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How to Easily Take the Athens to Hydra Ferry from Piraeus

Things to do in Hydra Island, Greece Saronic Islands-9

On my recent Greece trip, I had the amazing opportunity to take the Athens to Hydra ferry to the gorgeous Saronic Island teeming with a lot of great history. This guide details exactly how to get to Hydra from Athens, including Hydra ferry ticket prices, travel tips for the journey, and everything else you need […]

10 Best Countries to Visit in Europe for Students

euston station london

College saps a great deal of energy from students, and school breaks can be significant for recouping. And what better way to regain your vibrance than to visit Europe. When you’ve got that summer break or short winter vacation, you can spare a couple of weeks to travel around and gather experience.  So, why not […]

How Does Traveling Help Students Become More Independent?

Traveling around the world is a beneficial experience, especially for students, as it transcends seeing new places and meeting new people. But how exactly does traveling teach students autonomy? As young people travel, they broaden their horizons and discover new cultures and lifestyle influences they never knew existed. In fact, traveling is an excellent path […]

How to Get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo, Italy (Gewiss Stadium)

After an amazing 2018-20 season, Atalanta Football Club is bringing the Champions League to Bergamo for the first time ever. This guide will take you through how to get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo from the airport, train station, old town, and the new town. If you have any questions about how to get to […]