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Champagne Tours in Reims: How to Book the Perfect Tasting and Tour

Best Champagne Tour in Reims Guide = Tastings and Tours

I have long considered myself a beer nerd but when I went to the Champagne region of France, I knew I had to convert to taste some of the world’s most prestigious drink. This is a guide that details the best Champagne tours in Reims– it will explain what to expect as well as showcase […]

10 Breathtaking Places to Visit in South France (+ Map)

St Croix Lake, Les Gorges du Verdon

Are you planning a trip to the south of France and are looking for the best destinations? This guide details ten amazing places to visit in South France for your bucket list! From Toulouse to Biarritz, the number of incredible places to visit in the south of France never ceases to amaze visitors. Kathryn is […]

Best Champagne Books: Guides and Books about Champagne (France)

Best Champagne Books (guides and books about Champagne in France)

After taking a Champagne tour in France, one of the things I regretted most was not educating myself more about the drink before going.  This is a guide to the best Champagne books out there.  It will include guides and books about Champagne as well as informative resources about the Champagne region of France. Best […]

Champagne Tours From Paris: Booking the Perfect Champagne Day Trip

reims countryside in champagne france

I recently went on a Champagne tour in France and it was one of the coolest experiences I have had in a long time. I have traditionally been a beer gal… but this totally converted me to become a Champagne enthusiast. This guide will show you the best Champagne tours from Paris and how to […]

25 Things to Do in Reims – The Unofficial Champagne Capital of France

things to do in reims france - notre dame cathedral

Reims, France has been declared the unofficial champagne capital of Europe and is definitely a city that people should take the time to visit when in France. Even though it is known for its champagne status, there are many things to do in Reims that don’t include a glass of bubbly. This is a guide […]