How to Take a Day Trip to Qooqqut Nuan from Nuuk (in 2024!)

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There are plenty of unique things to do in Nuuk, but one of my absolute favorite experiences was the Qooqqut Nuan tour called ‘Catch ’n Eat with Nuuk Water Taxi.

It was the tour I was kind of uncertain about what to expect, and it ended up being my favorite of the entire trip!

Are you planning your trip to Nuuk last minute?

If youʻre booking your trip to Nuuk last minute, I have you covered. Below are some of the top tours and places to stay in the city!

🇬🇱 Top tours and experiences in Nuuk:

  1. Qooqqut Nuan fishing trip (I reviewed below; loved it so much!)
  2. Whale watching tour from Nuuk (another top pick)
  3. SUP/kayaking tour in the Nuuk Fjord (adventure tour)
  4. Fjord boat tour (only 2 hours; can combine with others!)

🛌🏻 Top hotels and accommodation in Nuuk:

  1. Nordbo (my top pick – newer and has a restaurant!)
  2. Hans Egede Hotel (two restaurants, bar, and city center location!)
  3. Hotel Søma (close to the ferry port, wheelchair-friendly)

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In this guide, you will find a review of my trip to Qooqqut Nuan, a restaurant a short boat ride from Nuuk, Greenland.

It will also detail what it was like to go fishing in the Nuuk Fjord, as well as what to bring with you (and how to book this excursion).

How to take a day trip to Qooqqut Nuan from Nuuk
How to take a day trip to Qooqqut Nuan from Nuuk

Do you have any questions about booking a day trip to Qooqqut Nuan from Nuuk? Let me know in the comments.

Nuuk Water Taxi’s Qooqqut Nuan Tour Overview

Duration: 6-7 hours
Season: June-September
Meeting Point: Nuuk Harbor
Language: English, Danish, Greenlandic

This tour is operated by Nuuk Water Taxi, the brilliant company behind almost every tour in Nuuk. The tour will include a boat ride through the huge Nuuk Fjord, where you’ll get to go fishing, Greenlandic-style!

Fishing is such a large industry and an important part of Greenlanders’ lives, and this tour will tell you all about that before you try your hands at doing a little fishing yourself.

Learning to fish on the Nuuk Fjord
Learning to fish on the Nuuk Fjord

After passing the famous Sermitsiaq Mountain, you will go further into the fjord, where you will stop at a few fishing spots. You will not be given your usual fishing pole and bait, but instead a traditional line and reel.

Fishing near Nuuk
Fishing near Nuuk
Waterfall we fished near
The waterfall we fished near
On the Catch 'n Eat tour
On the Catch ‘n Eat tour
Swimming in the fjord
Swimming in the fjord

Once you catch a few fish, your boat will then head further into the fjord to Qooqqut Nuan, a 4-star restaurant where you will hand over your freshly caught fish to a skilled chef to prepare.

The chef showed us how to fillet the fish and explained to us the dishes he was going to prepare with our fish.

Learning about our fish at Qooqqut Nuan
Learning about our fish at Qooqqut Nuan

After you enjoy a delightful meal with your group, you will board the boat back to Nuuk.

Book your Qooqqut Nuan trip here!

My Experience on the Nuuk Catch ‘n Eat Tour

I didn’t book this tour until the night before, and I was regretting booking it because I was not too keen on fishing. However, once I stepped onto the boat, I instantly knew that this would end up being my favorite tour of the ones I booked (and it was).

The tour takes up a large portion of the day, but it is so worth it. We hopped on our yellow Nuuk Water Taxi and made our way to Qooqqut, a Greenlandic village that is home to Qooqqut Nuan.

Where Qooqqut Nuan is located
Where Qooqqut Nuan is located

We sailed past icebergs and beautiful views throughout the entire journey, and it was hard to stay inside the boat!

We finally arrived at our first fishing spot, near a waterfall, and were handed our reels. Groups of two were formed, and we were given a demonstration about how to fish this way. I thought for sure this would be a huge fail, and we would leave without any fish.

Our journey on a Qooqqut Nuan tour
Our journey on a Qooqqut Nuan tour

Boy, was I wrong! Fish after fish after fish. It was insane. It is always like this. The two fish in the area are cod and redfish.

The redfish chill out deeper in the water and are more difficult to catch because the cod (which sit higher in the water) sacrifice themselves before the line even gets down to the redfish.

Some of our fish
Some of our fish
Redfish we caught
Redfish we caught

We must have caught 25+ fish as a group. Probably more. It turns out we were not feeding only ourselves, but we were giving the restaurant some fish for other customers. After another stop, we went to Qooqqut village, deep inside the fjord.

🦟 GOOD TO KNOW: Qooqqut Nuan is in a beautiful area, but this area is teeming with mosquitoes! There is no way to avoid them, so just get off the boat and quickly make your way into the restaurant.

Once we arrived, we were allowed to wander the area a bit before hiking the short path to Qoqquut Nuan, the restaurant hosting us.

The restaurant was rammed! There were locals there, and some extremely loud Danes were partying.

Where Qooqqut Nuan is located
Where Qooqqut Nuan is

The chef gave us a personal demonstration of how to fillet fish, and he even measured each fish to give us its approximate age.

The redfish were far older than the cod, since they kind of just hung out at the bottom of the ocean. It was pretty interesting to learn about these two fish and how they are used in the cuisine and everyday lives of Greenlanders.

The dishes came out to us and were a mixture of Asian fusion and international dishes. All were very delicious!

Food that was prepared with our fish
Food that was prepared with our fish

After eating, we made our way back to the boat and sailed our way back to Nuuk.

Catch ‘n Eat Qooqqut Nuan Tour FAQ

Can everyone take this tour?

The Catch ‘n Eat tour is mostly for everyone, but unfortunately, those with mobility issues or in wheelchairs cannot participate. The boat was not wheelchair accessible, and once you get off of the boat in Qooqqut, there is a short, unpaved trail up to the restaurant.

View from the front of our boat
View from the front of our boat

If you get seasick, this tour is pretty smooth, and it goes inland quite a bit. But do bring Dramamine with you in case the sea ends up unexpectedly rough.

Is there a toilet on the Nuuk Water Taxi boat?

Yes! Regardless of the size of your boat that day (which will depend on booking numbers), your boat will have a toilet.

Do you need a credit card for Qooqqut Nuan?

The food that you catch will be free once cooked, but any alcoholic drinks you wish to enjoy will need to be purchased.

BOOK HERE: Qooqqut Nuan day trip from Nuuk

Qooqqut Nuan took credit cards, but there was a disclaimer on the menu stating they didn’t, as someone seemed to have left it behind when they had an outage that was able to process cards.

If you have some cash, however, I would bring it with you just in case.

What are the start times for the Qooqqut Nuan tour?

It depends on numbers. Right now, Nuuk tourism is in the development stages and requires a bit of flexibility and patience on your behalf! The usual start times are 9am, 3pm, and 3:30pm.

In Qooqqut village
In Qooqqut village

Just wait for confirmation from them, and they will instruct you further. I would, however, opt for a morning tour so you can free up the rest of your day and perhaps take an evening puffin or whale-watching tour.

What should I bring with me?

Warm clothes! You will be standing outside doing the fishing, and your hands will get a bit cold. They will give you gloves, but if you’re not doing the fishing (and your partner is doing it), you will want to keep your gloves on.

If you get seasick, bring Dramamine. However, the Nuuk Fjord is pretty smooth and glassy, and I never saw a single person get sick on any of my tours there. But, better safe than sorry!

Book your Qooqqut Nuan trip here!

Do you have any questions about taking the catch ‘n eat tour from Nuuk?

Let me know if you have any questions about this Qooqqut Nuan day trip from Nuuk in the comments. Thanks!

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