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How to Take the Athens to Hydra Ferry from Piraeus (2024)

Things to do in Hydra Island, Greece Saronic Islands-9

On my recent Greece trip, I had the amazing opportunity to take the Athens to Hydra ferry to the gorgeous Saronic Island teeming with a lot of great history. This guide details exactly how to get to Hydra from Athens, including Hydra ferry ticket prices, travel tips for the journey, and everything else you need […]

How to Get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo, Italy (Gewiss Stadium)

This guide will take you through how to get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo from the airport, train station, old town, and the new town. If you have any questions about how to get to Gewiss Stadium, please drop them in the comments! How to Get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo, Italy (Gewiss Stadium) Having […]

Central Asia Travel: 50 Tips to Know and Things to Do Before You Visit

Central Asia Travel Tips: 50 Things to Know and Do Before You Visit kazakhstan poppy fields

I have spent around seven months or more of my life living or traveling in Central Asia.  When I was recently there, nothing really phased me or surprised me and I felt very at ease and like I was ‘home’.  While in Bishkek, I met a traveler who had never stepped foot inside of Central […]

How to Visit the Colosseum in 2024 (Tours, Tickets, FAQ!)

Visiting the Colosseum (tickets, tours and more!)

If you’re traveling to Rome for the first time, one of the essential things you’re inevitably looking to do is visit the Colosseum. This guide will cover everything you need to know before visiting the Colosseum.  It will discuss how to get to the Colosseum, what to wear when there, Colosseum prices, and, of course, the […]