Sakrisøy Rorbuer in Lofoten: Is It Worth the Stay? (My Review)

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It has long been my goal to stay at as many of the rorbuer accommodation complexes in the Lofoten Islands as possible. So, whenever I am there, I try to stay at a few so I can see which ones I like the most.

The one I anticipated the most has always been Sakrisøy Rorbuer, the famous yellow fisherman cabins on Sakrisøy island (in Reine). In this guide, I will detail and review my stay at Sakrisøy Rorbuer.

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🇳🇴 Top rorbuer in the western Lofoten Islands:

  1. Sakrisøy Rorbuer (reviewed below; I LOVED this place!)
  2. Eliassen Rorbuer (nearby in Hamnøy)
  3. Reine Rorbuer by Classic Hotels (nearby in Reine)

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From the check-in process to the cabin and area itself, I will give an honest take on whether or not I think a stay there is worth it.

I will preface this guide by stating that I went there in March, but I have also been at the complex in June of a different year.

Sakrisøy Rorbuer in the Lofoten Islands (early morning in March)
Sakrisøy Rorbuer in the Lofoten Islands (early morning in March)

So, if you see photos across this blog that are from different times of the year, that is why! This was not a sponsored stay and this is 100% my experience from my visit to Sakrisøy Rorbuer.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

About Sakrisøy Rorbuer

Just a bridge past Hamnøy and a stone’s throw from Reine town center is the tiny island of Sakrisøy. Trust me, you will know when you approach, as all the buildings are bright yellow! It is such a distinguishable place that you can’t help but want to make a stop on it to take a few photos.

Sakrisøy Rorbuer dates back to the 1800s and has been in a family for 5 generations! Today, Dagmar and Michael Gylseth (mother and son) run the beautiful complex after opening the doors to guests in 1992.

Sakrisøy island is home to this Instagram icon
Sakrisøy island is home to this Instagram icon

At the property, you will find a variety of cabins, a restaurant (I discuss it later, but trust me, it was so good!), and an array of activities.

Cabin and Lodging Options

At Sakrisøy, you will find plenty of different room and cabin options suitable for all budgets! 

Here are some of the options (from cheapest to priciest):

  • Double room with a sleeping loft (cheapest option)
  • Vacation house with 1 bedroom
  • Rorbu with 1 bedroom (where I stayed and recommended!)
  • Double room for 2 people
  • Double room superior for 2 people
  • Bungalow Deluxe
  • Traditional cabin with 2 bedrooms
  • Vacation home for up to 4 people

While there are several different options for where to stay at Sakrisøy, I am reviewing the cabin I stayed in: the Rorbu with 1 bedroom.

Why I Booked a Stay at Sakrisøy Rorbuer in the Lofoten Islands

Rorbuer are a part of Lofoten and Northern Norway’s history, and I find it such a refreshing change from the modern lodging options that you will find across the Nordics these days.

Inside my rorbuer in Sakrisøy
Inside my rorbuer in Sakrisøy

Many of them are surprisingly affordable and offer a kitchen area, which I love to have as an option, especially when traveling the Lofoten Islands for longer stints of time (which I tend to do). 

🛌 GOOD TO KNOW: There is a 2-night minimum stay at Sakrisøy Rorbuer. It won’t even let you search prices without ensuring that two nights are included for your dates.

Another reason I love staying in a rorbuer is that it means you are closer to water (usually right on top of it). This makes the rorbuer in Lofoten some of the world’s most unique accommodations, in my opinion!

Highlights of My Time at Sakrisøy Rorbuer


The check-in procedure is fairly seamless at the property. At 3pm, you will go to the reception area, where there is a mailbox outside with your name on an envelope.

My key and the envelope
My key and the envelope

The envelope contains your cabin number as well as a key and map. You can take that and find where you’re staying. There is no lengthy process. It was so, so easy!

🍴PRO TIP: If you arrive in Sakrisøy earlier, you can go across the road to Anita’s Seafood for one of their amazing fish burgers. They also have a little shop inside. Alternatively, you can drive a little bit down the road to Reine and pick up groceries at the Coop on the left-hand side.
Lunch at Anita's Seafood
Lunch at Anita’s Seafood

You can also walk around Sakrisøy and over the bridge to Hamnøy, where you can score some of the most iconic photos!

Sakrisøy Rorbuer Cabins

When I walked into my rorbuer, I noticed three separate rooms breaking off from the hallway. A living area and kitchen to the right, a bedroom and door to the balcony on the left, and a bathroom and shower straight ahead.

The bedroom was small but the perfect size for two people. The door led me to the balcony, where I was able to sit at my personal picnic table right on the fjord. The water here is shallow and has a vibrant hue of greenish-blue.

The cute bedroom inside my rorbuer
The cute bedroom inside my rorbuer
On my terrace (with a mug from a previous trip)
On my terrace (with a mug from a previous trip)
The view from my terrace (from my drone)
The view from my terrace (from my drone)

The bathroom was practical and a little old-fashioned. The shower worked well and I had plenty of space to get ready in the morning.

The living area had a kitchen with a stove, electric kettle, and coffee machine. I had brought my own Aeropress with me, so I never used anything except the electric kettle (and I also ate out every night because I was a bit lazy). There was a large dining table that gave me plenty of space to work from as well. 

My practical kitchen
My practical kitchen

On the other side of the room, there were a few chairs and couches, along with a fireplace.

Fireplace inside Sakrisøy Rorbuer
Fireplace inside Sakrisøy Rorbuer

The wood was nearly out so they had instructed me to walk to the woodshed to grab some if I planned to start a fire (which I did). It also came with some firestarters for those not comfortable with making a fire on their own.

In the hallway where the entrance is, you’ll find a large fridge and some hooks and shoe racks.

The hallway that led me into the rooms
The hallway that led me into the rooms

The room stayed plenty warm throughout the night and I enjoyed every moment of my stay!

Underhuset by Cazuelas Restaurant

At Sakrisøy Rorbuer, you will find Underhuset Restaurant. I had previously stopped by in 2019 and it was more of a Norwegian-style affair, so imagine my surprise when I discovered it had converted into a Mexican restaurant in June 2023 (with a bit of Norwegian fused into it).

Here’s the thing: Mexican restaurants in Europe can be hit or miss. And I mean, the miss is usually a huge miss. So, I was a little nervous walking in there.

Once I met the chef and owner, who was a hip guy from Mexico named Tomás Morales, I felt a bit relieved.

Inside Underhuset Restaurant
Inside Underhuset Restaurant

I ordered the Michoacan-style pork tacos (carnitas) with onion, cilantro, and guacamole. It also came with a side of pico and a spicy homemade salsa. The menu and chef stated that they sourced ingredients locally when they could and their goal was to make you feel like part of the family when there.

Well, they can adopt me as a permanent member of the family because the food was outstanding. I devoured it.

I read some of the reviews on Tripadvisor and Google before and people noted how delicious the food was but were unsatisfied with the price point. The tacos I enjoyed were about $30 (for four), but I also realized how expensive it is to get ingredients to this part of Norway.

My goodness was this delicious!
My goodness, this was delicious!

Mexican food is also a laborious cuisine and requires a lot of care and time. Please make a note of this before and you will have the same satisfying experience that I had!

If you’re not a fan of Mexican food, they do have a menu that is a bit more Lofoten-esque. You will find salmon tartar and other Norwegian delicacies on it, making Underhuset a place for everyone!

Underhuset is open from 1pm until 10pm and closed on Sundays.

Activities at Sakrisøy Rorbuer

A cool thing about Sakrisøy is that there are plenty of things to do that will keep you busy when there. You can go kayaking, hiking, biking, SUP, snorkeling, and more.

You can also join a Lofoten coast adventure nearby, where you can take a fishing trip or RIB safari in the fjord. You can see more about the activities in Sakrisøy and nearby here.

You can also walk to Hamnøy for this pic (10 minutes max!)
You can also walk to Hamnøy for this pic (10 minutes max!)

Also at Sakrisøy Rorbuer, you will find an antique museum. It is run by owner Dagmar Gylseth, and you can see her collections of antiques from all over. It is open from June 8 until August 18, so I didn’t have a chance to stop in when I was there. 

How to Get to Sakrisøy Rorbuer

From Svolvær

Getting to Sakrisøy is super easy from Svolvær. You will just follow the signs toward Å i Lofoten along the E10 until you reach Sakrisøy.

You will come up on the island as soon as you cross the bridge from Hamnøy (be careful, the bridge has a stoplight so you can’t freely drive over it without a signal). It will be on the left coming from the Svolvær direction. It is directly across from Anita’s Seafood.

Svolvær to Sakrisøy is 117 kilometers (72.7 miles) and should take you around 2 hours and 9 minutes without stops.

Beautiful Sakrisøy island
Beautiful Sakrisøy island

If you do not have a rental car, the best way to reach Sakrisøy is by public bus. You can take Bus 300 in Svolvær Sentrum in the direction of Leknes and Moskenes (not Narvik). It will take about 3 hours and you will have a stop in Leknes and may need to change buses there.

The bus ticket (as of April 2024) is 216 ($20) NOK one-way. You can purchase your ticket directly on the bus or download the Reis Nordland app.

From Leknes

To reach Sakrisøy from Leknes, you will do the same route as mentioned above along the E10. It will take you a bit less time, however. It is 52.4 kilometers (32.5 miles) and should take 59 minutes without stops.

If you do not have a rental car, the best way to reach Sakrisøy is by public bus. You can take Bus 300 in Leknes Sentrum in the direction of Moskenes (not Narvik).

Sakrisøy Rorbuer in the distance
Sakrisøy Rorbuer in the distance

The bus ticket (as of April 2024) is 98 NOK ($9) one-way and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. You can purchase your ticket directly on the bus or download the Reis Nordland app.

Do you have any questions about booking a stay at Sakrisøy Rorbuer? Let me know in the comments!

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