22 Delightful Places to Visit in Denmark (+ Travel Tips!)

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Searching for the best places to visit in Denmark? This guide covers some of the top towns, sights, and cities in Denmark!

Denmark may be a small country in terms of size (on the mainland), but it sure has a lot of unique places to visit and things to see!

Best places to visit in Denmark
Best places to visit in Denmark

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Best Places to Visit in Denmark

1. Aarhus

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and it is filled with a wide range of activities.

No matter what you’re on the hunt for, whether that be a big-city atmosphere, beautiful scenery, or just an active vacation spot, Aarhus has it all.

Tivoli Friheden is an amusement park within walking distance of the city center, and the city is known as a foodie hub.


Aarhus also has an abundance of history, showcased very well in the open-air museum of Den Gamle By– a historical district enclosed in the Aarhus Botanical Gardens.

Visitors can fully immerse themselves within a medley of contemporary and Nordic culture and lifestyle whilst learning about the history that has made Aarhus what it is today.

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2. Rold Skov Forest

With an absolutely calming and therapeutic atmosphere, the Rold Skov Forest is great for an active holiday and enjoying amazing nature.

There is an abundance of activities awaiting all visitors of Rold Skov Forest, one of them being the wild mountain bike ride in Rold Forest.

There are also many hiking trails if you’re looking for a more relaxed activity. Canoes are also available for rent for a peaceful trip down the stream.

Rold Skov Forest
Rold Skov Forest

One great spot to stop by is the Lille Blaklide, which is one of the richest water sources in Western Europe and is definitely worth checking out.

If you’re traveling with children, you can visit Roverknolden, which is considered to be the best playground in the North. 

3. Skagen 

Skagen is a city for the artists and creators of the world.

The town is in the northernmost part of the country and has an amazing lighthouse, which has inspired many Danish painters.

One of the most interesting venues worth visiting in this unique and inspirational city would have to be the Skagen Museum, where you can exhibit works of famous Skagen painters, such as Michael and Anna Ancher and P. S. Krøyer.

Skagen coastline
Skagen coastline

The city of Skagen is not only known for its history of art and talent but also for its unique nature.

Skagen has an interesting light to it, and, combined with its natural beauty and white sandy beaches, it creates a tranquil and cozy atmosphere for visitors.

4. Thy National Park

As you may have already gathered, one of the things Denmark is renowned for is its ethereal natural scenery.

Thy National Park is the perfect place to visit for those who are looking to relax or hike through the twisted and untouched dunes of the forest.

Additionally, there are plenty of seaside villages, famous for their traditions and history.

Thy National Park
Thy National Park

Visitors can really become one with the locals and engage with the nearby communities, learning from them and their way of life.

This way, Thy National Park is not only a place to feel one with mother nature but to also socialize with the village voices nearby.

The fishing village communities also give a great perspective into Danish cuisine.

5. Gilleleje

The city of Gilleleje is at the northernmost point and offers the people a busy commercial life. Having fish in Denmark is an absolute must, as fish plays a major role in Danish cuisine.

Gilleleje Harbor is the largest commercial port where there is always fresh fish caught from Sund, the Atlantic, and Kattegat, and served to their guests.


The Museum of Lighthouse History and Nakkehoved Lighthouse are also places worth visiting, with amazing sea views over the Kattegat, as well as breathtaking sunsets.

Visitors will also learn the history of lighthouses and their impact on Danish culture and history.

Overall, the city is always active and a great checkpoint to experience whenever you’re in Denmark.

6. Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is surely not a place to miss!

The pedestrian street of Strøget is one of the largest in the world, and its narrow streets of high-end shopping lead directly into the Old City.

Nyhavn’s canal has a waterfront, vibrantly painted houses, bars, restaurants, and cafes– all with outdoor seating for anyone to enjoy the sight of the stunning, historic waterfront area of the canal and its many old, wooden ships.

The National Museum houses Danish artifacts from a variety of eras and ages, especially those from the Viking culture.


The architecture of the museum as well as that of Christiansborg Palace offers tours through its many halls and offices: the Prime Minister’s office, Denmark’s Supreme Court, and the Danish Parliament.

The Rosenborg Castle and Botanical Gardens are also Danish cultural sights to behold! 

And, while winter in Copenhagen can be cold, don’t worry – there is plenty of places to warm up in!

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7. Anholt

Visitors looking for secluded areas to enjoy their vacation or holiday should look no further than Anholt.

Anholt has 25 kilometers of coastline and is perfect for swimming under the glistening sun during the summer months.

Rent a kayak or snorkeling equipment, or a standing-up paddle board and engage yourself in water activities at Anholt’s Statshavn.


Hiking is also a fairly popular activity, and most people like to hike up the top of the island’s two hills: Nordbjerg and Sønderbjerg.

The Grenaa Marina and the Sostrup Castle are also lovely architectural sights to behold nearby.

The Hylkegaard winery and vineyard have an assortment of wines to choose from, with an art gallery in a charming building in the city–an excellent close to a trip.

8. Jammerbugten

Jammerbugten is known as one of the most beautiful areas of Denmark and also goes by the names of ‘The Bay Denmark’ or ‘Misery Bay.’

It is famous for its vast forests, white-sanded dunes, and sandy beaches.

Today, it is a popular summer destination due to its vast water activities.


In May each year, the Wind Festival takes place on the beach between Blokhus and Løkken, and it attracts hundreds of people each year.

Those who are looking for more thrilling and adventurous activities can partake in the following: paragliding, kite-surfing, and parachute jumping.

Additionally, the Faarup Sommerland is a popular amusement park with a range of various rides, whereas the Museum for Papirkunst is a great place to lounge and observe galleries of paper art.

9. Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Discover salt meadows, islands, and coastal bluffs, and disappear into the large forests on the campsites and hiking trails in central Zealand.

The Skjoldungernes Land National Park has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and the medieval city of Roskilde and its iconic cathedral within the national park can both be toured.

Skjoldungernes Land National Park
Skjoldungernes Land National Park

The main objective of this National Park is to develop its landscape and enhance its nature, protect its cultural history, encourage outdoor activities for all its visitors, and develop educational sectors.

Learn about the Scyldingas, from which the name of the park is inherited, a legendary family of the royal Danes from their facilities, and as you hike through the floral grasslands, try to catch sight of the white-tailed eagles.

10. Rabjerg Mile

Rabjerg Mile is perhaps the most interesting place in Denmark– it is a desert right in the heart of Denmark!

Albeit it is more technically considered to be a migrating sand dune, the fact that it is a desert in such a wet and icy country is curious!

It was formed in the 16th century, on the west coast during a great sand migration, and due to its strong wind, Northern Jutland has been struggling with migration dunes for many centuries.

Rabjerg Mile
Rabjerg Mile

Experience this mini-desert located just 60km south of Skagen, at the northernmost point in the country, where the Kattegat and Skagerrak seas meet.

These unexpected sand dunes are complemented wonderfully by the beaches. The relentless wind will remind you that you’re in Denmark, however!

11. Elsinore

The port city of Elsinore is more than just the place of Shakespeare’s Hamlet or the 15th-century Kronborg Castle– it is also known as Helsingør, the port city of Denmark’s North Riviera with its unique forests and beaches.

The castle should be a priority on your to-do and to-see list; consider a tour through the medieval fortress and Renaissance castle with impressive towers and a large, checkered ballroom.


Take a stroll through the historical streets of Helsingor Havn and marvel at the colorful architecture.

The monument of the historical figure Holger Danske which is in one of the many casemates of the city, and the Herakles og Hydraen statue on the coast are both iconic things to see in Elsinore.

12. Odense

Odense’s iconic Egeskov Castle is a beautiful renaissance water castle from 1554 that sits in the middle of a small lake on top of oak piles raised from the lakebed. 

The architecture of the Hans Christian Anderson Museum is built uniquely like a castle and temple all in one– and within you can exhibit the drawings and manuscripts of the beloved author.


To exhibit more art, the Galleri Galschiøt has a variety of artwork, including sculptures of one of Denmark’s most famous artists, Jens Galschiøt.

If you’re interested in classical music, then the Carl Nielsen Museum in Odense is another option to consider.

The open-air museum of Funen Village holds 30 historic buildings and patriotic activities to preserve the traditional character of the city.

13. Møn

In the Sjaelland Region of Denmark is the island of Møn, which is enclosed by the Baltic Sea and the Gronsund.

Also included in the territory of Møn are the islands of Nyord, Fago, Bogo, and Lango. Mons Klint, or the White Cliffs of Mon is known for their chalk formations and is a popular place for hiking, biking, and picnicking.

Moen in Denmark
Moen in Denmark

From kayaking in the turquoise waters to horseback riding in the forests, to star-lounging in the Dark Sky Park and cliff-top hot-tubbing– there is ample to do to take in the full experience of the island.

In juxtaposition, the stunning architecture of the local community includes the nearby Elmelunde Church, an 800-year-old church known for its stunning frescoes. 

14. Ribe

The picturesque and vibrant town of Ribe is also the oldest town in Scandinavia.

It was an important trade town due to its strategic location that connected all of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

You can learn about the old Viking culture of the city’s inhabitants at the Ribe Viking Center during the summer!


The charming architecture of the small town has Romanesque buildings of colorfully painted brick buildings, with cathedrals and towers– the oldest in Denmark being precisely the one in Ribe!

The Wadden Sea National Park has the largest mud flats in the world and is home to a plethora of animals, such as shrimps, mussels, and oysters.

At this park, people often flock to watch the migrating birds.

15. Mols Bjerge National Park

Take a hike through the many trails in the hills and wilderness of Mols Bjerge National Park.

Come across wild horses prancing around as you go hiking, backpacking, birding, and camping through the terrain.

A popular trail here is Bjerg-Etapen Mols Bjerge-Stien, a 12.4-mile loop trail of moderate difficulty, with an excellent view of Agri Bavnehøj over the dead ice landscape of Trehøje Plantage.

Kalo castle ruins at Mols Bjerge National Park
Kalo castle ruins at Mols Bjerge National Park

The Kløverstier hiking routes of Mols Bjerge Naturruten start near the city of Knebel that leads through the scenery full of small lakes in a 7.6-mile loop.

From plantations, forests, and landscapes blanketed in a variety of flora, the sights of the fairytale countryside will be unforgettable.

16. Søhøjlandet Region

The Lake District of Søhøjlandet is considered one of the most scenic places in the country, from sparkling lakes to dense, lush woodlands, meadows, and the highest summits in Denmark.

Life in this region is wrapped around nature, whether in the urban life of shopping and cafe culture, to kayaking, biking, hiking, and mountain biking in the countryside.


The highest natural point in the country is Ejer Bavnehøj, which sits 170 m above sea level.

Himmelbjerget or ‘the sky mountain’ is the most well-known in Denmark, with a stunning tower built on its summit, and is one of The Seven Summits of the Lake District.

The towns of Ry, Silkeborg, and Skanderborg, also have historical streets and architecture to enjoy.

17. Bornholm

The Baltic island of Bornholm has an abundance of charming fishing towns and villages to visit.

The main town, Rønne, has the biggest harbor of Bornholm and is often visited by boats of all types.

The colorful architecture and gardens against the sea and rocky terrain of the island offer a pleasant contrast.

Other towns and villages include Gudhjem and Svaneke, which are known for their pretty buildings and stunning nature– and Aakirkeby, which is famous for its vineyards.


Enjoy the landscape of the island at the Hammershus Ruins, which is a millennia-old hilltop castle with panoramic views, and Dueodde Beach, known for its turquoise waters and fine sand.

Opal Lake and the rock formations in the north are also a sight to behold!

18. Kerteminde

Kerteminde is called the Garden by the Sea and was a favorite settlement of the Vikings.

Vikingemuseet Ladby is a Viking ship grave of reconstructed ships from archaeological projects as well as possessions found within them and is an internationally renowned attraction.

Discover the historical architectural artistic expressions of Johannes Larsen at his home and museum and get a tour of his studio and see the artwork of 50 other artists.


The grand estate of Lundsgaard, in addition to its beautiful architecture and farms, has a popular art exhibit inside, called Anexet ved Lundsgaard Gods.

Finally, experience the Hindsholm peninsula’s outer part, called Fyns Hoved, which is known for its picturesque green landscape because it receives some of the highest amounts of sunshine in Denmark.

19. Billund

Billund is ultimately synonymous with its amusement parks: Legoland, Lalandia, Lego House, and WOW Park.

You can see Legoland from above in LEGOTOP® or explore a miniature world built out of millions of LEGO bricks in Miniland.

You can also try out the LEGO® Canoe through exciting waterfall trails!

Take a portal into another world through the Aquadome in Lalandia– immersing yourself in a tropical climate with an abundance of water activities, some of the famous being the Tornado, Twister, and Octopus Racer.

Legoland in Billund
Legoland in Billund

LEGO House has outdoor playgrounds and bricks enabling you to create your own inventions.

WOW Park is centralized in the nature of Billund; even in the treetops, underground, and with a Water World. There is ziplining, cave trekking, bridges to cross, and treehouses to explore!

20. The Danish Riviera 

The Danish Riviera is renowned for its stunning castles and gardens in addition to its stunning beach coasts.

The Royal North Sealand is home to the largest castle lake in Scandinavia, called Frederiksborg Castle in the center of Hillerød.

The Renaissance castle was built in the early 17th century by Christian IV and is adorned with lavish engravings and craftsmanship.

Danish Riviera
Danish Riviera

Today, it houses the Museum of National History of artwork, artifacts, and crafts of half a millennium’s worth of history, and a tour of the castle can be taken to see the impressive halls and royal gardens.

Fredensborg Palace is an 18th-century baroque palace that also has a prominent garden, and is used to this day as an important venue for the royal family.

21. Samsø Island  

The island of Samsø has a lot to offer, from hiking in the beautiful countryside to bicycling trails through the city and nearby wilderness to relaxing at the three harbors of the municipality.

The largest and most frequently visited is Ballen Marina in the southeast, Langøre Harbor has been used since the Viking Age in the north, and finally Mårup Harbor in the northwest.

Samsoe island
Samsoe island

The north of Samsø is a popular national landmark known to be one of the hilliest areas in the country with also the largest grasslands, with stunning views overlooking the sea.

Hike the beach trails of Højklit or hike a trail with a fjord view of Grønhøj.

Finally, you can marvel at the stunning brick architecture of Samsø‘s churches: Kolby, Besser, and Tranebjerg Church. 

22. Faroe Islands (Bonus)

The Faroe Islands look like something out of a fantasy movie. All 18 volcanic islands are full of a plethora of things to see and experience.

It is perfect for those who love to have a good time and enjoy the nightlife of the Faroe Islands.

There is a Summarfestivalurin Music Festival, held in the second town in the Faroe Islands every first weekend of August.

Faroe islands
Faroe islands

There are also more active alternatives to take part in at the Faroe Islands such as visiting the Mulafossur Waterfall, an incredible view with an incredible feel.

The historical architecture in the cozy capital of Tórshavn and the Shire-like buildings blanketed by the grass against the background of the unrivaled natural beauty of the island are breathtaking, unforgettable sights.

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