11 Best Rovaniemi Tours: Northern Lights, Huskies, and More!

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Many people travel to Rovaniemi from afar, therefore planning your trip to Lapland and northern Finland can be a challenge and visitors will be grateful for the many Rovaniemi tours that are available.

Are you planning your trip to Rovaniemi last minute?

If youʻre booking your trip to Lapland last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🇫🇮  Top Activities and Tours in Rovaniemi:

  1. Northern lights photo tour with lavvu (the BEST aurora tour)
  2. Dog-sledding in Lapland (bucket list activity!)
  3. Ice floating experience (unique activity)
  4. Icebreaker ship adventure (goes to Sweden!)
  5. Snowhotel visit from Rovaniemi (wheelchair accessible)

🛌  Top Hotels and Lodging in Rovaniemi:

  1. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel (famous place by Santa Claus Village)
  2. Hostel Koti (a budget option w/ private rooms)
  3. Apukka Resort (glass igloos in a remote location)
  4. Arctic Light Hotel (top-rated in Rovaniemi)

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This guide lists the best and most popular Lapland tours in Rovaniemi – from a BBQ under the northern lights to eating at an ice restaurant, there are many opportunities to enjoy Rovaniemi to the fullest!

These tours of Lapland will help you plan your trip with ease and comfort and you can just focus on seeing the northern lights in the beautiful Finnish skies.

Below, you will find some of the best Rovaniemi tours with additional information about each.

Snowmobiling in Rovaniemi
Snowmobiling in Rovaniemi

We will cover whether it is a private or a group tour, meeting points, what to expect, and any other things to make your Lapland excursion fantastic and memorable!

Don’t worry- if you’re visiting Lapland in autumn, many of these tours are still available (and are usually cheaper!). But, this guide mostly does cover Rovaniemi in winter!

Should You Consider Taking a Tour in Rovaniemi?

On my trip to Rovaniemi, I quickly realized that the area was best seen by tour. 

Not only did I not feel comfortable driving there due to the unfamiliar terrain and weather, but it was also just so much easier and cheaper to book one of the many amazing tours of Rovaniemi that exist.

The Rovaniemi tours that are available are well-developed and quite affordable, in my opinion, despite Finland being a bit of an expensive destination. 

These tours were not large in size and just having arranged transportation made it worth it in the end.

Dog sledding in Rovaniemi Finland Lapland
Best Rovaniemi tours – our top picks

Another perk of booking a tour in Lapland is that they often have all the equipment that you need for the tour. 

The gear is almost always provided and if you’re taking a tour to see the northern lights in Rovaniemi, you will also have the chance to borrow equipment or rent it out.

Above all, I think taking a tour in Rovaniemi will give you the freedom to focus more on the experience rather than the planning process as it will be all done for you. 

This allows your northern lights experience to be handled by experts and not on your own account (which will probably result in failure, let’s be honest!).

Here are our top picks for Rovaniemi tours – ranging from husky sledding to aurora chasing and beyond!  

Best Lapland Tours – Our Top Picks

If you’re seeking a quick list of the Lapland tours on this list, you can find it below. 

Scroll down further to see more information about the individual tours including their itinerary, practical information, meeting points, and more!

Rovaniemi Northern Lights Tours

Northern Lights with Lappish BBQ in Rovaniemi

Duration: 3 hours
Activities: Northern lights, photographing, socializing
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

Northern lights in Lapland Finland Rovaniemi
Northern lights tours in Rovaniemi

About the tour: This northern lights safari with a Lappish BBQ tour will take you out of Rovaniemi into the Arctic wilds.

The tour heads to a lakeside cabin, where you will be able to enjoy the lights shimmering above the still waters of the lake.

Your expert guide will teach you everything you need to know about spotting the lights, as sometimes they are faint and hard to distinguish from a cloud.

A delicious BBQ of traditional foods will be cooked up at the cabin, along with a warming blueberry tea. 

Practical information: The tour includes hotel pick up and drop off within a 10km radius of Rovaniemi.

The tour company will also provide warm clothes, such as overalls, boots, and gloves, however, you should wear warm clothes too.

It is important to remember that the northern lights are a naturally occurring phenomenon, and while there is a decent chance you will see the lights, the tour can not guarantee it. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Northern Lights Sled Ride Pulled by Snowmobile

Duration: 2 hours
Activities: Northern lights, photographing
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

Lapland Northern Lights Finland

About the tour: This northern lights sled ride by snowmobile tour is an exhilarating tour where you can enjoy the magic of the Arctic night and the chance to see the northern lights. Departing from Santa Claus Village, you will head out into the night searching for the Aurora Borealis’s beautiful displays.

You will be towed through the night by a snowmobile, sitting in a sled, covered by warm comfy blankets.

The guide will take you to various spots where you will have clear views of the skies in the hope that you will get to see the lights streak across the night sky. 

Practical information: The tour departs from Santa Claus Village, although hotel pick up and drop-off is available.

It is essential to dress for the weather and wrap up with warm layers, however, the tour will provide some winter clothing. 

The northern lights are a naturally occurring experience, and if weather conditions are not perfect, they may not be visible.

The tour will try its best to find the lights, but it can not be guaranteed. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Northern Lights Hunt in the Arctic Circle

Duration: 2 hours
Activities: Northern lights, photographing
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

Aurora in Rovaniemi

About the tour: This Arctic Circle northern lights tour is a three-hour venture into the Arctic searching for the northern lights.

Heading out of Rovaniemi, you will drive into the night with an expert guide who will take you to beautiful spots with the hope that the weather and solar conditions are right for a magical show.

Your knowledgeable guide will be able to help you set up your cameras to take the perfect shot of the lights.

Once your guide has unlocked the beauty of the lights and helped you set up your camera, even the weakest of displays will make your heart race with excitement.

Practical information: The tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off from locations around Rovaniemi.

As viewing the lights is obviously an outdoor activity, it is vital to dress warmly with plenty of layers.

Since the northern lights can be unpredictable and rely on various factors, including weather, it is possible that you will not see the lights on your tour, although your guide will try and find them the best they can. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Ice Floating in Lapland With Northern Lights

Duration: 3 hours
Activities: Northern lights, ice floating
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

About the tour: This ice floating northern lights tour is one of Rovaniemi’s most magical and peaceful experiences.

Departing from your hotel, the tour will take you to a lake 15km outside of the city where you can enjoy the serenity of ice floating.

As you float in the water, music will be played underwater, and if you are lucky, the northern lights will appear in the sky above.

After floating in the water, enjoy Finnish gingerbread and blueberry tea in the lakeside hut. 

Practical information: The tour includes hotel pick up and drop off within a 10km radius of the city center.

The tour operator will provide winter clothing and survival suits.

Since the northern lights are entirely dependent on the conditions that night, the tour can not guarantee that you will see them. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Reindeer and Dog Sledding Excursions in Rovaniemi

Snowmobile Safari, Reindeer and Husky Farm

Duration: 5 hours
Activities: snowmobiling, reindeer feeding or sledding, dog sledding
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

Snowmobiling in Lapland Finland

About the tour: This snowmobile, reindeer, and husky farm tour is the perfect Rovaniemi excursion for those looking to experience three activities in one day. After being picked up in the morning, you will start the day off with a snowmobile safari.

As you race through the Finnish forests, you will eventually reach a reindeer ranch, where you will learn all about how the animals are cared for and have the chance to feed them.

There is also the opportunity to go reindeer sledding (I don’t ethically agree with this and opt out when I have done these tours).

After a visit to the reindeer ranch, you will continue to a husky center where you will get to meet the playful pups and try your hand at dog sledding.

I found that dog sledding wasn’t as unethical as I went into it thinking; in fact, the dogs seemed to love the activity, and it was both a fun workout for them and me. 

Practical information: The tour includes pick up and drop off from Rovaniemi, as well as all activities.

There are warm drinks and cookies available; it is advisable to eat a large breakfast and bring additional snacks with you in case you get hungry throughout the day.

It is vital to wear warm layers of clothes as it does get bitingly cold. Winter clothes are available for rent from the tour operator.

To participate in the tour, you will need a valid driving license to operate a snowmobile. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Arctic Circle Long Trail Husky Adventure

Duration: 2 hours
Activities: dog sledding
Difficulty: Medium
🌟 Book it Here

Husky sledding in Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

About the tour: Then Arctic Circle long trail husky adventure is a stellar self-drive husky experience. After arriving at the husky farm, you will get the opportunity to meet and pet the huskies.

The handlers will teach you all about the history of dog sledding in Rovaniemi and how the cute huskies are looked after.

After getting to know the pups, you will learn the ropes of being a musher before heading out into the Arctic forests with your trusty team for an hour.

After enjoying the thrill of dog sledding, warm up next to a campfire with a hot drink and snack. 

Practical information: The tour in Rovaniemi includes hotel pick up and drop off from accommodation within the city.

The hotel pick up is prompt and you should be ready at the entrance 5 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

When you arrive at the center, you will be provided with warm winter clothes. The tour also includes hot drinks and snacks. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Reindeer, Huskies, & Santa Claus Village

Duration: 5 hours
Activities: dog sledding, reindeer feeding and sledding, Santa Claus Village
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
Fun times at Santa Claus Village

About the tour: This reindeer, huskies & Santa Claus Village excursion is the perfect way to enjoy the village along with some of the best Arctic activities.

Start the day off with a visit to a reindeer ranch, where you will learn all about how reindeer have helped shape the lives of the Sami people.

During this part of the tour, you will have the option to go on a sleigh ride with the reindeer, something I feel is not ethical, personally.

Following the reindeer ranch, the tour will continue to a husky farm where hundreds of excited dogs will clamber to meet you and show you just how good they are at racing through the snow.

You will have the option to enjoy a 2km Rovaniemi dog sledding experience; unlike the reindeer sleigh ride, dog sledding feels fine to me, and the dogs really do appreciate the chance to pull the sled and are always raring to go.

The Rovaniemi tour will end at the magical Santa Claus Village, where you can meet the man himself or send a letter with a postal stamp from the Arctic Circle. 

Practical information: The tour includes hotel pick up and drop off from Rovaniemi. All activities at the reindeer and husky farms are included.

However, activities within the Santa Claus Village are optional and may incur an extra cost. Wear warm clothes and plenty of layers as much of the day will be spent outside. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Alternative Tours in Rovaniemi

Ice Restaurant Lunch with Winter Zone Entrance

Duration: 1.5 hours – 2 hours
Activities: lunch in ice restaurant, tubing/ice skating, Santa Claus Village
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

Ice restaurant in Rovaniemi Finland

About the tour options: The restaurant is incredibly popular and booking in advance is a must.

The Ice Restaurant Lunch with Winter Zone Entrance is a great tour option for those visiting the area with children.

The offer includes a set lunch, which is a traditional salmon soup with bread and an Arctic berry dessert.

Along with lunch, the tour provides access to the winter zone where you can enjoy snow tubing and ice skating. 

Alternatively, you can book the Ice Restaurant Dinner Experience, which includes a delicious three-course meal.

Before the meal, you can enjoy a drink at the Ice Bar before settling into your choice of three set menus, each of which highlights a different aspect of Nordic cuisine. 

Practical information: You will need to make your own way to Santa Claus Village for both options.

The lunchtime experience includes day access to the winter zone park.

Dinner bookings are only for access to the ice bar and restaurant. During your visit, you will need to dress up warmly as everything within the building is made from ice, including the seats and table. 

>> Book Winter Zone entrance  |  Book Ice Restaurant dinner experience <<

Korouoma National Park Guided Hike 

Duration: 5 hours
Activities: hiking
Difficulty: Easy – Medium
🌟 Book it Here

Korouoma National Park frozen waterfall winter
Frozen waterfall at Korouoma National Park

About Korouoma: South of Rovaniemi is the beautiful Korouoma National Park. Based around Korouoma Canyon, the park is long and narrow with a steep drop down to the Kemijoki River.

The park is a designated nature reserve and home to some of Finland’s most elusive animals, such as moose and wild reindeer.

During the dead of winter, there are seven frozen waterfalls dotted throughout the canyon, each just as spectacular as the next. 

About the tour: This Korouoma National Park guided hiking tour will take you from Rovaniemi to the park where you will enjoy a 2.8-mile hike through the park.

As you wander through the national park, the tour leader will talk you through the flora and fauna on display, with the hope of seeing one of the forest’s shier animals.

At one of the forest huts dotted along the main hiking routes, you will stop and enjoy a snack before continuing on to more incredible viewpoints where you can take in the unbelievable scenery of Northern Finland. 

Practical information: The tour includes pick up and drop off from your hotel from Rovaniemi.

Everything is included in the Rovaniemi excursion, including entrance fees, snacks, and hot drinks.

You will need to dress warmly for the hike and wear suitable shoes that are both sturdy and warm.

While the weather will be bitingly cold, the hike is suitable for all fitness levels, and the hike’s length is not too taxing. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Icebreaker Cruise with Lunch by Shuttle Bus

Duration: 3 – 7 hours
Activities: boat trip
Difficulty: Easy
🌟 Book it Here

Ferry in Bothnian Bay in Finland
Ferry in the frozen Bothnian Bay

Each year as the temperatures drop, the Bothnian Sea freezes over, forming a large mass.

Large ships work to break through sea ice sections to allow ships to bring in needed supplies to the region.

The yearly freeze creates a new habitat for the region’s ring seals that breed on the sea ice. 

About the tour: On the Icebreaker Cruise with lunch by Shuttle Bus, you will travel through the ice flows for three hours, taking in the tranquil seas while learning all about the history and uses of icebreaking ships.

The tour also offers the unique opportunity to swim in the middle of the frozen sea and walk on the sea ice, which is thick enough to support human weight. After exploring the ice closely, enjoy hot beverages in the onboard saloon. 

Practical information: The boat departs from across the Finnish border in Sweden, and there is a shuttle bus that leaves from Rovaniemi.

The tour also includes lunch that is served on dry land and consists of traditional Swedish dishes.

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

Hiking and Snowshoeing Adventure in Lapland

Duration: 3 hours
Activities: hiking and snowshoeing
Difficulty: Medium
🌟 Book it Here

Lapland snowshoeing in Finland

About this tour: This hiking and snowshoeing activity in Lapland will take you away from the relatively busy nature of Rovaniemi into the Arctic forests that wrap around the top of the Northern Hemisphere.

Your guide will take you along an easy to moderate route, where you will pass through the trees and see frozen rapids along the way.

After hiking through the snow, take a well-earned break, and enjoy a fantastic BBQ with delicious local delicacies. 

Practical information: The tour includes hotel pick up and drop off within a 10km radius of Rovaniemi. You will be provided with snowshoes and extra winter clothes.

You should also wear plenty of layers that can easily be removed and put back on. 

>> Click here for tour rates, itinerary, and availability

What to Bring on Your Tours in Lapland

You can read our complete Lapland packing guide where we give a list of ten things you absolutely must bring with you. 

Below are some additional essentials to pack for your Rovaniemi tours and excursions.

⇒ WINTER PARKA: When I am traveling in the Arctic, I swear by my Helly Hansen Svalbard Parka.  It is the perfect length and will keep you extremely warm in subzero temperatures.  Click here to check out my Helly Hansen winter parka.

⇒ SOREL SNOW BOOTS: If there is one thing that is imperative to bring for your Rovaniemi trip, it is proper snow or winter boots.  I usually wear Sorel Carnivals (although I have two pairs of Sorels). 

I highly recommend them and I recommend breaking them in prior to your trip a little bit. 

I would suggest buying them from the actual Sorel shop or on Amazon and nowhere else. 

There are a lot of scam shops out there selling fakes or just stealing your money (sheepishly raises a hand…) 

Click here to check out amazing Sorel boot options.

Reindeer in Rovaniemi tour
Best Lapland tours

⇒ DRY BAGS: These are crucial if you’re going to be playing in the snow during your Rovaniemi excursions! 

These will protect your camera gear and everything else you want to take with you.

Click here to shop my dry bags from The Friendly Swede.

⇒ WATERPROOF PHONE CASE: This is obvious if you’re going to be using your phone for photography or videography in Finland. 

This will be really necessary if your tours are hiking, sledding, or some other activity in the snow.

Click here to check out a waterproof phone case.

⇒ WARM BEANIE: Bring a warm hat!  I don’t need to go into an explanation here- I think you get the jist.  I

love my beanies from Superyellow, a Finnish company that makes high-quality products for extreme weather.

Click here to check out beanie options from Superyellow.

Where to Stay in Rovaniemi

If you’re seeking the best places to stay in Rovaniemi for your trip, we have some awesome recommendations below. You can also read my Arctic TreeHouse Hotel review here.

These options are great for any budget and they are all located in the city center or Santa Claus Village which is where the tours all pick up from.

We hope that this guide to the best Rovaniemi tours helps you plan your wonderful Arctic trip! 

If you have any questions or suggestions of your own tours in Rovaniemi worth booking, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

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