunheimen Travel Resources

Oslo Travel Resources

Central and Western Norway 

These are the Central and West Norway travel resources that I have on the blog. This includes Møre og Romsdal, Vestland, and Rogaland.

Ålesund Travel Resources

Bergen Travel Resources

Haugesund Travel Resources

Skudeneshavn Travel Resources  

Visnes Travel Resources  

Vøringsfossen Travel Resources  

Northern Norway

One of the most popular places to travel in Norway is the North and the Arctic!  Here are my travel guides for Svalbard, Nordland, and Troms og Finnmark.

Alta Travel Resources

Bodø Travel Resources

Hammerfest Travel Resources

Kirkenes Travel Resources (+ Varanger Peninsula)

Lofoten Islands Travel Resources

Nordkapp Travel Resources

Stabbursdalen National Park Travel Resources

Tromso Travel Resources

Svalbard Travel Resources