How to Get from Bergen Airport to the City (5 Easy Options)

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Are you looking for the best (and cheapest!) Bergen Airport to city options for your Norway trip? This guide details 5 easy options and discusses which one is the most affordable.

We hope you can find an option that fits your travel plans and group the best!  There are also Bergen Airport transfers in this guide if you’re looking for a ride that is quick, easy, and planned in advance.

Insider Tip: If you get your hands on a Bergen City Card, you will get FREE transportation with the Bybanen (and city buses!) and a 20% discount on the Flybussen.

Bergen Airport Transfers – Summary

Here are the airport transfer options we cover in this guide:

• Bergen Bybanen (Light Rail)
• Flybussen Airport Express Coach
• Booking a private transfer

• Taxi options
• Renting a car

If you know of other alternative options for getting to Bergen city from the Airport, please leave us a comment.  Also, do note that many hotels offer airport shuttles for their guests. 

Before considering one of the options we list, you may want to check with your hotel to explore that as an option!

Seeking options for getting from the Bergen Airport to city? This guide details 5 options to get from the Bergen Airport to city center (include budget options!) | Things to do in Bergen | Bergen tips | Travel to Bergen | Visit Norway | Visit Bergen | Bergen travel guide | Bergen Norway | Flesland Airport

About Bergen Airport

Bergen Flesland International Airport (known and listed as BGO) is located in Vestland county in Flesland, Bergen.

Bergen Airport is Norway’s second busiest airport and in 2018, it had over 6 million passengers and is located around 18 kilometers away from the city center.

Bergen Airport to City Options

If you are interested in how to get from Bergen Airport to the city center, this guide is based on my personal experience from when I used to live in Bergen and have visited after!

There is more than one viable option for getting from Bergen Airport to the city center and while all are recommended, they definitely all have different price points.

Arrival at Bergen Airport in Norway
Arrival at Bergen Airport in Norway

Bergen has always had pretty decent public transportation in the last decade, especially after the Bybanen was built.  

We list options with the Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen), Airport bus (Flybussen), as well as taxi, rental car, and private transfer options.

Bergen always was known as a city with great public transportation and from the airport to the city center are going Bergen Light Rail in Norwegian called Bybanen and the Airport Bus Flybussen which are going between the airport and the city center.

Bergen City Card in Norway
Bergen City Card in

If you purchase the Bergen City Card online, you can travel on every Skyss bus and the Bybanen completely free and you’ll get a 20% discount on your Flybussen ride from the airport.

Another option we cover is the option of taking a taxi from the Bergen Airport to the city or wherever you need to get.  You can order one 24-hours of the day but it will not be cheap.

Public Transportation from Bergen Airport – Bybanen

It might not be the quickest option from the Bergen Airport to the city, but it is by far the cheapest.  

The Bybanen first launched in 2010 and I arrived in Bergen shortly after and rode on it long before it even went to the airport.  It quickly became my favorite mode of transportation in Bergen and I was so happy when the airport was added to the stops.

Bybanen at Bergen Airport
Bybanen at Bergen Airport

It only has one line and it starts at the airport and ends in the city center hitting up a bunch of stops along the way.  

The ride will take you 45 minutes and you can get off where it is most convenient for you depending on where in the city you will be staying. It is a great option for many of the hotels and Airbnbs in Bergen.

The cost for a ticket on the Bybanen (2021 prices) is NOK 38 for adults and NOK 19 for a child.  You can also buy day passes or ones for a longer duration.

Some of the main stops along the Bybanen are Byparken (the last stop and place where you’ll find access to the harbor and many of the hotels and more), Bystasjonen (the main bus station), and Nonneseter (the main train station is there).

Bergen Bybanen light rail to airport
Bergen Bybanen light rail to airport

This is the cheapest way from the Bergen Airport to city and is a great option for budget travelers.  

Good to know: Buy the Bergen city card and not only you will use the Bybanen for free but you will also have access to multiple city attractions and sights.

Flybussen Airport Express Coach

The fastest option to get from Bergen Airport to the city center is to take the Flybussen (Airport Bus) and the trip will last only 20-30 minutes to the main bus station in Bergen city.

The buses are parked right next to the airport where you will see white and green colored buses after you will get our of the arrival doors.

Flybussen buses will depart every 10 minutes during the busier parts of the day, so there is almost always one waiting after you arrive.

Flybussen at Bergen Airport to city
Flybussen at Bergen Airport

The ticket for the bus ride to the center costs NOK 105 if you will buy the ticket inside at the booths in the arrivals hall, but if you purchase the ticket on the spot from the driver, you will need to pay an additional NOK 30.  

The Flybussen makes several stops along the way so make sure you pay attention and get off where it is most convenient for you!  The bus stops are as follows:

  • Bryggen / Dreggsallmenningen (close to Radisson Blu Royal Hotel)
  • Torget (fish market)
  • Strandkaiterminalen
  • Komediebakken
  • Festplassen Platform J (Christies Gate)
  • Bergen bus station platform N to the airport and platform I from the airport 

Bergen Airport Transfers

A more expensive option, but one that is reasonable if you’re staying outside the city center, is to book a Bergen Airport transfer

These may not seem affordable if you’re arriving solo, but if you’re in a group, it is definitely reasonably priced!

The transfer service will pick you (and your group) up at the arrivals hall and will be waiting upon your flight landing.  They will have your destination information and enough room to put luggage in the vehicle.

>> Click here to book a Bergen Airport Transfer

Bergen Airport Taxi Options

Taking a taxi is always an option and it can be a fast, comfortable way to get from Bergen Airport to the city center. However, it is one of the more expensive options for the journey.

It’s very easy to catch a taxi after you get out of the arrivals hall where the taxi ranks are located.  This is regardless of whether you’re visiting Bergen in winter or summer.  You will still see many parked there!

The trip time will vary depending on where you’re heading to and what time of day you land. To reach your preferred destination (if city center), the cost will be somewhere from NOK 400-NOK 500. Nights and weekends will often have escalated fares.

Bergen Bryggen buildings
Bergen Airport to city guide

Renting a Car at Bergen Airport

If you want to just get to the Bergen city center from the airport, renting a car is also an option.  At Bergen Airport, you will find the standards – Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Budget, and more. 

Do be ready to drive in rain, snow (if in winter) or anything else Bergen may throw your way!  But, renting a car is a great way to see some amazing places near Bergen and some of the best day trips from the region.

We highly, highly recommend booking your car ahead of time if you’re landing in Bergen.  We use for car hire on the road and they are a great option for Fjord country.

>> Click here to check rental car rates in Bergen

In order to return to the airport from Bergen city, just follow the same route backward.  It is really easy.  If you’re staying in a hotel, be sure to ask them to ensure nothing has changed, but Bergen is so easy to navigate!

Inside Bergen Airport arrivals hall

We hope that this guide has served you well in planning your trip and options from the Bergen Airport to city and back!  Let us know if you have any questions!

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Seeking options for getting from the Bergen Airport to city? This guide details 5 options to get from the Bergen Airport to city center (include budget options!) | Things to do in Bergen | Bergen tips | Travel to Bergen | Visit Norway | Visit Bergen | Bergen travel guide | Bergen Norway | Flesland Airport

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