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How to Get from Bergen Airport to the City (5 Easy Options)

Arrival at Bergen Airport in Norway

Are you looking for the best (and cheapest!) Bergen Airport to city options for your Norway trip? This guide details 5 easy options and discusses which one is the most affordable. We hope you can find an option that fits your travel plans and group the best!  There are also Bergen Airport transfers in this […]

Tallinn to Helsinki Ferry: Cruising Across the Baltic Sea with Tallink Megastar

It took me eight years of living in Europe to take a Baltic ferry.  I have visited the Baltics and Nordics so many times (I mean, I lived in Norway for four years!), but I never seemed to hop aboard a ship and sail to my next destination; it was all about the plane journey.  […]

30 Things to Know Before You Travel to the Faroe Islands

Things to know before you visit the Faroe Islands

There are many things you should know before you visit the Faroe Islands.  After two trips to the Nordic islands, I understand and feel confident advising others on how to travel to the Faroe Islands successfully (and to take cute photos of sheep). This is a guide of things to know before you go to […]

How to Cheaply Get From Bari to Monopoli by Train

Getting from Bari to Monopoli in Italy by Trains-2-min

Getting around Puglia is actually quite easy if you know what you’re doing and you have a little patience.  Fortunately, getting from Bari to Monopoli tends to be one of the easier routes and one that you should accomplish without any pain or problems.  This is my quick guide on how to get from Bari […]

30 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit the Lofoten Islands

Things to know before your visit Lofoten Islands-16

The Lofoten Islands in northern Norway are one of the most epic places on the planet.  This is a guide to everything you need to know before you visit the Lofoten Islands. It will include how to travel to Lofoten, what to do when there, and what to expect from this magical Arctic paradise.   30 […]

How to Get from Tromso Airport to the City (5 Easy Options)

Tromso airport to city center options-2

If you’re exploring Tromso Airport to city options when planning your Northern Norway trip, this guide is definitely for you. It will list 5 easy options and detail which one is the most affordable. We hope that you find the option that fits your budget and the people you’re traveling with best.  This guide includes […]