How to Get from Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus (2024 Guide)

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Are you planning a trip from Bari to Ostuni during your Puglia vacation? This guide details how to get to Ostuni from Bari by train or bus.

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In the guide, I will write down, step by step, how to take the train from Bari to Ostuni and how to take the bus from Bari to Ostuni. The guide also discusses luggage storage options, how to purchase a ticket, and more.

If you have questions about getting to Ostuni from Bari, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

How to Get From Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus

Ostuni is gorgeous. It was one of the cities I genuinely wanted to see on this Puglia trip. Unfortunately, getting there is not as easy as it seems.

The old city, pictured below, is around 2.5 kilometers from the train station and an uphill walk.

I’m kind of in lousy shape (okay, ‘kind of’ is an understatement), so I wasn’t too keen on making this walk. I was initially supposed to head to Ostuni from Monopoli for a day trip.

How to Get from Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus-8-min
Ostuni, Italy…. yea… I should probably move here.

Somehow, I ended up at the train station for nearly three hours, where trains simply didn’t go there. I canceled Ostuni and decided to chalk it up as a loss.

I returned to Bari, dropped my luggage off, and headed to Trani instead.

I eventually decided to take a bus there a couple of days later, but after my Matera and Alberobello tour was canceled, I ended up there instead of that trip. I went by train.

But, because I researched both ways to get there, I detail them below.

Should you take the train or bus to Ostuni?

It is a toss-up. The train is much faster. It merely takes an hour from Bari to Ostuni, yet the train station is quite a bit away from the old city center.

You will have to walk 2.5 kilometers. But there is a shuttle bus that comes to take you.

The bus runs on a schedule to pick people up after trains arrive, but things can always go awry, so just be patient and prepared. There are taxi options at the train station as well.

It will cost around 6–10 euros to get from the train station to the city center. I provide more details about the shuttle bus below. The bus goes from Bari Central to Ostuni and will take you to the city itself.

But the bus journey takes anywhere from 2 hours or more. The bus also has varying ticket prices depending on when you leave so you may pay more.

Pros of taking the train to Ostuni: The ticket prices tend to be all the same (6.40 euros). The train takes around one hour, or slightly less, from Bari to Ostuni. It is also an enjoyable ride.

Cons of taking the train to Ostuni: You will arrive in Ostuni and need to get a shuttle or taxi into the city center. Or, you can walk 2.5 kilometers up the hill to the old city.

Pros of taking the bus to Ostuni: You will be dropped off in the city center and avoid a shuttle bus or taxi from the train station up there.

Cons of taking the bus to Ostuni: It is a 2-hour journey (but can be longer). The prices of the tickets vary from 5.70 euros up.

About Bari Central Station

If you’re in Bari, you will undoubtedly go through the Bari Central Station (Bari Centrale Stazione) at some point.

The train station is sizeable yet manageable. It has an annual ridership of 14 million passengers and is one of the main train stations in southern Italy if not all of the country.

Bari Centrale Station at dusk.

The station has all the necessary amenities, from grocery stores to luggage storage to handicap accessibility. Below are some additional details about Bari Central Station.

Is there luggage storage at Bari Central Station?

Yes, there is luggage storage at Bari Central Station.

I ‘woohoo’ this because there wasn’t anywhere else, and my back will probably hurt for years to come from hauling around an oversized bag loaded with camera equipment and other travel blogger paraphernalia.

Luggage storage at Bari Central is located on Platform 1 on the far left-hand side. The cost is 6 euros for the first five hours, and then 1 euro up until a total of 12 hours. The 13th hour and onward are 0.50 euros.

A sign indicates that the luggage storage area is open from 8 am until 8 pm, but the info desk at Trenitalia told me it closed at 10 pm. I arrived back reasonably early when I used it, so I have no idea who is right.

Be sure to check when you’re there. A person who speaks English will be there to assist at Bari Central luggage storage.

Is there food at the Bari Train Station?

Bari Train Station has a supermarket (Spar) as well as quite a few restaurants, cafes, kiosks, bakeries, and other things that will keep you equipped and well-fed before your train journey.

There is also a fantastic cafe just outside of it (cross over the fountain roundabout onto the main drag) called ‘My Day’ cafe.

how to get from bari to polignano a mare cheaply by train c house bakery cafe at bari centrale
C House Bakery and Cafe at Bari Centrale.

They make a lovely cappuccino, have friendly customer service, and don’t siesta for hours on end in the middle of the afternoon.

Their wifi is super fast (I am currently using it while writing this), and they’re open until 11:45 pm daily.

Buying a Bus Ticket to Ostuni

To purchase a bus ticket, you will need to go to the ticket machines that are the same ones you will use for train services. You can also go to the main ticket office pictured below:

how to get from bari to polignano a mare cheaply by train ticket office in bari
Bari Centrale ticket office.
how to get from bari to polignano a mare cheaply by train ticket machines
Trenitalia ticket machines.

The machines are easy to use and have English and several other language options. 

They also take cards or cash (unless they are faulty that day, and they will state such information when you try to pay). 

Here are the steps you need to go through to purchase a bus ticket:

  1. Select your destination. In this case, it is Ostuni. You will see the options OSTUNI or OSTUNI (BUS). Choose ‘bus’.
  2. Check out the bus times listed and pick which works well with your schedule. The fares will be listed, too, and they will vary depending on the bus and time.
  3. Pay for your ticket.
  4. Wait for your printout.
  5. Your bus will leave opposite the train station at the said time. Show up early so you can ensure you can find it and hop on the correct bus.

Buying a Train Ticket to Ostuni

Here is how you obtain a train ticket to Ostuni from Bari:

  1. Select your destination, which is Ostuni. You will see the options OSTUNI or OSTUNI (BUS).
  2. Don’t choose the bus option.
  3. There will be times of the day increments (around four hours each), and you can select which time frame you’ll be traveling within.
  4. Then select the exact train you want. Even though I specified the one I wanted, it never printed it on my ticket.
  5. Pay for your ticket with either a card or cash.
  6. Please wait for your printout, and make sure you validate it at one of these green machines!
trenitalia validating ticket in monopoli
Trenitalia machine to validate your ticket. Don’t forget to do this!

How much is a ticket to Ostuni from Bari?

The train fares are 6,40 euros one-way (you can purchase roundtrip tickets, but there are no savings in doing this). The bus tickets start at 5.70 euros one way and go up depending on the hour the bus leaves for Ostuni.

Do keep in mind that you will have an added taxi or shuttle bus fare once in Ostuni if you decide to take the train.

The taxi price is around 6–10 euros one way, and the shuttle bus is supposed to be 1.50 euros, but the machine didn’t work when I went, and no one wanted me to be charged.

I walked from Ostuni back to the train station later in the day. More about that later.

how to get from bari to polignano a mare cheaply by train ticket
Train Ticket from Bari to Polignano a Mare.

How to Take the Train to Ostuni

If you have opted to take the train from Bari to Ostuni, you must find out what platform it leaves from and then head there. Mine left from Platform 1, and it was a train headed to Lecce (via Fasano).

This train had friendly power outlets and was fantastic. On the way back, my train was different, although still nice. Always make sure you validate your ticket before boarding the train!

How to Get from Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus-5-min
Validate your ticket!

The Train Journey From Bari to Ostuni

The train journey is around 1 hour long. Fifty-nine minutes, to be exact. It goes quickly, and if you sit on the lefthand side of the train, you will get lovely sea views. 

You will pass Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, and Fasano on your way before arriving in Ostuni.

How to Get from Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus-1-min
Train from Bari to Ostuni, Italy.

About Ostuni Station

The Ostuni station was pretty lively for being so far removed from the city itself. There was a cafe/restaurant, and many cars were parked there in a spacious parking lot.

A toilet and an indoor waiting area were available if you do not want to sit outside. My train went back to Bari from platform 1 in Ostuni.

Is there Luggage Storage at Ostuni Train Station?

No, there is no luggage storage at Ostuni Train Station.  

Is there food at the Ostuni Train Station?

There is a small cafe and restaurant there. I bought a snack inside for my train ride. It is a good option for travelers, as the trip back to Bari is an hour long.

How to Get from Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus-4-min
Ostuni Train Station.
How to Get from Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus-6-min
Ostuni train station.

How to Get to Ostuni Center from the Train Station

As mentioned several times above, arriving at Ostuni train station does not put you in the city center. You have three options to get from the station to the city center: walk, take a taxi, or wait on the shuttle bus.

Walk to Ostuni Center from the Train Station

I walked from Ostuni Center to the train station when I returned to Bari. This walk was downhill and extremely easy. However, you will not have sidewalks most of the way. 

The drivers were pretty cautious, but I would not advise this if you have children.

The walk is fantastic, though. It took me past fields of olive trees and olive oil factories. I stopped and photographed for half an hour since it was mesmerizing!

Taxi to Ostuni City Center

There are taxi options from Ostuni train station to the city center. Several signs have different taxi company numbers right outside the station to the right. There may also be a taxi waiting outside. The price should be anywhere from 6 to 10 euros or so.

Take the Bus to Ostuni City Center

A shuttle bus picked up train passengers and took them to the city center. I was the only foreigner on it, and no one spoke English, so I was a bit puzzled by things, but I fared well in the end.

This taxi comes around at the same time as trains, but it appears to be late every so often, or that is what my conversations with a considerable language barrier seemed to inform me.

The fare into the city center was about 1.50 Euros, and you can purchase a ticket on it if the machine works. It didn’t work for me, and my ride was free as a result.

How to Get from Bari to Ostuni by Train or Bus-7-min
Ostuni shuttle bus from the train station to the city center.

If you take this option, ask to get off at Freedom Square.

I zoomed around town for a while before realizing I should have already gotten off the bus. You will recognize the square thanks to a prominent spire standing in its center and some stunning historic buildings around the square.

Getting Back to Bari from Ostuni

Getting back to Bari from Ostuni is simple. Just do the reverse of what you already did. The trains leave regularly except at that random mid-day hour when none go. Check ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Final Thoughts on my Trip from Bari to Ostuni

The trip from Bari to Ostuni and back was a straightforward experience but more cumbersome and stressful than other Puglia journeys I did.

Hopefully, the shuttle bus will continue to operate well and remain an option to take passengers from the train station to the city center.

Ostuni is such a grand place to visit, and I highly recommend you take the bus or train from Bari to Ostuni to experience it for yourself!

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