22 Beautiful Day Trips From Bergen, Norway (+ Map!)

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Are you looking for the best day trips from Bergen, Norway? We have you covered! Keep reading!

Are you planning your trip to/from Bergen last minute?

If youʻre booking your trip to/from Bergen last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🇳🇴  Top Activities and Tours in/near Bergen:

  1. Osterfjord, Mostraumen, and waterfall fjord tour (bestseller – only 1/2 day!)
  2. Full-day cruise through the Sognefjord (includes Flåm)
  3. Sognefjord self-guided tour from Bergen (best DIY option!)
  4. Guided Tour To Nærøyfjorden, Flåm, And Stegastein

🛌  Top Hotels in Bergen:

  1. Scandic Ørnen (4-star with all basic amenities)
  2. Zander K Hotel (4-star gorgeous hotel)
  3. Hotel Norge by Scandic (5-star luxury)
  4. Citybox Bergen (some of my fave mid-range hotels in Norway)

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I used to live there and these are my absolute favorite Bergen day trips that will help you see some of the best of Norway’s Vestlandet!

Best Day Trips from Bergen – Overview

While there are many things to do in Bergen, you’re definitely going to want to rent a car and see some of the Norwegian countryside. It will blow your mind. I kid you not.

There are plenty of places and day trips from Bergen that one can take. This is a list of my favorite places that can be done as a day trip from Bergen, and many of them can be combined and seen together. 

I highly recommend taking these Bergen day trips in the summer months.

While I love winter travel, the daylight situation in winter in Norway is less than desirable (okay… it flat-out sucks) and you won’t have a lot of time to pack things in.

The road conditions can also vary and may be dangerous to drive on if you’re not familiar with wintry conditions.

best day trips from Bergen Norway
My favorite day trips from Bergen, Norway

Many of my photos are from winter as you’ll notice… so nothing is impossible if you plan accordingly!

But, a summer road trip around Bergen is awesome because you’ll have long daylight hours and can see a lot of Norway that way.

If you’re looking to rent a car while in Norway, you can head here for affordable and reliable rentals.

I have separated these trips into different categories based on how long it takes to get there. I am also listing hotels and tour information just in case you decide you want to make it an overnight trip and stay away from Bergen for a night or two!

I have a feeling this guide will make you want to move to Norway. If you have any additional suggestions to add to this list, please drop them in the comments!

Day Trips From Bergen Within 1 Hour

1. Golta

Why you should visit Golta: Golta is an island located fairly close to Bergen.

I went here on a day trip from Bergen years ago and fell in love with the greenish-blue water and views of the Atlantic Ocean without any land obstruction.

There were sheep running around everywhere and it truly was a magical escape for a day.

I later found out that Golta was a popular Norway scuba diving spot which makes sense as there is a small cove with visible kelp and undersea life.


Getting to Golta from Bergen: Golta is pretty easy to get to from Bergen. Just follow the 555 toward Sotra and down toward Sund Kommune.

It will take around 47 minutes to get from Bergen to Golta. The total distance is 38.7 kilometers, or 24 miles.

2. Austevoll

Why you should visit Austevoll: I really love Austevoll. It is an island that gives views of the open ocean and some of the best coastal hikes I have ever been on.

It feels rugged and real and it really encapsulates everything about western Norway’s dramatic coastline and exudes so much outdoor adventure inspiration.

I first went there after just wanting to see the ocean without mountains in the backdrop and I am really glad I did. You need to take a ferry to get there, so plan and budget accordingly.

day trips from bergen, norway - austevoll coastline

Getting to Austevoll from Bergen: In order to get to Austevoll from Bergen, you will need to drive down the 546 and take the Krokeide-Hufthamar across the fjord.

The ferry price is about 161 NOK for a small vehicle and driver. Each additional passenger will be about 58 NOK.

It will take around 1 hour to get from Bergen to Austevoll, depending on ferry connections. The total distance is 32.8 kilometers, or 20 miles.

3. Osøyro

Why you should visit Osøyro: Because I used to live there. Okay, so that isn’t why you should visit, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the small city situated idyllically on the Bjørnefjord.

From Os, you can hike, visit small beaches along the fjord, and even get a glimpse of the Folgefonna glacier, one of my favorite glaciers in Norway, from across the fjord.

Jax and I used to take his eco-friendly dog toys and treats out toward the harbor area and run around for hours!

You will also have a chance to visit the Oseana Art and Cultural Center in Os… which was built when I lived there and hosts several events and concerts.

It also has an awesome terrace that you can sit on and enjoy a cup of tea (if it isn’t raining which will be like merely 3% of the time). 

Os, Norway
Os, Norway

Getting to Osøyro from Bergen: Reaching Osøyro from Bergen is super easy by car or even bus. If you’re taking the bus, you will need to take the number 600. If you’re driving, it is straight south on the E39.

It will take around 38 minutes to get from Bergen to Osøyro. The total distance is 30.3 kilometers, or about 19 miles.

4. Dale

Why you should visit Dale: I first went to Dale back in 2010 when I was hanging around Bergen.

The small town was buried in snow and it was one of the most picturesque sights I had ever witnessed. Many years later, I can say that I have stopped in Dale quite a few times and it never gets old.

Dale’s claim to fame is that the famous ‘Dale of Norway’ was founded there.

That is quite a big deal if you think about it. If you’re in love with Norwegian knits and fancy a day trip from Bergen, Dale is your best bet.

Dale (from the Bergen-Oslo train)
Dale (from the Bergen-Oslo train)

Getting to Dale from Bergen: To get to Dale from Bergen, you will need to drive along the E16 toward Oslo. You can also take a train which will take around 35 minutes from Bergen and cost about 140 NOK.

It will take around 40 minutes to get from Bergen to Dale. The total distance is 34.9 kilometers, or about 22 miles.

5. Kvamskogen

Why you should visit Kvamskogen: When I think of Kvamskogen, snow comes to mind.

I always ended up driving through Kvamskogen during the winter months and the mountain plateau was buried under so much snow that it was pretty darn magical.

I would always stop and take photos and just bask in the fact that I called the beautiful country of Norway home.

Kvamskogen has the third-highest concentration of cabins in all of Norway and the plateau is known for cross-country skiing.

day trips from bergen kvamskogen norway
My dog and I in Kvamskogen enjoying the snow.

Getting to Kvamskogen from Bergen: In order to reach Kvamskogen from Bergen, you will need to take the FV7 east.

It will take around 1 hour to get from Bergen to Kvamskogen. The total distance is 67.1 kilometers, or about 42 miles.

6. Fusa

Why you should visit Fusa: I used to travel to Fusa Kommune quite often when I was living in Osøyro and the Bergen area. It was one of my favorite Bergen day trips, to be honest.

Located on the immense Bjørnefjorden, you can either take a ferry from Os (not the Halhjem one but the other 552) or drive around the fjords from Bergen.

Fusa is wild and the perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature. You can hike, fish, or simply enjoy the slow cabin life that so many Norwegians know how to do so well.

I used to stay in a cabin out in Fusa and it always rejuvenated me.

best day trips from Bergen Norway fusa kommune
Moody day in Fusa, Norway

Getting to Fusa from Bergen: Reaching Fusa Kommune from Bergen is fairly easy but you will have two options how to get there – either by driving the E16 and turning onto the 48 or you can head to Osøyro and further to Ferry 552 and go that route.

If you catch everything right, the trip takes an hour going by ferry and slightly more to drive straight from Bergen. The total distance is 76.1 kilometers, or about 47 miles.

Day Trips From Bergen Within 2 Hours

1. Voss

Why you should visit Voss: Voss is the extreme sports capital of Norway. It is also one of the best day trips from Bergen in my opinion.

There is so much to do in Voss and it is perfect for solo travelers or families… it has something for everyone.

My favorite thing about Voss is that it was the birthplace of former Notre Dame football coach, Knute Rockne.

There is a statue of him in the city and I think it is so cool to see how a Norwegian impacted one of the most popular American sports.

If you’re going to base yourself in one of the cities on this list for a night (ultimately not making this a Bergen day trip), make it Voss.

There are so many sites in and around the Norwegian city that I think you’ll like using it as a base.

Voss, Norway
Voss, Norway

Getting to Voss from Bergen: Getting to Voss is easy by car or train. By train, you will catch it from the Bergen Central Station and take it to the station Voss. It will cost around 246 NOK one way.

If you’re visiting Voss by car, you will take the E16 in the direction of Oslo and you’ll pass right through Voss. It will take around 1 hour and 20 minutes to get from Bergen to Voss. The total distance is 65.4 kilometers, or about 40 miles.

2. Hardangerfjord

Why you should visit Hardanger: I actually think the Hardangerfjord region is one of the most underrated regions in all of Norway.

The area is arable and lush and so many of Norway’s finest ingredients, like apples, are associated with Hardanger.

The fjord is the second largest in Norway and the third in the world! There are so many adorable villages and towns you’ll pass by when cruising through the area, such as Ulvik.

I definitely think that Hardanger is one of the best day trips from Bergen and I recommend it to everyone.


Getting to Hardanger from Bergen: In order to reach the Hardanger fjord region, you will need to take the E16 toward Oslo and then turn onto the 48.

From there, you’ll drive through Fusa briefly and then end up at the extremely large Hardangerfjord region of Norway.

The trip from Bergen to Hardanger takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes. The total distance is 100.6 kilometers, or about 63 miles.

3. Stalheim

Why you should visit Stalheim: I have been to Stalheim probably more than most places on this list, easily.

Stalheim is a village nestled high in the Nærøydalen near the Nærøyfjord and it is one of the most picturesque pieces of scenery in the world- I swear it.

What is really notable about the village is that there is a famous red hotel called the Stalheim Hotel that you can visit or stay in and offers some killer views.

There is a little WWII history that exists at the hotel as well (it took in children during the war).

I definitely recommend combining a trip to Stalheim with some of the others that are on the E16 route as a day trip from Bergen.

Also in Stalheim are a large waterfall called Stalheimsfossen and Northern Europe’s steepest road called Stalheimskleiva (currently closed for repairs as of July 2023).

I have seen both (the waterfall is visible from the curvy road) and they are both worth the visit!

day trip to stalheim from bergen norway

Getting to Stalheim from Bergen: Reaching Stalheim is easy by private car. You just take the E16 toward Oslo and you will go right through the area (with the exception of a turn to the hotel road.

The trip from Bergen to Hardanger takes around 2 hours. The total distance is 140.7 kilometers, or about 87 miles.

4. Steindalsfossen

Why you should visit Steindalsfossen: Located along the FV7 not too far from Bergen is Steindalsfossen, a 50 meters tall waterfall that you are able to visit and walk behind It is one of the most visited places in all of Norway, and the scenery that surrounds it is just spectacular.

I have been in both summer and winter and for some reason, I really loved it during winter (fewer tourists!) But, it is one of the best Bergen day trips, in my opinion. The area has a cafe and a souvenir shop.

best day trips from Bergen Norway steindalsfossen waterfall

Getting to Steindalsfossen from Bergen: The waterfall is located on the FV7 in Hordaland and is easy to reach by private car. Visiting Steindalsfossen is also on the itinerary of many famous Norway in a Nutshell tours.

The trip from Bergen to Steindalsfossen takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The total distance is 78.2 kilometers, or about 45 miles.

5. Stord Island

Why you should visit Stord Island: Stord Island was one of the first places I ever visited in Norway.

I actually had a pen pal growing up who was from Stord and on my first trip to Norway back in 2010, I took a bus from Bergen down to Haugesund to visit her and she drove me to her family’s home on Stord Island. What a magical place!

The island is covered in a lot of pyrite and the rocks give it such a unique and quintessential Norwegian look.

As I resided in Bergen for years to come, I, sadly, never made it back to Stord because I didn’t realize how close it actually was. I hope to go back one day soon.

Stord Island
Stord Island

Getting to Stord Island from Bergen: You will need to drive south toward Leirvik or Stavanger on the E39. There is a ferry on this route.

The trip from Bergen to Stord Island takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes. The total distance is 67.2 kilometers, or about 49 miles.

Day Trips From Bergen Within 3 Hours

1. Odda and Folgefonna National Park

Why you should visit Odda and Folgefonna: One of my favorite places I ever visited in Norway was Folgefonna National Park… a park that is home to some of the country’s most dramatic scenery and a glacier that was visible from my home in Osøyro (despite being like a three-hour drive to get there).

In order to get to Folgefonna, you need to get to Odda, a Norwegian town made famous lately from the Trolltunga hike.

While this hike is difficult to do in a day with travel to and from Bergen, you can certainly enjoy the Odda area for multiple days and stay overnight there (hotel and accommodation recommendations listed below).

Nevertheless, this route is beautiful and deserves to be part of your Bergen day trip list.

Glacier lake at Folgefonna National Park
Glacier lake at Folgefonna National Park

Getting to Odda from Bergen: To get from Bergen to Odda is easy if you have a private car and are okay with taking a ferry. You will drive mostly along the 49. There is a ferry on this route (Tørvikbygd-Jondal).

I am not able to get definitive costs for it, but it is only a 20-minute ride so it should be fairly affordable.

The trip from Bergen to Odda and Folgefonna takes around 2 hours and 50 minutes. The total distance is 137.6 kilometers, or about 86 miles.

2. Vøringsfossen

Why you should visit Vøringsfossen: Vøringsfossen is the most visited natural site in Norway.

And rightfully so- this 183 meters high waterfall is the 83rd tallest in Norway… this doesn’t sound that impressive, but the landscape that surrounds it is surreal and there is more than one cascade which makes the falls extremely impressive.

I have never seen a waterfall quite like this one. And that is why it is one of my favorite day trips from Bergen.


Getting to Vøringsfossen from Bergen: To get from Bergen to Vøringsfossen is pretty simple and you can hit up many other stops along the way.

Your aim is the town of Eidfjord which is located right next to Vøringsfossen. You will drive the E16 in the direction of Oslo. The trip from Bergen to Vøringsfossen takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The total distance is 171.4 kilometers, or about 107 miles.

3. Rosendal

Why you should visit Rosendal: I previously stopped in Rosendal when I was playing around in Folgefonna National Park and I found the town to be extremely beautiful with a lot of one-off sites and hiking opportunities.

It is a bit sleepy, but if you’re looking to see the Norwegian countryside a bit like one of your Bergen day trips, Rosendal and some other places around it are picturesque and time well-spent.


Getting to Rosendal from Bergen: To get from Bergen to Rosendal, you will need to drive the 48 to Gjermundshamn and take the Gjermundshamn – Årsnes ferry across the fjord. From there, follow the signs south to Rosendal.

The trip from Bergen to Rosendal takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The total distance is 118.9 kilometers, or about 74 miles.

4. Flåm

Why you should visit Flåm: Flåm was one of the first places I ever visited in Norway and it was quite sleepy when I was there (which was also the middle of winter… so there’s that). But, this place has exploded with tourism in recent years.

The fjord is famous because so many fjord cruises stop there and offer an excursion.

This is a rather narrow fjord and the scenery is super dramatic. I have never taken a boat here but instead, have gone by private car.

There are restaurants and hotels and cafes in the area and there is an amazing craft brewery called Ægir located there. Definitely an exceptional Bergen day trip.


Getting to Flåm from Bergen: To get from Bergen to Flåm, you will drive along the E16 and you’ll end up right in the village.

The trip from Bergen to Flåm takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The total distance is 167.7 kilometers, or about 104 miles.

5. Hardangervidda

Why you should visit Hardangervidda: This is, hands-down, my favorite place in Norway. Usually, people obsess over the fjords and mountains but a high plateau? Not so much. But I love it. Hardangervidda is Northern Europe’s largest plateau and sprawls across south-central Norway.

The reason I love it is that the scenery is flat and rocky and has no trees. Reindeer live on the plateau and you can find cloudberries, as well… something that is more prevalent in the Arctic than this area of Norway.

It really is a surreal landscape that compares to nothing else I have ever seen before. You can hike and camp for days along Hardangervidda. I am simply obsessed with it.

best day trips from bergen norway - hardangervidda

Getting to Hardangervidda from Bergen: Hardangervidda is so large you just simply can’t miss it.

You can take the E16 toward Oslo and then hop on the RV13. If you head to Vøringsfossen, you can actually drive to the plateau from there and there is an insanely beautiful glacier that will greet you.

Norway is sometimes like another planet. The trip from Bergen to Hardangervidda takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes. The total distance is 158.2 kilometers, or about 98 miles.

Day Trips From Bergen Within 4 Hours

1. Huldefossen

Why you should visit Huldefossen: Ugh another waterfall!? I know, I know, but Norway’s waterfall situation is pretty spectacular.

And most are located in really gorgeous areas offering more opportunities than just seeing a waterfall. Huldefossen is no exception.

This waterfall is located off the E39 in Mo, a village close to Førde. It is 90 meters high and one of the most photographed waterfalls in Norway.

I loved this one because you have to walk a little bit to get there, including over a wooden bridge.

The area is teeming with pine trees and is just a really clean and stunning piece of land.


Getting to Huldefossen from Bergen: If you drive up the E39 in the direction of Ålesund, you will end up at Mo (near Førde), which is where the waterfall is located.

There are signs. The trip from Bergen to Huldefossen takes around 3 hours and 21 minutes. The total distance is 188.5 kilometers, or about 117 miles.

2. Visnes

Why you should visit Visnes: Not many people know about Visnes, but this small town in Rogaland was the site where the copper for the Statue of Liberty was taken from.

The former mining town was owned by a French company back in the day and they sourced the copper from this very area. Pretty impressive.

There is a museum there and even a replica of the Statue of Liberty there talking about it.

It is one of the most unknown places in western Norway and the scenery is pretty spectacular, too.

visnes statue of liberty norway

Getting to Visnes from Bergen: The easiest way to Visnes from Bergen is to drive south on the E39 to Haugesund and then go from there (it is close by). The trip from Bergen to Visnes takes around 3 hours and 21 minutes.

The total distance is 149.1 kilometers, or about 93 miles.

3. Haugesund

Why you should visit Haugesund: Haugesund is one of the ‘larger’ western Norway cities but it is still quite small by US standards.

But, this beautiful harbor city has a lot to offer visitors as a day trip from Bergen or an overnighter.

Not only is Haugesund beautiful, but it is also a great base to see some other attractions in the area such as Skudeneshavn and the sights on Karmøy.


Getting to Haugesund from Bergen: To get from Bergen to Haugesund, just drive south toward Stavanger on the E39. Haugesund is fairly large for a Norwegian city and you will see signs along the way.

The trip from Bergen to Haugesund takes around 3 hours and 10 minutes. The total distance is 139.1 kilometers, or about 86 miles.

4. Skudeneshavn

Why you should visit Skudeneshavn: Want to check out Norway’s most picturesque town? Head to Skudeneshavn. This gorgeous seaside village is like a dream or something out of a book.

During the summer months, it is booming with tourism (usually locals) but during the winter, you will have the place all to yourself.

The village is saturated with white, wooden buildings and small eateries, cafes, and shops.

I bought myself my first pånneband in Skudeneshavn and you can find other handmade, knitted gifts there.



Getting to Skudeneshavn from Bergen: Skudeneshavn is fairly easy to get to if you head to Haugesund on the E39 first. The village sits all the way at the bottom of Karmøy.

The trip from Bergen to Skudeneshavn takes around 3 hours and 50 minutes. The total distance is 182.4 kilometers, or about 113 miles.

5. Vikinggården Bukkøy

Why you should visit the Vikinggården: If you’re into history, especially Viking history, you will have a field day if you visit the Vikinggården at Bukkøy near Haugesund.

This historic area contains a lot of Viking ruins and artifacts and there is even a museum on site.

What I really loved about it was the views. I went during winter and the sun barely made it over the horizon and it was a really cool experience- especially as one of my first experiences in Norway.

bergen day trips

Getting to Bukkøy Vikinggården from Bergen: Getting to the Vikinggården is easy from Haugesund which is close by. Just take the E39 from Bergen south to Haugesund first.

The trip from Bergen to Bukkøy takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes. The total distance is 164.7 kilometers, or about 102 miles.

Bergen Day Trips Over 4 Hours Away

1. Sandane

Why you should visit Sandane: I ended up heading up to Gloppen Kommune to Sandane for the most random of reasons and unexpectedly.

Little did I know that this road trip north on the E39 would give me the opportunity to witness some of the most insane views I have ever seen.

I passed waterfalls, glaciers, glacial lakes and rivers, and a whole lot of sheep (usually on the roads). Once in Sandane, there were several cabins as well as tall mountains surrounding the water.

It is a far drive from Bergen, but the summer months give you enough light that you can make it. If you drive this for anything- do it for the road trip… it’ll blow your mind!

Sandane, Norway
Sandane, Norway

Getting to Sandane from Bergen: Getting from Bergen to Sandane is easy if you drive north toward Ålesund on the E39. You will reach a ferry once in Oppedal (Oppedal – Lavik E39 ferry).

The trip from Bergen to Sandane takes around 4 hours and 20 minutes. The total distance is 254.6 kilometers, or about 158 miles.

Bergen Day Trips Map

Where to Stay in Bergen

If you are looking for the top lodging for a trip to Bergen, these hotels and accommodation are some of our top picks!

What are your favorite day trips from Bergen?  Please be sure to let us know in the comments so we can eventually expand on this list! Thanks!

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