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Tallinn to Helsinki Ferry: Cruising Across the Baltic Sea with Tallink Megastar

It took me eight years of living in Europe to take a Baltic ferry.  I have visited the Baltics and Nordics so many times (I mean, I lived in Norway for four years!), but I never seemed to hop aboard a ship and sail to my next destination; it was all about the plane journey.  […]

8 Ideas for Express Trips for Busy Students

No matter how busy student years are, this is still the best time to travel. Students can truly appreciate the beauty of new places while paying little attention to comfort, engaging in exciting adventures, and designing strategies that stick within limited budgets but still create unforgettable memories. However, students are usually so limited in funds […]

Top 12 Museums with Free-Entrance Days for Traveling Students

Editorial credit- Alejandro Montecatine -

New trends in education allowed students to keep studying without visiting campus daily. This trend opened doors for mixing a student life with a job, hobbies, and traveling. The latter being the most exciting option to follow.  If you would rather enjoy the sights than some dull assignments, just google write my essay with EssayHub […]

How Does Traveling Help Students Become More Independent?

Traveling around the world is a beneficial experience, especially for students, as it transcends seeing new places and meeting new people. But how exactly does traveling teach students autonomy? As young people travel, they broaden their horizons and discover new cultures and lifestyle influences they never knew existed. In fact, traveling is an excellent path […]