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9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lapland in Autumn (Not Winter!)

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lapland in Autumn (Not Winter!)

Most people tend to visit Lapland during the same time of the year… the cold and snowy months.  This is a post that details why you should travel to Lapland in autumn, a time that is actually the best for the northern lights, prices, and fall foliage.  9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lapland in […]

11 Best Rovaniemi Tours: Northern Lights, Huskies, and More!

Dog sledding in Rovaniemi Finland Lapland

Rovaniemi is definitely one of the most premier places to visit in Finland and Europe during the winter months. You’ll find the northern lights, Santa Claus Village, and many adventurous things to do in Rovaniemi in winter. Because many people travel to Rovaniemi from afar, planning your trip to Lapland and northern Finland can be […]

14 Places to Visit in Finland in Winter (Not Just Lapland!)

Levi Finland during winter

Are you interested in booking a trip to Finland in winter? While there are many places to visit in Finland in winter, you really need to plan ahead to see which destination fits you best! Most people think winter in Finland can only be experienced by visiting Lapland… but several other places in Finland are […]

Käringsund, Åland Islands: An Unspoiled Fishing Harbor on Eckerö


The Åland Islands have been on my list for several years and for no specific reason why except that they look peaceful and like the ideal refuge from city life. There was also this uniqueness about them that left me fascinated and I would often take to Google to randomly research the islands and their history.  […]

Lapland Packing List: 10 Useful Things to Pack for Rovaniemi

Lapland packing list: What to pack for Rovaniemi Finland

One of the best things about traveling to Finland is the varying seasons you will face depending on what time of the year you go.  That also can make it a bit more challenging when it comes to packing. This is a Lapland packing list that includes 10 useful things to pack for Rovaniemi.  I […]