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11 Tasty Longyearbyen Restaurants and Cafes (2024 Guide)

Inside Gruvelageret for dinner

Are you traveling to Svalbard and are curious about where to eat in Longyearbyen? This guide contains the best Longyearbyen restaurants (and a few tasty cafes)! Svalbard has extremely good food. I am still blown away by the fact that I can name at least ten delicious places to eat in a town that has […]

Is the Icelandic Lava Show in Reykjavik Worth It? (My Review)

Plenty of good seats to go around!

Are you considering booking the Lava Show in Iceland on your upcoming trip? This guide details my experience (I went to the Lava Show in Reykjavik) and whether it is worth it. Keep reading for more information! The first time I heard about the Icelandic Lava Show was a few years ago when I had […]

Where to Stay in Hydra: 9 Best Hydra Hotels + Guesthouses

NESEA Boutique Apartments via Expedia

Are you planning a trip to the gorgeous island of Hydra soon? This guide discusses where to stay in Hydra, in the Saronic Gulf. You’ll find the best Hydra hotels, guesthouses, and more on the island! Did I miss any of the best places to stay in Hydra? Let me know your favorite accommodation options […]

Where to Stay in Aegina: Hotels, Resorts, & Beyond (2024)

LaLiBay Resort & Spa

Are you planning a trip to beautiful Aegina soon? This guide covers where to stay in Aegina, in the Saronic Gulf. You’ll find the top Aegina hotels, resorts, and apartments across the island. Did I miss any of the top places to stay in Aegina? Let me know your favorites in the comments. Thanks! Aegina […]

Cost of Travel in Tromso: Budget Breakdown (Winter Edition)

Cost of travel in Tromso: a breakdown (+ budget tips!)

I have long avoided writing a guide about the cost of travel in Tromso because whenever I have gone there, I have just packed as many things into a trip as possible, without too much concern regarding cost. The reason? Because I am going to write about activities, hotels, and food on this blog. So, […]