7 Best St. Thomas Tours and Excursions Worth Your Money

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There is no shortage of memorable activities on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands! This is a guide to the best St. Thomas tours and excursions that will be worth your money (and leave everlasting memories)!

Are you planning your trip to St. Thomas last minute?

If youʻre booking your trip to St. Thomas last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

Top Tours on St. Thomas and the USVI:

  1. Turtle Cove catamaran snorkeling tour (#1 bestseller!)
  2. Parasailing in St. Thomas (leaves from Sapphire Beach)
  3. 50′ Luxury Yacht Full or Half Day Rental (highly recommended!)
  4. Cocktail sunset cruise from Sapphire Beach
  5. Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline (goes through a rainforest!)
  6. Charlotte Amalie: History and food walking tour
  7. Kayaking and snorkeling (through mangrove lagoon)

Top Accommodation and Lodging in St. Thomas:

  1. Luxury Beachfront Duplex Villa on Sapphire Beach (4-star)
  2. The Breeze-A Boutique Villa Experience (3-star)
  3. Point Pleasant Resort (4-star)

When you travel to the island, you will be greeted by sandy beaches, refreshing cocktails, and a plethora of things to do in St. Thomas.

There are plenty of St. Thomas excursions from snorkeling to sunset boat tours that will keep you occupied.

This guide details some of the top-rated tours in St. Thomas and how you can book them before arriving on the island to ensure they are still available!

Best St. Thomas tours and excursions
Best St. Thomas tours and excursions

Did we miss any of the best St. Thomas tours? Please let us know in the comments!

Should You Book an Excursion in St. Thomas?

There are many reasons to book excursions in St. Thomas but the main reason is that having everything prepared before arriving takes away the stress that should not accompany you on vacation!

Tours in St. Thomas do book up fairly quickly and many are limited to a finite number of guests, especially some of the boat tours.

By pre-booking your trip, you will not have to suffer the consequences of arriving in St. Thomas and will have to pay heaps for tours from random agencies.

Best excursions in St. Thomas
Best excursions in St. Thomas

In addition, St. Thomas is not the easiest place to travel around independently – like many islands.

If you don’t pre-arrange transportation, you may find yourself unable to get around without paying a large amount for a taxi or driver.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of St. Thomas tours to choose from below that will make your trip organized and stress-free!

Best St. Thomas Tours & Excursions

St. Thomas Mangrove Kayak, Hike, & Snorkel Tour

Duration: 3 hours

One of the best tours to take in St. Thomas is this kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling tour. There are many opportunities for hiking in St. Thomas and it is nice to combine the trails with a little water, too!

Spanning over three hours, it will wind you through the island’s mangroves and allow you the chance to experience multiple ecosystems within the St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Reserve.

Kayaking in St. Thomas mangroves
Kayaking in St. Thomas mangroves

You will have a chance to check out tidal pools and the stunning, yet endangered mangroves all the way out to Cas Cay. You’ll finish the day by snorkeling in the St. Thomas waters!

The tour includes snorkeling gear, safety gear, kayaking equipment, free lockers, and water. Be sure to bring your own sunscreen and proper footwear for the hiking portion of the tour.

Night Kayaking in St. Thomas in the Lagoon

Duration: 1.5 hours

Top kayaking in St. Thomas tour is this one that takes you through the protected waters of the Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Preserve.

You will have a chance to learn about the pirates that ventured through these waters as well as hear stories about shipwrecks, ghosts, and more.

The 1.5-hour excursion includes an expert guide and all of the kayak and safety equipment. This is a small group tour, so be sure to book soon as it will fill up when it has 10 participants!

Charlotte Amalie Historic Main Street Food Tour

Duration: 2.5 hours

If you’re passionate about food (like me!), definitely opt for this popular historic Main Street food tour in Charlotte Amalie. It will offer a taste of St. Thomas and the delicious local cuisine.

Charlotte Amalie historic town
Charlotte Amalie historic town

The island has a Danish history and you will have a chance to learn more about the influences the culture had on the 350-year-old city while you stroll around tasting the cuisine and seeing historic attractions.

The 2.5-hour tour includes a food tasting at 5 eateries, a historical tour of Main Street, and more!

Turtle Cove Catamaran Snorkel & Sail Adventure

Duration: 3 hours

This amazing 3-hour sailing excursion departs from Frenchman’s Reef.

You will have the chance to sail on a 54-foot catamaran with a friendly crew and captain.

The main stop will be Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge. Once there, you will be able to snorkel and swim among the colorful and lively marine life.

Snorkeling in St. Thomas
Snorkeling in St. Thomas

You will be provided with snorkel gear, including a mask and flippers, and will have access to an unlimited open bar and snacks.

This is truly one of the best snorkeling tours in St. Thomas!

Parasailing Experience in St. Thomas

Duration: 1 hour

If you’re looking to go parasailing in St. Thomas, you’re in luck! You can sail high above the Virgin Islands on this 1-hour parasailing excursion.

Parasailing in St. Thomas
Parasailing in St. Thomas

You will depart from Sapphire Beach Marina and take to the air after a safety briefing. This tour is available for all skill levels and travelers ages 6 and older.

Cocktail Sunset Cruise from Sapphire Beach Resort

Duration: 2 hours

A popular tour in St. Thomas is a sunset cruise and it will leave you with everlasting memories long after you depart from the US Virgin Islands!

On this 2-hour boat cruise, you will depart in the evening from Sapphire Beach Resort and will have a chance to sail around the outer keys as you sip on cocktails and appetizers.

Sunset boat cruise
Sunset boat cruise

You will be back at the shore for dinner time but will have a glass of Champagne on the cruise to toast to the beautiful sunset! The guide will provide commentary and you will also have an open bar with unlimited drinks.

Circle the Island of St. John / Lunch at the Taco Boat

Duration: 7 hours

If you’re looking to escape St. Thomas for a bit and see a bit of St. John – definitely consider this amazing cruise! They only take a maximum of 12 guests per trip – so be sure to sign up quickly!

This is the perfect option for those looking to escape the crowds and be in awe of the scenery.

You will cruise along the North Shore and also pass Hawksnest Beach, Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Maho, and Francis Bay.

Trunk Bay in St John USVI
Trunk Bay in St John USVI

You will then have an opportunity to snorkel and check out the floating taco bar called Lime Out!

It is located in Hansen Bay and it has become a quick USVI favorite! While there are many amazing things to do on St. John, this offers you a quick taste of the island from afar if it is not on your Virgin Islands itinerary for this trip.

Snorkeling equipment, an open bar, light snacks, and captain and fuel are all included on the tour.

What to Bring on Tours in St. Thomas

I assume that most people traveling to St. Thomas will have all of their beach gear and tropical trip equipment with them. And, on all of the tours above, kayaking and snorkeling gear are provided.

However, here are a few recommendations of things to take with you for your tour (or even if you travel to St. Croix or St. John after):

  • Sea bands: If you’re prone to seasickness, be sure to take some anti-nauseous medication or sea bands with you for the trip!
  • Reef-friendly sunscreen: You need to ensure you bring sunscreen for your trip! I recommend SPF 50 and something vegan and reef-friendly, like this top-rated SPF from Sun Bum.
  • GoPro: We love recording our experiences but don’t want our mobile phones to get damaged. I highly, highly recommend investing in a GoPro camera to give you a stress-free trip!

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