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10 Best Waterfalls in South Carolina (+ How to Reach Them!)

Best waterfalls in South Carolina

I found the best waterfalls in South Carolina for you and I hope you are going to love them! This guide details these amazing South Carolina waterfalls. When most people think of South Carolina, they probably have some general ideas about Southern culture and gentility, but don’t realize how scenic and full of natural beauty […]

12 Places for the Best Lobster Roll in Maine (+ History & Tips!)

Maine lobster rolls

Are you a lover of the delicious lobster roll? This is a guide about where to find the best lobster roll in Maine. It will also include its history, some tips, and seasonal information. What could be more satisfying than a proper lobster roll, packed with tender, sweet chunks of lobster and served with just […]

23 Best Small Towns in Connecticut (for a Weekend Getaway!)


New England has no shortage of cute and charming places to visit (especially during fall)! These are some of the best small towns in Connecticut to add to your bucket list! We have covered several Connecticut small towns ranging from the seaside communities to inland villages and there are plenty more than just these ones […]