15 Magnificent Waterfalls in Michigan (That You MUST Visit!)

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Michigan is one of the best places to see some of nature’s most spectacular sights. And you will find many of the best waterfalls in Michigan accessible and easy to reach!

Whether you want to enjoy the state’s forests, hiking trails, or parks, you’re sure to find something perfect for an adventure.

Best waterfalls in Michigan
Best waterfalls in Michigan

And youʻre never too far away from pretty Michigan waterfalls that will blow your mind!

You can find gorgeous waterfalls all throughout the state, with most of them being best to see right after a rainstorm to catch a glimpse of the full water flow.

In this article, we’ve gathered a list of the best waterfall hikes in Michigan (and ones not requiring a hike)! Let us know if we missed your favorite!

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

1. Spray Falls

Spray Falls is one of those waterfalls that has breathtaking views but is remote and requires some effort if you want to see its full beauty.

The waterfall can be seen from the Lakeshore Trail.

The 70-foot waterfall lands directly in Lake Superior after plunging over the cliffs at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

The interesting thing about this one is that it falls right at the edge of the cliff, meaning there is no way to see the front of it on land.

Spray Falls
Spray Falls

The only way to get the best views of the waterfall is from the water, either on a boat or on a kayak. 

The Lakeshore Trail runs straight over the top of the falls, allowing the hikers to reach its edge; however, be cautious – the cliffs are undercut and dangerous in numerous spots.

There is a secure viewing point about 1/4 mile east of the falls from where you can obtain a nice but distant side view of the falls. 

2. Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site

In case you’re in the Marquette or Munising areas, Laughing Whitefish Falls is a must-see.

Located in Laughing Whitefish Falls State Park, near Chatham, Michigan, this is a slide waterfall that drops a total of 100 feet.

After you get to the parking area, the path to the falls is a 0.6-mile-long hike.

The trail leads from the parking area through a lovely old-growth pine and hemlock woodland.

Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site
Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site

When you’re at the falls, you can either climb down a stairway next to the falls or see it from a neighboring observation deck. 

The best time to visit this fall is spring or after heavy rain.

The heat of the summer is known to reduce the water flow significantly, so it’s better to try visiting during springtime.

Also, know that there is a place to have lunch and bathrooms located near the parking area.

As Laughing Whitefish Falls is located within a state park a recreation passport is required from visitors. 

3. Bond Falls

Bond Falls is situated in southern Ontonagon County near Paulding. 

The most unique feature of Bond Falls is that it’s worth seeing during any season of the year.

This magnificent waterfall on the Ontonagon River’s middle branch is 100 feet broad and drops roughly 50 feet.

Getting to the falls is not as challenging as some of the others.

Bond Falls
Bond Falls

Head to Bond Falls Rd. three miles from US-45 to Scenic Overlook Dr and it’s only a five-minute walk from there to the base of Bond Falls. 

You’ll need to follow the paved trail to one of the six viewing areas on the 600-foot boardwalk.

Hike along either side of the river and climb to the top to observe a series of lesser cascades that lead into the main part of the falls.

4. Douglass Houghton Falls

Douglass Houghton Falls is more than 100 feet tall and quite an impressive waterfall in the Michigan area.

Though many bad accidents happened here and it’s difficult to reach, the site and the waterfall itself are a much-loved place in Copper Country.

Due to a high number of accidents (even fatal ones), the access here was cut off but still, it can be reached by following Hammell Creek upstream from Lake Linden.

The little drops in the meadow above are impossible to access due to the steep slopes, but the green creek valley provides a beautiful view down to Torch Lake.

Only a few feet above the creek, a short exploratory hole is dug into the wall of the waterfall. To get to the site, follow the creek upstream over a mile to the falls.

Be mindful of climbing the cliff walls – it’s better to avoid them as the crumbling walls have been severely eroded over time.

5. Tahquamenon Falls

A beautiful addition to the Tahquamenon River, this waterfall is not only the largest one in Michigan but is one of the largest in the eastern half of North America. 

One unique feature of Tahquamenon Falls is its brownish color of water, which is due to the tannins leached from the cedar swamps that the river drains.

This is also where the nickname “Root Beer Falls” comes from. The falls are within Tahquamenon Falls State Park, near the MI towns of Newberry and Paradise.

It consists of two parts: Upper and Lower Falls.

Tahquamenon Falls
Tahquamenon Falls

The Upper Falls boasts a nearly 50-foot drop and spans more than 200 feet. Lower Falls is no less impressive, though it’s not as dramatic.

It’s a collection of five lesser falls falling across an island, approximately four miles downstream. 

To see the waterfalls, you can either approach from the riverbank or from the island, which is accessible by a rented rowboat from a park concession.

6. Miners Falls

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is home to yet another very eye-catching waterfall named Miners Falls.

The views here are definitely worth checking out, so in case you happen to be in the nearby area, don’t miss this place!

It’s the park’s most powerful 50-foot waterfall, which is formed by the fast-flowing Miners River dropping over sandstone rock.

Miners Falls
Miners Falls

The good news is that once you reach the parking area, the walk to the waterfall is a 1.2 miles round-trip.

There are two viewpoints here, which are reached by moderately undulating gravel and dirt trails.

During the walk, take in the scenery of the Miners Basin. 

7. Hungarian Falls

Located in Hubbell, Michiganʻs Hungarian Falls is a stunning waterfall, which is made up of 3 different drops. 

From those, the middle falls, often known as “The Bluffs,” is a magnificent place to explore even when the water levels are low.

Over sandstone ledges and fallen boulders, the falls descend roughly 25 feet vertically and empty into a little pool beneath it, which is bordered by a white pine and hemlock forest.

You can already imagine the stunning sight. And this is not all!

Hungarian Falls
Hungarian Falls

The lower falls are the most gorgeous of the three, and during the spring run-off, they are one of Upper Michigan’s most gorgeous.

The best view of the falls is from below, but there are no pathways leading to the bottom, so it becomes a challenging hike. 

This waterfall is located in Hungarian Falls Nature Area, so in addition to enjoying the vistas of the waterfall, visitors can also enjoy views of the unique geology, fishing opportunities, and scenic hiking trails.

8. Alger Falls

Alger Falls is a small roadside waterfall located just outside of Munising.

The US waterfall is a series of drops, with the highest one being 15 feet long. 

During mid-summer, this falls greats pretty thin, so you better get here before the hot season or on a rainy day in spring.

Alger Falls is located at the foot of a hill and is visible from the highway.

One downside is that there are a lot of cars driving about rapidly, so visibility here is limited.

9. Wagner Falls

Wagner Falls is one of the scenic waterfalls in Michigan, surrounded by virgin pine and hemlock trees.

Wagner Creek flows into a shallow valley passing over erosion-resistant dolomite strata.

Wagner Falls
Wagner Falls

It flows into the Anna River, and it afterward flows northward into Lake Superior.

The spot here is pretty scenic with Wagner Creek cascading over rock ledges. 

Here in the area, there is a limited parking lot and a half-mile hike that leads to an observation deck with views of the falls.

10. Rock River Falls

Rock River Falls is a nice getaway situated in the Rock River Wilderness Area north of Chatham.

Visiting this place guarantees a beautiful waterfall adventure for you. 

Although the area is not well marked, reaching the waterfall spot is not that challenging.

When you get near it, on the left, there is a tiny parking space, but there are no signs of the falls.

You can only see here a few small signs showing that you’re in a wilderness area.

Keep in mind that the road starts paved but then it’s more of a dirt road after half a mile.

Overall, the pathway is not the most defined one but it’s still possible to find a way around it. 

11. Munising Falls

Bordering the city limits of Munising, Munising Falls is an impressive sight featuring water gliding down from the center of a forest rock.

The waterfall is 50-foot and it cascades down a sandstone cliff.

To get to the base of the falls, take the paved 800-foot walk into a calm, shady canyon along Munising Creek.

Here you can take two sets of stairs and get to platforms where you can get a better glimpse of Munising Falls.

Munising Falls
Munising Falls

During your visit, keep an eye out for ferns, wildflowers, and an occasional mink.

In case you happen to be here in winter, know that the ice formations of this waterfall will surely make you go “wow.”

It’s advised to stay on the paved path and it’s not permitted to walk into or behind the falls.

Also, pets must be on a leash on the trail. 

12. Agate Falls

Agate Falls belongs to the list of waterfalls that are stunning and easy to get to. In addition to its beautiful views, Agate Falls is also one of the largest waterfalls in Michigan.

It is located just past the Ontonagon River bridge where there is a roadside park, Joseph F. Oravec Roadside Park.

With that being said, an official viewpoint doesn’t exist.

Agate Falls
Agate Falls

If you really want to see the most scenic views of the falls, you can scramble down to the river or up the river banks to reach the ancient railroad bridge that goes over the falls.

The convenient location of this waterfall makes it possible to combine a visit to this waterfall with Bond Falls and enjoy the impressive sights of both on the same day. 

13. Memorial Falls

Memorial Falls is a stunning waterfall dropping from a beautiful gorge creating a view worth checking out at least once when in Michigan.

The gorge here has not one but two waterfalls flowing from it, creating a truly unique sight. You will need to hike a trail in order to reach the falls.

The trail takes you to the top of the falls.

Memorial Falls
Memorial Falls

It continues downstream along the gorge’s rim before returning to the base of the falls and is nearly a 10-minute walk. 

A “window” in the cliffs between the two falls is a special feature of this gorge.

You can either crawl through or stroll around this window when in the area.

The only downside is that there isn’t much water flow at this waterfall, so if you’re not visiting after rain or snow, chances are that there won’t be enough water to see very much. 

14. Jacob’s Falls

Jacob’s Falls is a roadside waterfall that can be nice to visit in case you’re on your way to or from Copper Harbor.

The height of this waterfall is 20 feet and it’s located on Keewenaw Peninsula, 4 miles east of Eagle River.

Its roadside location makes it quite accessible and it’s really a scenic falls, so it’s worth stopping by for this. 

Jacobʻs Falls
Jacobʻs Falls

On the north side of the road, there is a pullover where you may get a wonderful view of this waterfall.

Those interested to see all the ​​existing falls on Jacobs Creek can try to explore the creek, which drops more than 200 feet in less than a quarter-mile before reaching Lake Superior.

For that you can either climb up the gorge itself or get on a rocky trail that climbs along the gorge’s rim, providing excellent views of the next two waterfalls. 

15. Sable Falls

On the way to Lake Superior, Sable Falls cascades 75 feet down a cascading slope of Munising and Jacobsville sandstone formations.

It’s situated in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, about one mile west of Grand Marais in Alger County.

Sable Falls is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Michigan.

Fortunately, getting here is easy – there is a trail from the parking area to the staircase that leads to the waterfall.

Sable Falls
Sable Falls

The best views are guaranteed at the bottom of the 168-step stairway.

The trail also continues a bit past the falls to a rock beach where Sable Creek pours into Lake Superior. 

If you want to travel here with your furry friend, the good news is that they’re welcome here on both the steps and trail to the falls and on the beach.

Did we miss any beautiful waterfalls in Michigan? Let us know your favorite Michigan waterfalls in the comments. Thanks!

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