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How to Cheaply Get From Tbilisi to Yerevan by Bus in 2022

Tbilisi to Yerevan by Bus: The Cheapest Way to Travel to Armenia

The bus is not my preferred form of transport.  Actually, it is the type of transport I avoid like the plague.  But, when I travel from Tbilisi to Yerevan, I always prefer to travel by bus.  Going from Tbilisi to Yerevan by bus, or marshrutka (a minibus still prevalent in many former-Soviet states), is cheaper, […]

How to Get From the Baku Airport to City Center (+ Transfers)

Baku Airport to city center travel guide 2

The easiest way to arrive in Baku from other parts of Europe or Asia is via the international airport called Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD). This is a quick guide detailing how to get from Baku Airport to the city center in a variety of ways. It also includes reputable Baku Airport transfer options. […]

15 Extremely Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Lithuania

15 Extremely Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Lithuania

There are many important things to know before you visit Lithuania. This is a guest post from Lithuanian bloggers Astraveler indicating all the useful things to know before visiting Lithuania.  We hope that if you’re traveling there… this will be a great starting point for helping you plan your trip to Lithuania. Things to Know […]

8 Ideas for Express Trips for Busy Students

No matter how busy student years are, this is still the best time to travel. Students can truly appreciate the beauty of new places while paying little attention to comfort, engaging in exciting adventures, and designing strategies that stick within limited budgets but still create unforgettable memories. However, students are usually so limited in funds […]

How to Get From Boryspil Kyiv Airport to the City (Kyiv Airport Transfers)

How to Get from Kiev Airport to City Center Guide (Transfers)-13

One question I see over and over is how to get from the Boryspil Kyiv Airport to the city center.  It threw me for a loop for years and sometimes still does!  This guide will hopefully help you find a comfortable way from the airport to Kyiv.  It contains options for the airport train, bus, […]