27 Best Destinations for Spring Break in Europe (+ Unique Options!)

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Spring break is one of the most spectacular times of the year. Whether your spring break is around Easter or even earlier, chances are you’re trying to find the perfect spot to spend it.

These are the best destinations for spending spring break in Europe! We have included some diverse options – many popular and some that will offer a once-in-a-lifetime spring break memory!

Spring break in Europe - best destinations
Spring break in Europe – best destinations

There are several places you can visit in Europe for spring break but if you only have a week, the city breaks listed below are perfect (and many of them can be visited together)!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities and places to check out for your next spring break hoping that it inspires you to book a trip across the pond and see what they all have to offer (if you’re not looking to spend spring break in the US).

What are your favorite spring break destinations in Europe? Let us know in the comments!

Spring Break in Europe

1. Prague

Location: Czech Republic
Average Temperature in Prague in March: high/low 7°C (45°F) / -1°C (30°F)
Average Temperature in Prague in April: high/low 13°C (55°F) / 2°C (36°F)

Prague in spring
Prague in spring

Spring is an ideal time of year to fully appreciate all that Prague has to offer. Go Easter egg hunting in Old Town Square or explore a number of different markets in Karlin or Vinohrady.

The city’s must-visit sites are the Astronomical Clock Tower, Charles Bridge, Kinsky Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, historic Prague Castle, and Lennon Wall.

Music enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Prague Spring International Music Festival, which is the Czech Republic’s largest and oldest music festival.

To take in the city’s bloomed flowers, organize a picnic on Petřín Hill, hike Divoká Šárka, or stroll in Letná Park. 

2. Kyiv

Note: Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we currently do not recommend traveling to Kyiv.

Location: Ukraine
Average Temperature in Kyiv in March:
high/low 6°C (42°F) / -0.7°C (30°F)
Average Temperature in Kyiv in April: high/low 15°C (59°F) / 5°C (41°F)

Kyiv in spring
Kyiv in spring

As the cold days recede (but are still there sometimes in March!), Kyiv comes alive in spring, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking architecture, diverse art, and a vivid nightlife scene without crowds of tourists.

Quench your thirst for abstract art in Park Landscape Alley or take part in 2-3 hour private guided street art tours to enjoy unique murals.

To spice things up, head to Closer, a bohemian nightclub housed in a former factory building that also hosts art exhibitions, film screenings, fashion shows, and more.

Delve deep into one of the world’s most devastating nuclear catastrophes by touring the eerie grounds of Chernobyl and listening to hair-raising stories about the ghost town of Pripyat on your next day trip. 

There are many places to visit around Kyiv as it is a large city – and this city itinerary will help you make the most of your time there!

3. Bucharest

Location: Romania
Average Temperature in Bucharest in March:
high/low 10°C (50°F) / 0.3°C (32°F)
Average Temperature in Bucharest in April: high/low 18°C (64°F) / 5°C (42°F)

Bucharest in spring
Bucharest in spring

Bucharest is another great destination to enjoy spring with your loved ones.

Spread love and happiness on Mărțișor Day, a local tradition marking the start of spring, during which you can offer mărțișoare with special meaning to your loved ones to bring good luck.

Spring transforms the capital’s parks into enchanting gardens packed with vibrant flora. The main highlight is Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden, which offers front-row seats to take in nature’s spectacular show.

Don’t forget to add day trips to Dracula’s Castle, Brasov, and Peles Castle to your Bucharest itinerary for an unforgettable experience. 

4. Split

Location: Croatia
Average Temperature in Split in March: high/low 13°C (56°F) / 7°C (45°F)
Average Temperature in Split in April: high/low 17°C (63°F) / 10°C (51°F)

Split in spring
Split in spring

Spring is the perfect time to plan your Mediterranean gateway in Split and enjoy its treasures without crowds of tourists.

Even though the weather doesn’t allow you to take a dip in the gorgeous beaches, you can at least charter a boat.

Enjoy Split to the fullest by strolling its beautiful streets and Riva waterfront promenade, browsing the Pazar food market, touring famous Game of Thrones sites, and exploring Diocletian’s Palace.

Adrenalin seekers can take a day trip to Cetina Canyon, where you can zipline over the majestic canyon, raft down gorgeous Cetina River, or visit the Krka Waterfalls National Park to witness breathtaking waterfalls.  

5. Paris

Location: France
Average Temperature in Paris in March: high/low 11°C (53°F) / 4°C (39°F)
Average Temperature in Paris in April: high/low 16°C (61°F) / 6°C (44°F)

what to wear to a champagne tour from paris
Paris in March

Paris is a great destination any time of the year, but it becomes exceptionally magical in the spring. No need to mention that you should start your trip from the Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy the magnificent architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral, visit Musée du Louvre to witness the finest world-renowned works of art, or head over to check out breathtaking Parisian gardens in Tuileries Gardens or Luxembourg Gardens without crowds of tourists.

Strolling along the famous Champs-Élysées in spring, lined with lush leafy trees, is a great way to awaken your romantic spirit before exploring the city’s restaurants for some must-try Paris food!

Make sure to plan day trips to Champagne country to experience the French drink or Versailles to visit the majestic Palace of Versailles. 

6. Porto

Location: Portugal
Average Temperature in Porto in March: high/low 17°C (63°F) / 7°C (46°F)
Average Temperature in Porto in April: high/low 18°C (64°F) / 9°C (48°F)

Porto in spring
Porto in spring

Porto is one of the best European cities to visit during spring break. Whether you are a football fan or not, visiting Dragon Stadium in the spring is a must to enjoy stunning views.

To take shelter from chilly spring winds, visit Terrárea, which is a flower shop featuring a café inside. It is a must on any Porto itinerary!

Outdoor enthusiasts should head to Parque das Serras do Porto to climb Serra de Santa Justa, Serra de Pias, or Serra do Castiçal, which come alive in the spring.

NOS Primavera Sound at Parque da Cidade is one of the most popular music festivals for listening to the best of international and national music in the spring.

7. London

Location: England
Average Temperature in London in March: high/low 10°C (51°F) / 3°C (38°F)
Average Temperature in London in April: high/low 14°C (57°F) / 5°C (41°F)

London in late April - Andrea Colvile - Shutterstock.com
London in late April – Andrea Colvile – Shutterstock.com

Despite less predictable weather in spring, London has that dramatic charm that will guarantee an unforgettable spring break.

For a history-filled trip, visit Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Buckingham, and Kensington Palaces, browse London’s world-class museums, and tour the magical Warner Brothers Studio.

For great day trips out of the city, hop on a train and head to Canterbury, Brighton, Windsor Castle, Oxford, Dover, Cambridge, and Bath to experience spring’s full magic.

Witness the city engulfed in hues of purple during the city’s famous “Wisteria Hysteria,” or save your visit until May to take part in the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which is one of the world’s most famous flower shows.

8. Seville

Location: Spain
Average Temperature in Seville in March: high/low 21°C (71°F) / 9°C (48°F)
Average Temperature in Seville in April: high/low 23°C (74°F) / 11°C (52°F)

Seville in spring
Seville in spring

In the spring, Seville, the land of oranges, tapas, and flamenco, becomes packed with pretty pops of pink and purple.

Step back in time while strolling through the grounds of Plaza de Espana and Santa Maria de la Sede, the world’s largest Gothic cathedral.

In early spring, you can witness how locals celebrate Holy Week with their beloved cultural tradition, Semana Santa de Sevilla, while two weeks later, Feria de Abril festival ignites the city with its sevillanas (local dances).

To soak in the spring sun, visit San Sebastián’s golden beaches, enjoy delicious food, admire fluffy white blooms in the Old Amara neighborhood, and marvel at grand Belle-Epoque architecture.

9. Madeira

Location: Island that is part of Portugal
Average Temperature in Madeira in March: high/low 20.4°C (68.7°F) / 13.9°C (57°F)
Average Temperature in Madeira in April: high/low 20.6°C (69.1°F) / 14.4°C (57.9°F)

Spring Flower Festival in Funchal - amnat30 - Shutterstock.com
Spring Flower Festival in Funchal – amnat30 – Shutterstock.com

Known as the island of eternal spring, Madeira is a real heaven on earth for nature enthusiasts year-round.

Go hiking in Vereda do Areeiro, Levada dos Cedros, Levada do Caldeirão Verde, or Levada do King to witness epic views of the whole island that will stir you to the very core.

Warm sea currents in the spring provide perfect conditions for diving, snorkeling, sailing, canyoning, windsurfing, paddling, and even sport fishing in Jardim do Mar, Porto da Cruz, and Fajã da Areia beaches.

For adrenalin-filled adventures, try thrilling paragliding or hang-gliding over Madeira to enjoy awe-inspiring scenery from above.  

One great thing about Madeira is that it is a great budget destination. You’ll find many places to stay in Funchal that won’t break the bank!

10. Iceland 

Average Temperature in Iceland in March: high/low 2°C (36°F) / -1°C (30°F)
Average Temperature in Iceland in April: high/low 4°C (40°F) / 1°C (34°F)

Iceland in early spring
Iceland in early spring

There is so much charm in Iceland’s spring that everyone needs to experience it at least once in their lifetime.

Tour the fantastic world of blue ice caves before the end of March or chase the mesmerizing northern lights until mid-April. Be sure to also put the gorgeous black sand beaches in Iceland on your bucket list!

See Iceland’s breathtaking nature come to life by booking a Siglufjörður hike or a guided 3-hour Super Jeep Ice Cave Tour in Vatnajokull.

Starting from mid-April, keep an eye out for gorgeous puffin birds in Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) and Látrabjarg cliff in Westfjords.

Majestic waterfalls, lupin flower fields, long and magical sunrises, charming small towns, and sunsets in the spring make this place a real photographer’s dream destination. 

11. Wild Atlantic Way

Location: Ireland
Average Temperature in Ireland in March: high/low 10°C (51°F) / 5°C (41°F)
Average Temperature in Ireland in April: high/low 12°C (54°F) / 6°C (43°F)

Along the Wild Atlantic Way
Along the Wild Atlantic Way

For an ultimate scenic drive through Ireland, add a 1600-mile Wild Atlantic Way road trip to your bucket list. Mizen Head, Ireland’s southernmost point, is a great place to stop and marvel at the dramatic rugged landscape.

Your next stop should be near Bantry, from where you need to hike to Sheep’s Head to witness the stunning lighthouse nestled on the edge of the cliffs.

Take a break from coastal views to explore the colorful houses in the picture-perfect harbor town of Kinsale. If you’re backpacking Ireland, you will find plenty of small B&Bs there to stay overnight and relax in.

Make sure not to miss Dunguaire Castle on the banks of Galway Bay to see one of Ireland’s most photographed castles and savor a medieval-themed dinner in late spring.  

12. Ljubljana

Location: Slovenia
Average Temperature in Ljubljana in March: high/low 11°C (52°F) / 1°C (35°F)
Average Temperature in Ljubljana in April: high/low 16°C (61°F) / 5°C (42°F)

Ljubljana in spring
Ljubljana in spring

Ljubljana is an affordable and fun spring break gem that will amaze you with its unique mix of Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau buildings.

Wander around or go canoeing along the Ljubljanica River to take in the spring blooming around.

Spring is the perfect time to organize day trips to Slovenia’s must-visit spots without crowds: Postojna Cave, Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, old city Piran, and the mountain village of Radovljica.

Foodies should not miss the Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna), the best event for a local food experience, which is held every Friday from mid-March, during which the central market transforms into a big kitchen for you to try mouth-watering local cuisine. 

13. Copenhagen

Location: Denmark
Average Temperature in Copenhagen in March: high/low 5°C (41°F) / -0.4°C (31°F)
Average Temperature in Copenhagen in April: high/low 10°C (50°F) / 2°C (36°F)

Copenhagen in spring
Copenhagen in spring

In the spring, Copenhagen explodes with pops of pink on every corner and the streets become full of life.

Take in the city’s vibrant spring colors in Tivoli Gardens, where you can enjoy the lights of the Tivoli Lake along with parades with the Tivoli Guard.

Spring in Denmark provides the perfect conditions to discover this gorgeous city from the water onboard a solar-powered picnic boat.

Hop on a train and head to Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park, to celebrate the start of spring.

Take a day trip to Dyrehaven (The Deer Park) to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy serene nature in neon green colors. 

14. Amsterdam

Location: Netherlands
Average Temperature in Amsterdam in March: high/low 9°C (48°F) / 3°C (38°F)
Average Temperature in Amsterdam in April: high/low 13°C (56°F) / 6°C (43°F)

Amsterdam in spring
Amsterdam in spring

There is no wrong time to visit Amsterdam, but spring is a great season to travel to the Dutch capital on a weekend getaway or an extended vacation.

The most popular springtime activity in Amsterdam is to organize a day trip to Keukenhof to admire the vibrant carpet of tulips and other spring blossoms during the Tulip Festival.

Enjoy the sunny weather on your next day trips to Giethoorn, Zaanse Schans, or Voldem.

Get a great dose of inspiration in the Van Gogh Museum and Rijk’s Museum, or indulge in romance while walking in lush green parks and exploring canals packed with flower markets.

15. Budapest

Location: Hungary
Average Temperature in Budapest in March: high/low 11°C (52°F) / 3°C (37°F)
Average Temperature in Budapest in April: high/low 17°C (63°F) / 7°C (46°F)

Budapest in spring
Budapest in spring

With stunning weather, colorful blossoms, and plenty of seasonal events, Budapest is full of energy in the spring.

Enjoy vibrant spring blossoms in Margit Island or the Toth Arpad promenade or learn about Franz Liszt’s life at the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum.

Make sure to visit the bustling Jewish Quarter Széchenyi Thermal Baths, the Hungarian Parliament Building, Fisherman’s Bastion, and Vajdahunyad Castle for a dip into the past.

Enjoy countless musical concerts, dance shows, theater, and art exhibitions in the 2-week Budapest Spring Festival, Hungary’s largest cultural event.

Other noteworthy events in April are the Easter Fair at Vörösmarty Square, the Cherry Blossom Festival at Füvészkert Botanical Gardens, and the Buda Castle Easter Festival.

16. Crete

Location: Greece
Average Temperature in Crete in March: high/low 17°C (63°F) / 10°C (50°F)
Average Temperature in Crete in April: high/low 20°C (68°F) / 12°C (54°F)

5 Jaw-Dropping Places to Visit in Crete
Beautiful Crete

Seeking a perfect holiday filled with archeological mysteries, breathtaking nature, history, and relaxation, but without the crowds and summer heat?

Then add Crete to your spring break bucket list. Hike Samaria Gorge to see the remains of Byzantine churches and Venetian castles along the way, surf at Falasarna Beach, or paddleboard along the coast of Loutraki Bay.

To spice things up, pop over to Crete’s nightlife hotspots, which include Palm Beach Club, Fagotto Jazz Bar, and the Island Of Desire.

Dig deep into some history by visiting the Palace Of Knossos, Heraklion Archeological Museum, Arkadi Monastery, or Etz Hayyim Synagogue.

Explore the Old Venetian Harbor in Rethymnon or spend some tranquil time in the peaceful fishing village of Loutro.

17. Zermatt

Location: Switzerland
Average Temperature in Zermatt in March: high/low -2°C (28°F) / -9°C (14°F)
Average Temperature in Zermatt in April: high/low 1°C (35°F) / -5°C (22°F)


If it’s late-season skiing you’re after, look no further than stunning Zermatt. The snow season here lasts until late May, so be ready for fantastic skiing opportunities during your spring break.

Book a helicopter sightseeing tour with Air Zermatt to get a bird’s eye view of the famous Matterhorn. For grown-up fun, pop over to Forest Fun Park, where five big parcours will guarantee action-packed adventures.

Delve deep into Zermatt’s development in the Matterhorn Museum or explore the inside of a glacier in Glacier Palace.

After a thrilling day of skiing, head to experience Zermatt’s nightlife in Bar 22, Alex Lounge & Cocktail Bar, Club Mamacita, or Broken Bar Disco. 

18. Ibiza

Location: Island that is part of Spain
Average Temperature in Ibiza in March: high/low 15°C (59°F) / 13°C (55°F)
Average Temperature in Ibiza in April: high/low 16°C (62°F) / 15°C (59°F)

Ibiza in spring
Ibiza in spring

Springtime in Ibiza feels like stepping into an impressionist painting with almond blossoms and wild scarlet red poppy fields blanketing the entire island.

Go hiking in ​​Santa Agnès de Corona and Sant Mateu d’Albarca or check out different vendors selling handmade products at the Hippy Market of Las Dalias, dating back to 1954.

Cala Pada, Santa Eulària public beach, s’Argamassa, or es Pouet are great options to enjoy a relaxing dip in crystal clear waters at dawn, while Cala Tarida, Cala Gració, Platges de Comte, or Cala Saladeta are perfect for swimming with ​​pictorial sunset views. 

19. Edinburgh

Location: Scotland
Average Temperature in Edinburgh in March: high/low 7°C (46°F) / 2°C (36°F)
Average Temperature in Edinburgh in April: high/low 10°C (51°F) / 4°C (39°F)

Edinburgh in spring
Edinburgh in spring

Spring months are among the sunniest and driest in Edinburgh, but you can still expect a winter chill in the air.

Enjoy Edinburgh’s spring to the fullest in Dunbar Close, Prince Street Gardens, or admire cherry blossoms on the Royal Mile at Canongate Kirk.

Book Edinburgh Black History Tour or take part in Old Town walking tours to witness Edinburgh Vaults and magical Harry Potter locations.

You can take a wild swim in Portobello Beach, immerse in a relaxing walk along Cramond Beach to Cramond Falls, or enjoy a sophisticated beer at Cold Town House.

For some rainy day activities, drink cocktails at Cocktail Geeks or place bets on who will lose at Lane 7 bowling. The Scottish city is an easy day trip from Glasgow so you can visit it even if you don’t base yourself there.

20. Berlin

Location: Germany
Average Temperature in Berlin in March: high/low 8°C (47°F) / 1°C (34°F)
Average Temperature in Berlin in April: high/low 15°C (59°F) / 5°C (42°F)

Berlin in spring
Berlin in spring

Spring break is the perfect time to visit Berlin in case you want to beat the crowds. Enjoy Berlin in full spring bloom at the Kirschblütenfest (Cherry Blossom Festival), held in the Gardens of the World in Marzahn.

Embrace your inner child at Britzer Baumblüte, a big folk festival featuring many merry-go-rounds, roller coasters, and concerts, or celebrate the start of the festival season with the Malzwiese Festival.

Foodies can enjoy asparagus season with locals at the spring festival Primavera on Akazienstraße, while movie lovers can check out films from Berlin and Brandenburg at the Achtung Berlin Festival.

You can spend a weekend in Berlin or a full week and actually never get bored!

21. Athens

Location: Greece
Average Temperature in Athens in March: high/low 16°C (60°F) / 9°C (49°F)
Average Temperature in Athens in April: high/low 19°C (66°F) / 12°C (53°F)

Athens in spring
Athens in spring

Athens in the spring is a sight to behold (especially after an uninspiring winter there). Treat yourself to a day trip to Delphi, Epidaurus, Meteora, or Nafplio to explore the stunning Greek countryside.

Pack your lunch and head to Diomedes Botanical Garden or National Gardens of Athens to enjoy a picnic amidst a marvelous natural setting.

If you are a fan of Greek Mythology, then a Percy Jackson-themed tour is a must for you to explore Athens’s most significant archeological sites.

Take your significant other to the top of Areopagus Hill to watch unparalleled sunsets from Vrahakia. Everyone should experience Athens at night, too. Night owls will certainly appreciate 360 Athens and Brettos bar.

22. Naples

Location: Italy
Average Temperature in Naples in March: high/low 15°C (59°F) / 9°C (48°F)
Average Temperature in Naples in April: high/low 18°C (65°F) / 12°C (53°F)

Naples in spring
Naples in spring

Spring is the perfect season to visit exuberant Naples as crowds haven’t yet arrived, but nature is in full bloom. Winter in Naples brings a lot of wind and rain but it starts a more pleasant turn-around come spring!

One of the must-visit sites is the National Archeological Museum to check out the world’s finest collections of antiquities.

Travel back in time at Castel Nuovo or visit the Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum, which houses more than 500 masterpieces of renowned artists from the 17-18th century, such as Mantegna, Bellini, Caravaggio, Raphael, and Botticelli.

After visiting the museum, be sure to book some day trips to historic Pompeii, Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, or Ischia.  

23. Svalbard

Location: Island in the far north of Norway
Average Temperature in Svalbard in March: high/low -10°C (14°F) / -17°C (2°F)
Average Temperature in Svalbard in April: high/low -7°C (20°F) / -14°C (7°F)

Svalbard in late spring

Visit Svalbard in the spring to soak up some sun rays on this arctic playground. The best way to get around is to drive a snowmobile, which everyone does here.

Witnessing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is truly a majestic experience, and it is possible to see them in Svalbard even in March.

Whether you want to reach towering summits or explore gorgeous valleys, take part in guided hikes that are suitable for every skill level.

Take in Svalbard’s untouched beauty, dramatic landscapes, and admire unique wildlife, including an Arctic icon walrus safari and whale safari on a boat trip or a combined cruise and fishing trip.

24. Santorini

Location: Greece
Average Temperature in Santorini in March: high/low 16°C (60°F) / 10°C (50°F)
Average Temperature in Santorini in April: high/low 19°C (66°F) / 12°C (53°F)

Santorini in spring
Santorini in spring

The beauty and romance of Santorini are no longer a secret, which you can experience on your next spring break without the crowds of tourists and the scorching heat of summer (or the closed businesses of winter).

Nature lovers should try hiking from Fira to Oia to admire the breathtaking contrast of the caldera’s crystal blue waters and vibrant spring flowers blooming in the rocks.

You can even take one of these Santorini jet ski tours to the volcano! Or a Santorini catamaran tour if jet-skiing isn’t your thing!

Visit Ancient Thira and Akrotiri with your significant other to indulge in the colors of spring and experience breathtaking Santorini sunsets in each other’s arms.

Plan your trip accordingly so as not to miss Easter in Santorini, where thousands of lanterns are lit following the Epitaph, transforming the island into a magical destination. 

25. Azores

Location: Islands that are a part of Portugal
Average Temperature in the Azores in March: high/low 17°C (63°F) / 12°C (54°F)
Average Temperature in the Azores in April: high/low 18°C (64°F) / 12°C (54°F)

Azores in spring
Azores in spring

The Azores Islands, consisting of nine inhabited islands, is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year, but it’s especially charming during spring when the flora blooms and the waterfalls are at their most powerful.

Explore the awe-inspiring beauty of the island by climbing Mount Pico or hiking around the enormous crater of the Caldeira volcano.

Spring offers plenty of activities in the Azores, including Festas do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, Azores Rallye, Azores Trail Run, and Tremor.

For a truly unparalleled experience, discover unique Algar do Carvão or admire breathtaking vistas of Lagoa do Fogo and Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel.

Don’t forget to take your camera with you as the views from Miradouro da Boca do Inferno promise to be hypnotizing.  

26. Krakow

Location: Poland
Average Temperature in Krakow in March: high/low 7°C (45°F) / -0.6°C (30°F)
Average Temperature in Krakow in April: high/low 14°C (57°F) / 3°C (39°F)

Krakow in spring
Krakow in spring

Krakow, Poland is an incredible place to visit for your next spring break in Europe.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Krakow during Easter week, you can visit the Krakow Easter Market to find many iconic Polish handicrafts, such as traditional pisanka (painted wooden eggs).

Set aside a day to pay respects to Poland’s tragic history at the Auschwitz concentration camp or discover an underground city in Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Take in the awakening of Poland’s nature at Ojców National Park or go hiking in stunning Zakopane.

Immerse yourself in Johann Sebastian Bach’s greatest symphonies by taking part in Bach Days in March or enjoy Renaissance and Baroque music at the Misteria Paschalia Festival in April. 

27. Provence

Location: France
Average Temperature in Provence in March: high/low 15°C (60°F) / 2°C (36°F)
Average Temperature in Provence in April: high/low 18°C (65°F) / 5°C (41°F)

Provence in spring
Provence in spring

Provence is spectacular in the spring, allowing you to discover the South of France at its finest.

Spring weather in Provence creates perfect conditions to admire stunning lavender fields and go hiking in Calanques National Park and the Alpilles.

Stroll Gordes and Ménerbes villages in the Luberon mountains, step back in time in the Palais des Papes in Avignon, and relax along the Côte d’Azur in the gorgeous coastal towns of Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

There are many events during Easter time, so make sure to check out Antiques Art and You in L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the strawberry festival Fête de la Fraise in Carpentras, and wine tasting at L’équipe des Printemps de Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 

What are your favorite places to go for spring break in Europe? Let us know your top picks in the comments!

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