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30 Things to Know Before Visiting Bergen, Norway (+ FAQ!)

Bergen travel tips - what to know before you visit Bergen

There are several important things to know before you visit Bergen, Norway. This guide contains many of them from my time living there and visiting there over the years! The guide will contain all the useful tips and recommendations I have for traveling to Bergen, the gateway to the fjords! These Bergen travel tips will […]

33 Travel Tips for Visiting the Seychelles (as a First-Timer!)

What to know before visiting the Seychelles (Seychelles travel tips)

I had my first go at visiting the Seychelles this year on a last-minute trip, and this guide contains several Seychelles travel tips that I think you should know before you go! Please take note that these are merely my experience and opinions about the gorgeous islands – so if you visit the Seychelles and […]

30 Things to Know Before You Visit Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

Travel to svalbard and longyearbyen tips: glacier

Are you planning to visit Svalbard one of these days? There is so much mystery around Spitsbergen and the Norwegian Arctic destination. This guide will help you out! So, where exactly is Svalbard? It’s so funny to see Svalbard becoming a popular travel destination because I have known about it for many years and I even visited […]

How to Visit the Milan Cathedral in 2023 (Tours, Tickets, Duomo Tips!)

visiting the milan cathedral (visit duomo milan): tickets, tours, and more

Milan’s most famous sight is undoubtedly Duomo Milan, or the Milan Cathedral. And we are here to tell you all about it – keep reading! This guide will tell you everything you need to know before you visit Duomo Milan, including Duomo ticket prices, tours of the Milan Cathedral, and where to stay in the […]

How to Get from Copenhagen Airport to the City Center (Train and Bus Options) 

getting from the copenhagen airport to city center-5

Arriving in a new city can be daunting! This is a guide on how to get from Copenhagen Airport to the city center (and back). There are options for the metro, bus, and taxi pickups. Let us know if we missed anything on this guide in the comments. Thanks! Copenhagen Airport to the City Center […]