29 Sensational Places to Visit in Sweden (in 2024!)

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Are you looking for the best places to visit in Sweden for an upcoming trip? We’ve got you covered!

From the large, cosmopolitan streets of Stockholm to small Sami villages, these are some of the best destinations in Sweden!

Best places to visit in Sweden
Best places to visit in Sweden

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Best Places to Visit in Sweden

1. Ystad

Ystad’s architecture is unique in comparison to other Swedish towns due to it being under Danish rule for centuries, and thus Sweden ceded the stunning, vibrant towns and villages of Ystad.

You can discover the history of not only World War II but of Ystad’s role during the war.


There’s an abundance of historic attractions, such as Saint Knut’s square, the 12th-century monastery of Grey Friar, and the Saint Petri church and museum.

The Ystad Theater also showcases old opera from the 1800s. Scandinavia’s largest film studio is also in this town and offers tours of its facilities.

2. Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavet National Park is a marine national park and was the first to be inaugurated in Sweden.

The shores and seas across the islands of Koster are included in the national park and contain the largest sea colony throughout Sweden.

There are rare and unique species found in the fjord’s trenches as well.

Kosterhavet National Park
Kosterhavet National Park

The underwater park reaches the border of another national park in Norway, called Ytre Hvaler National Park.

This park attracts visitors all throughout the year because of its water activities of diving, swimming, and paddling. Additionally, its archipelago has excellent and one-of-a-kind hiking experiences.

3. Gothenburg

As the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg is a thriving city full of endless things to do.

Visit the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg, one of the largest in Northern Europe, which has 12,000 different species and occupies 40 acres of land.

The Liseberg amusement park, Universeum, and the Scandinavium are excellent places for entertainment, games, concerts, and events.

Hanging out in Gothenburg
Hanging out in Gothenburg

The charming historical Haga neighborhood is a vibrant and trendy place to be, and the Avenyn has endless streets full of shopping boutiques and dining establishments.

Additionally, at the Götaplatsen and Museum of Gothenburg, you can check out the exhibits on local and national history as well as Nordic Classicism.

4. Abisko National Park (& Abisko Village)

The beautiful landscapes of Abisko National Park are covered in vibrant flora during the summer months and blanketed in impressive snow during the winter, making it an interesting place to explore year-round.

The waterfalls cutting through the rocky canyons are trails of their own. They are captivating and thus are popular places to picnic and relax.

Abisko National Park in Sweden
Abisko National Park in Sweden

Lapland should be included on any traveler’s Sweden itinerary!

People primarily travel to Abisko National Park for its opportunities of catching sights of the Northern Lights (on foot or even on snowshoes!) and Midnight Sun.

Perhaps you can also catch a glimpse of the wildlife– a moose or two around you! Be sure to sign up for a little winter hiking in Abisko – it is perfect for beginners.

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5. Lake Siljan

Millions of years ago, a meteor impact formed a crater in what is now known to be the region of Lake Siljan’s gorgeous terrain.

Take part in various outdoor activities around it, including going hiking by the circle of Siljansringen, shaped by Lake Siljan.

It connects rivers and forms scenic hiking trails through the beautiful landscape.

Lake Siljan
Lake Siljan

Engage with the locals by visiting the many villages around the lake, such as Dalarna, with water so crystal clear that you can drink it straight from the river.

In the winter, the frozen lakes provide the perfect space for ice skating and water fishing. 

6. Oland

The island of Oland is the second largest in all of Sweden, but it is also the smallest of the traditional provinces.

Start your visit at the skillfully preserved ruins of Borgholms Slott, a medieval castle displaying 800 years of Swedish history.

Solliden Park has a variety of lovely gardens to stroll through after checking out the castle.


The Blå Jungfrun Nationalpark’s scenic boat rides with views of the rocky pathways and green forests are popular with tourists and locals alike.

The Karlevi Runestone is the oldest in Oland and depicts not only Thor’s hammer but a Christian cross as well. 

7. Stockholm

As the largest city and the country’s capital, Stockholm is full of an abundance of activities for visitors and locals alike.

Walk down the streets of Stockholm’s Old Town and admire the narrow streets and vibrant architecture.

Hanging around Stockholm in winter
Hanging around Stockholm in winter

The Vasa Museum holds the brilliant and massive Vasa Ship, which had been salvaged exactly 333 years after it was sunk, and is the only preserved ship from the 17th century on display today.

Additionally, there is the Nationalmuseum, a museum exhibiting centuries worth of art and design, the Medeltidsmuseet, a museum showcasing warehouses and workshops from medieval Sweden, and of course, the Royal Palace.

There are many amazing things to do in Stockholm so it is no wonder that it attracts so many visitors annually!

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8. Malmo

After Stockholm and Gothenburg, Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden.

Check out the oldest preserved castle in Scandinavia, the Mamlo Castle, constructed in 1434 in the Renaissance style.

Right next to it is a tranquil park, Kungsparken, with beautiful places to sit and relax in nature.


There is also the antique region of Lilla Torg, a charming square and shopping center with cafes, restaurants, and boutique stores.

The unique Saint Peter’s Church is a unique work of architecture, notable for its large wooden altar.

The city’s oldest and largest square, Stortorget, is ordained with a variety of stunning architecture. Finally, don’t miss Oresund Bridge- it is the largest bridge and tunnel in Europe. 

9. Jokkmokk

Jokkmokk is an excellent destination if you’re seeking to learn and experience Sami culture.

The city itself became a transit center for Sami refugees from Norway during World War II, thus the well-preserved culture and lifestyle in Jokkmokk today.

The Ajtte Museum is a great place to start, showcasing millennia’s worth of history, artifacts, art, and clothing of the Sami.


Not too far away are Sarek National Park and Stora Sjöfallet National Park, two beautiful worlds of nature to consider sledding, hiking, or dog-sledding through.

Jokkmokks Kyrka is a charming, pastel green and white cathedral built in 1753 and is a must-see when in Jokkmokk.

10. Marstrand

Marstrand is a sailing town and seaside resort. The town is filled with a variety of vessels, perfect for those who want to sail along the calm sea.

The Fiskahummer tour is an opportunity to venture with local professionals and witness lobster and crab fishing.

Marstrand - Trygve Finkelsen - Shutterstock
Marstrand – Trygve Finkelsen – Shutterstock

Carlstens Fastning is a castle and fortress you can’t miss. It is a well-preserved site despite the numerous wars Scandinavian countries went through to capture it.

The Pater Noster Lighthouse is far out into the ocean, however, there are ferry trips and tours from Marstrand to the old fort. It is a great place to take a dip into the ocean and is a popular tourist attraction.

11. Nysäter

Nysäter is the ideal place to visit for those looking to for a tranquil vacation away from everything.

The village also has a stunning lake called Gilberga Lake.

There are a few attractions in Nysäter despite its small and secluded ambiance, such as the Gillberga Museum, and the Värmland Vikingacenter.

Travel back in time a few centuries and exhibit the Viking homes, stalls, and the little Viking museum at the Värmland Vikingacenter.

For some cozy comfort food, the Hantverkscafé serves a variety of beverages including tea, coffee, juice, and homemade bread. 

12. Trollskogen

Trollskogen, also known as the Enchanted Forest or Troll Forest, is located in the northeast corner of the Batlic Island, Öland.

It itself is a nature reserve and pine forest, absolutely beautiful and perfect for visitors who want to immerse themselves in nature.

Trollskogen Nature Reserve
Trollskogen Nature Reserve

Overall, the ecology of Öland is incredibly unique, with rare plants not found anywhere else.

The reserve is a full 250 acres, and although it used to be a Domänreservat– which means it was protected by the Swedish government forest agency–it is now part of the Böda Kronopark and open to all.

13. Kalmar

First things first, when in Kalmar, one must never hesitate to visit the Kalmar Castle.

The history of it goes back 800 years and it played an important role due to its strategic geographical location.

The fortification of the castle was crucial and it was redesigned in the 16th century by the Vasa kings to transform it from its medieval style to a more renaissance one.

Kalmar Cathedral in Småland
Kalmar Cathedral in Småland

The Kalmar Cathedral is another stunning piece of architecture to marvel at; the interior is white with a golden altar with a charming tan exterior.

The Kalmar County Museum is another excellent stop to exhibit the culture of the city.

14. Visby

Visby, is the most well-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia, and the best place to be if seeking an authentic and historic encounter with Swedish culture and identity.

It is absolutely recommended to walk the Visby City Wall, which encircles the entire old city, as well as take the time to check out Saint Karin’s Cathedral Ruins and Saint Nicolai’s Ruins.

The Gotland’s Museum is an excellent archaeological museum showcasing fascinating runestones.


Botaniska Tradgarden is a breath of fresh air from city life and a picturesque place to integrate into for peace and quiet.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral stands tall in the city center amongst all the other charming and colorful historical architecture of the city. 

15. Tännforsen Waterfall

Sweden’s largest waterfall, the Tännforsen Waterfall is about 38 meters tall, and its ethereal beauty attracts tourists from all over the world.

It gushes down Åreälven and is powered by the compression between two big lakes, Våmviken and Tännsjön, as well as Indalsälven river, and locally it is claimed to be the largest waterfall by volume in Sweden.

Tännforsen Waterfall
Tännforsen Waterfall

It’s just as exciting visiting it in the winter as in the summer.

When it freezes over you are able to walk into the waterfall! And the nature around Tännforsen has a variety of unique species and flora.

16. Hamstad

Venture to the sandy beaches of Hamstad at Tylösand Strand or back in time at Galgberget and witness the continuous inhabitation of a traditional village with viewing towers.

Learn about how people lived and worked with wooden instruments, such as windmills, in the 1600s.

The Hallandsgården is an open-air museum where historic buildings were relocated to.

The city itself is a mélange of historical buildings and districts with contemporary ones. The Nissan River is pleasant to walk by and there are boats sailing by as well.

The 17th-century red castle of Halmstad is one of the signature places to see in the city.

Additionally, the pedestrian zones of Storgatan and Stora Torg are excellent areas to check out for shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

17. Uppsala

Check out the beautiful murals, the two pointed spires and stained glass windows of the Uppsala Cathedral.

On the opposite side of the street is the Gustavianum, which was once the former building for the city’s university, but now functions as a university museum.

Inside, there is a vast collection of Nordic and Viking antiques, relics, weapons, and jewelry, in addition to Egyptian mummies and antiques.


The Linnaeus Museum curated by world-renowned botanist Carl Linnaeus has a stunning garden available for you to stroll through along with a house museum exhibiting his career achievements and personal items.

Additionally, there is also the Uppland County Museum which showcases the local and regional history, culture, and craftsmanship. The medieval Helga Trefaldighets Kyrka is also a pretty sight to see.

18. Västerås

Explore the magnificent Engsö Castle, its garden trails, and its stunning natural environment.

Tour the interior and observe the historical motifs and paintings that ornate the castle.

Take a look at more local architecture at the Västerås Cathedral, which was originally built in the 13th century, but renovated a century ago.


For an educational experience to discover the local flora, head over to the Vallby Open Air Museum, where you can also see buildings made in a traditional way.

Perhaps the coolest thing to see in the city is the Västerås Historiska Skeppsmuseum, a Viking village museum hosting over 25 historical wooden sailboats, a charming wooden hotel, and other wooden buildings crafted using traditional skills inherited from the ancestral Viking craftsmanship. 

19. Kiruna

Bathe in the northern lights in Sweden’s northernmost city of Kiruna.

Hike over 2,000 meters to the top of the tallest mountain in the country, Kebnekaise, and bask in the Midnight Sun from its peak.

The city was known to have a mining industry and community, however, over the years it has died down due to environmental reasons.


Thankfully, the vegetation, water, and impressive landscape have been preserved for visitors and locals alike to skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, hiking, snowmobiling, and even fly fishing.

An hour north of Kiruna is Abisko, which was rated worldwide as the best place to view the northern lights.

A few airlines service Kiruna and once you leave the airport, you’ll find an entirely new world to be explored!

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20. Kebnekaise

Kebnekaise is the tallest mountain in Sweden.

There are two main tourist trails leading up to the peak of Kebnekaise, the eastern route being Östra leden and the western route is Västra leden.

Of the two, Östra leden is shorter, however, it requires additional skills and experience, such as glacier hiking and climbing experience, to get through it.


Consider reaching out to any of the professional tour companies in the region for a more comfortable experience.

The best times to hike would be during the summer months, from June to September, and in the winter, the ideal ski mountaineering conditions are present. 

21. Skuleberget

Take an excursion through the many natural beauties of Skuleberget. Starting from Hoga Kusten, with its unforgettable views of mountains and fjords and excellent hiking routes.

The Skuleberget itself holds excellent views of the high coast’s archipelago and has clear access points and paths leading up to the best viewpoints.


Slattdalsskrevan’s cliffs and narrow paths and hikes up to the canyon are perhaps Skuleberget’s most popular attraction.

The Linbana cable railway gives panoramic views, including sights of Tärnättvattnen, the beautiful lake of the region, whereas the Via Ferrata gives you all the rush of mountain climbing without the fear or anxiety of the lack of safety.

22. Söderåsens National Park 

Söderåsens National Park is an ideal destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature.

Climb to the vantage points on Kopparhatten, or perhaps explore the landscape with well-trained Haflinger Horses amongst the Söderåsen Ridge’s biodiversity with hours of trails, or go for a moose safari at Soderasens Algpark.

Söderåsens National Park 
Söderåsens National Park

Visit the moose in their forest by driving a tractor or wagon up to a closer proximity, and perhaps even have the chance of feeding them!

The moose park was created as a sanctuary and educational center for visitors and locals alike to learn about the preservation of the indigenous wildlife. 

23. Fårö

Langhammars Nature Reserve is one of the most famous rauk beaches on the island of Fårö with beautiful sandy beaches and waters.

The Digerhuvud Sea Stack Field is another rare geological formation on the coastland of Gotland.

Langhammars Raukområde itself has towering rauks standing amongst the coastline of the sea, and are perhaps the most impressive of the collections of formations in the region.


The Norsta Auren beach is famous for its strong waves and is also highly recommended to check out.

For a peek into the cultural heritage of the area, the Fårö Museum has excellent exhibitions of traditional clothing dating back centuries.

24. Åre

Built by local farmers in the 12th century, the Are Gamle Kyrka is a charming church portraying traditional Swedish architecture.

The aged interior, albeit well-preserved, has a nostalgic appeal to it.

Skistar Åre is a ski resort with excellent hills and drops of all difficulty levels, despite its size, and is a well-organized resort location.

Åre - Tommy Alven - Shutterstock
Åre – Tommy Alven – Shutterstock

During the summer, the green valleys offer a stunning view of the landscape.

The Swedish answer to the Niagra question can be found at ​​Tannforsen, a wide, thunderous waterfall with massive streams roaring decently sized canyons.

The city of Åre is an excellent option for low-key travel.

25. Österlen

Österlen is a well-known tourist destination in Sweden, particularly for its historical buildings enclosed in a gorgeous natural environment, and picturesque farmland.

The cities of Simrishamn, which is known for its rich culture, and Tomelilia are featured in the region of Österlen, in addition to the Stensuvud National Park.

In Simrishamn, you won’t be able to miss the well-preserved stronghold of Glimmingehus.

Osterlen - Photosbypatrik - Shutterstock
Osterlen – Photosbypatrik – Shutterstock

Take a sweet trip down to the House of Apples and taste homemade juice and cider from the orchards of Kiviks Musteri.

Otherwise, there is a dance and music festival in June called the Midsommar Celebration.

26. Birka

Birka Hovgarden is a priceless heirloom of the cultural heritage of Sweden.

It is considered to be Sweden’s first town, as it was founded on the island of Lake Mälaren in Björkö in the mid-700s.

Quickly, Birka became a trading sanctuary and exported and imported goods from all over the world.

Birka and Hovgården
Birka and Hovgården

Travel back in time to the Viking era at the Birka Vikingastaden; there are Viking villages and Viking exhibitions, traditional pubs and restaurants, guided costumed tours, and archaeological tours of the warfare culture available at the establishment.

Nearby is the Cross of Ansgar, dedicated to the missionary that led the transition into Christianity.

27. Grundsund

The fishing town of Grundsund boasts its original charm with traditional boathouses and small cottages embraced together on the rocky coastline and shore.

The dock and the harbor canal of Grundsund is a picturesque destination for a drink at a cafe or bar, amongst the boathouses and historical piers.

Grundsund - Migge GP - Shutterstock
Grundsund – Migge GP – Shutterstock

Kayaking is the primary activity to partake in the city, as the lifestyle and nightlife revolve around the canal and dock. 

28. Hällingsåfallet Waterfall

The mesmerizing Hällingsåfallet waterfall roars down into a canyon below.

It is a unique sight to behold, and the hiking trail that leads to it is also something to consider adding to your itinerary.

Visiting during autumn is the ideal time period, as the valley of dense forests and meadows transmute into a medley of colors.

Hällingsåfallet Waterfall
Hällingsåfallet Waterfall

The contrast of it against the thunderous waters of the waterfall creates a scene out of a fairytale.

The waterfall is 800 meters up and receives its streams from the Hällingsån River, from which it inherits its name.

29. Vadstena

The Vadstena Castle’s defensive towers and fortified exterior are a sight to behold. Take a tour inside and out of the well-preserved castle.

The Vadstena Klosterkyrka church and monastery is a medieval work of art, full of artifacts including sculptures, paintings, and religious relics, built in the Gothic style and is one of Europe’s best pilgrimage sites.

Sancta Birgitta Convent museum is an excellent place to exhibit the history of notable nuns of Sweden, with an interior design and abbey that showcases life in medieval Sweden.


Vadstena-Akademien has a regular cycle of shows and performances in a variety of genres to check out as well.

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