9 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Tromso (2024 Guide + Map)

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I always seek out the best coffee shops and cafes wherever I travel, and Tromso is no exception! I have spent a significant amount of time in the Arctic city, and these are my favorite coffee shops and cafes in Tromso.

These coffee shops in Tromso are not created equally. But that is a good thing! While some of these Tromso cafes focus on specialty coffee, others focus on delicious baked goods or an inviting ambiance. I loved it all!

Best coffee shops and cafes in Tromso, Norway (Kaffebønna)
Best coffee shops and cafes in Tromso, Norway (Kaffebønna)

In this guide, I am listing my favorite Tromso coffee shops and cafes, in no particular order. I am writing a bit about why I love the place and why I think you should add it to your itinerary if you’re a cafe-goer like me.

Did I miss any of the best cafes in Tromso? Let me know where to find the best coffee in Tromso in the comments. Thanks!

Best Cafes in Tromso

1. Smørtorget

I have visited Smørtorget more times than I can count on various trips to Tromso. And I love it more and more each time I pop into the place (their loyalty card keeps me on a tight leash!).

To be honest, I pop into Smørtorget for a baked good and a black coffee, and I very rarely stray from that. They have delicious cardamom buns and skolebrød, and they also offer a small lunch menu as well.

Skolebrød and coffee at Smørtorget
Skolebrød and coffee at Smørtorget
Smørtorget soup at lunch
Soup at Smørtorget at lunch

The interior of Smørtorget is unique, and it is an array of different tables, chairs, and couches placed in various areas of the cafe. It feels very retro but extremely cozy.

Conveniently located, Smørtorget is a great stop for a quick bite to eat and a coffee before heading out to explore Tromso.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (8am-5:30pm), Saturday (10am-5:30pm), Sunday (11am-5:30pm)
Address: Fredrik Langes gate 9, 9008 Tromso

2. Kaffebønna

Kaffebønna easily has my favorite cup of coffee in Tromso. They have three locations in the city center: one inside the cruise terminal, one at Stortorget 3, and one at Strandtorget 1. They have a few other locations outside of the heart of Tromso.

The reason I love Kaffebønna is simply because they know coffee. You can order various types there, from a simple filtered coffee to a cappuccino.

Inside Kaffebønna in Tromso
Inside Kaffebønna in Tromso

They also sell plenty of coffee accessories, and I was able to replace my Aeropress thanks to them!

If you are looking to take a bag of beans home with you, they offer a variety of them from different roasteries in Norway. I picked up a bag from a roastery in Trøndelag as well as a bag from Solberg & Hansen in Oslo.

Coffee at Kaffebønna, one of the best Tromso coffee shops
Kaffebønna, one of the best Tromso coffee shops

They offer sandwiches, baked goods, and fresh juice in-house. Kaffebønna is a popular coffee shop in Tromso, so expect a line during the busier hours!

Address: Multiple locations (city center ones noted above)

3. Risø

Another top spot for coffee in Tromso is Risø, a cafe with two locations right in the city’s heart. One of the cafes feels more like a lunch spot with good coffee, while the other seems to specialize more in coffee and baked goods. But I love both!

Kalita Wave at Risø
Kalita Wave at Risø

Closely located to one another, Risø Mat og Kaffebar is located at Strandgata 32, while Risø Kaffebar is located at Sjøgata 8. I prefer the Strandgata location as it is spacious and they make some incredibly tasty Kalita pour-overs.

The other Risø location
The other Risø location

As for food, you can find everything from cauliflower soup to fresh, seasonal salads and beyond. Both locations are closed on Sundays.

Address: Strandgata 32 and Sjøgata 8

4. Vervet Bakeri

Vervet is a newer development right along the fjord in Tromso (and not far from the city center). This new district has some of the hottest spots in the city, including the Vervet Bakeri.

I stopped in a few times and enjoyed everything from a cinnamon bun and black coffee to a mouthwateringly good ham and cheese baguette for lunch.

Outside Vervet Bakeri
Outside Vervet Bakeri
Inside Vervet Bakeri
Inside Vervet Bakeri

It gets very crowded there despite being a spacious place, so opt to take your coffee and food to go and sit by the water (if the weather permits).

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (7am-4pm), Saturday (10am-4pm), Sunday (10am-3pm)
Address: Gjøastredet 1, 9008 Tromso

5. Helmersen

Helmersen is actually a wine bar and delicatessen, but it has one of the best breakfasts and cups of coffee in Tromso!

Located right on the popular Storgata shopping street, it is centrally located and opens pretty early, which was a perk for me as an early bird. Helmersen is a mix of Mediterranean and Northern Norwegian flavors and inspiration.

Inside Helmersen
Inside Helmersen
Helmersen has some of the best coffee in Tromso
Helmersen has some of the best coffee in Tromso

The deli has plenty of gourmet goods inside and also has a variety of breakfast and lunch options.

Another plus is that they also sell coffee accessories and fresh beans there. I bought a bag of beans from Senja Coffee Roasters to take on the road with me.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (7:30am-11:30pm), Saturday (10am-11:30pm), Sunday (closed)
Address: Storgata 66, 9008 Tromso

6. Pust Kafé

If you’re looking for a spacious place to go for a coffee, be sure to add Pust Kafe to your Tromso itinerary. This cafe is at the edge of the city center and tends to be frequented by university students and a crowd in their 20s.

But- they have great coffee and offer some nice places to work from if you’re a digital nomad. In the evenings, Pust turns more into a pizza and beer spot. They have something for everyone! They also sell bags of coffee from other parts of Norway to take away.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday (11am-4pm), Friday and Sunday (11am-12am), Saturday (11am-3am), Monday (closed)
Address: Skippergata 1C, 9008 Tromso

7. Svermeri Kafé & Redesign

Svermeri Kafé & Redesign is a cozy and retro cafe in Tromso that should be on everyone’s list of places to visit!

Located on Skippergata, the breakfast and brunch spot offers an array of eclectic tables and chairs for guests to feel right at home while they order a tasty coffee and one of the fresh cakes made in-house. 

Svermeri Kafé & Redesign
Svermeri Kafé & Redesign

They also offer some small lunch options (like quiches and salads).

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (11am-5pm), Sunday (12pm-5pm)
Address: Skippergata 2, 9008 Tromso

8. Tøllefsenhjørnet

I stumbled upon Tøllefsenhjørnet on my daily walk into Tromso from the place I was staying. I eventually realized that it was a cafe and opened at a relatively early hour, which was perfect for my morning start! It also transitions into a bar in the evenings, which is pretty cool.


When I went into Tøllefsenhjørnet, I was surprised to see mostly locals inside and no tourists. Perhaps it was my hour inside, but it felt like a special little place right off the bat. And the coffee was outstanding.


I have only visited once as I started walking a different way into the city each day, but I will definitely be stopping back next time I pass by!

Opening hours: Monday to Tuesday (7:30am-6pm), Wednesday to Thursday (7:30am-10:30pm), Friday (7:30am-12am), Saturday (10am-12am), Sunday (11am-6pm)
Address: Storgata 49, 9008 Tromso

9. Koseverden & Koselig

While I had a delicious coffee at Koseverden & Koselig, I never made it back there on my trip. Why? It was always so busy! I guess this is proof of how lovely the little cafe is.

Koseverden & Koselig in Tromso
Koseverden & Koselig in Tromso

Koseverden is famous for its fresh baked goods, breakfast options, and lunchtime deli. On their menu, you can find a variety of soups, like borsch or chicken soup, as well as warm foods like stroganoff or reindeer gryte. It is a great place to visit at any time of the day!

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (8am-8pm), Saturday and Sunday (9am-8pm)
Address: Storgata 45, 9008 Tromso

Cafes and Coffee Shops in Tromso: On a Map!

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Did I miss any of the best cafes in Tromso?

Let me know your favorite cafes and coffee shops in Tromso in the comments.

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