15 Incredible Things to Do in Interlaken (+ Nearby!)

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Are you looking for the best things to do in Interlaken for your trip? This guide has you covered – keep reading!

Are you planning your trip to Interlaken last minute?

If youʻre booking your trip to Interlaken last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🇨🇭 Top Experiences and Tours in Interlaken:

  1. Jet boat in Interlaken (stellar summer option!)
  2. Winter kayaking on Lake Brienz (I loved this so much!)
  3. Boat day pass for the lakes (wheelchair-accessible option)

🛌  Top Hotels in Interlaken:

  1. Hotel Du Lac (I stayed here – affordable lakefront option!)
  2. Swiss Interlaken Apartments (great for families)
  3. Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa (luxury treatment!)
  4. Hotel Rössli (budget option!)

🚗  Visiting Interlaken independently? Be sure to book your rental car ahead of time to ensure availability!

Interlaken is one of Europe’s adventure capitals and is no doubt Switzerland’s!

In this guide, we cover the top Interlaken attractions, and we also deep dive into the best Interlaken activities and tours!

Best things to do in Interlaken - best attractions, tours, and more!
Best things to do in Interlaken – best attractions, tours, and more!

Did we miss any of the best things to do in Interlaken (and nearby)?

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Best Things to Do in Interlaken 

1. Try Tandem Paragliding (Interlaken’s Most Popular Activity!)

Get your adrenaline pumping with a tandem paragliding flight with a pilot. Paraglide to lofty heights and admire spectacular views of the mountains and lakes.

See the famous area of Interlaken from above on a tandem flight with a skilled, experienced pilot.

Soar like a bird weightlessly through the air without any prior experience and accompany a seasoned pilot over the picturesque Jungfrau Region.

Discover the gorgeous landscapes from a bird’s-eye view all whilst living an unforgettable experience and sensation.

Flying over Interlaken
Me flying over Interlaken
What an experience!
What an experience!

You’ll learn how to fly a paraglider while floating above one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, about 1,350 meters above Amisbühl all the way to Höhematte, descending to about 550 meters.

The flight lasts around 10 to 30 minutes on average, which solely depends on the wind conditions.

From the dynamic mountain peaks, lush green forests, and sparkling lakes, to the timber homes around Interlaken and the Swiss Alps, your eyes will be stimulated with next-level beauty that you’ll keep with you for the rest of your lifetime.

>> Click here to check rates and availability

2. Go on a Jungfraujoch Mountain Tour

Embark on a full-day, 7-hour guided tour from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch for a scenic excursion 3,466 meters above sea level in a mountain pass.

Begin the journey with a coach from Interlaken to Grindelwald, where then upon arrival, you will board a panoramic cable car from the Grindelwald Terminal, Europe’s highest railway station, up toward the mountain peaks.

The ride to the Eiger Glacier guarantees scenic views, and you can continue the sightseeing with a cogwheel train to the peak of Jungfraujoch.

At the top, you’ll have the chance to marvel at the high-alpine landscapes of snow, rock, and eternal ice.


Wander over to the Sphinx Observation Terrace and Plateau for more panoramic views of the neighboring countries, the snow-capped peaks in the distance, and the Aletsch Glacier, which is the longest glacier in the Alps.

Afterward, you can explore the Ice Palace through its tunnels that lead into the heart of the glacier.

Take a break and relax with some local and traditional Swiss dishes and refreshments at one of the restaurants at the top.

Then, descend recharged to the return coach, passing the Wengen holiday resort and Lauterbrunnen on the way. 

>> Click here to check rates and availability

3. Get a Boat Pass and Explore Lake Thun and Lake Brienz 

Enjoy a full day soaking in the scenery of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz with a dual boat pass.

Although the pass includes Lake Brienz only during the spring and summer months, the opportunity to view the breathtaking mountain panorama of the Jungfrau Region and Lake Thun can’t be missed.

There are a wide array of popular attractions and picturesque sights around both lakes, and you can customize your trips to discover each lake’s sights at your own pace.

You can depart from Thun, Interlaken West, Interlaken East (Ost), or Brienz itself to start your boat tours. Some of the most famous sights along the lakes include the Giessbach Falls, Saint Beatus Caves, and Thun Castle.

Lake Thun
Lake Thun

The trips include a variety of routes along the lakes that you can select and customize ahead of time.

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be able to relish the magnificent views of the Bernese Oberland mountains.

The blue-green lakes, the enclosing white mountain summits, and the chalet villages dotting the lakeshore are more than enough to captivate your senses and leave you awestruck.

>> Click here to check rates and availability

4. Go White Water Rafting on Lutschine

Experience a white water rafting adventure on the Lütschine River. Learn how to steer and use the currents with the support of professional guides and enjoy grade 3 or 4 rapids of the river.

Go through a thorough safety session and brief with your guide after you are transferred to the river. Then, together you will embark on an exclusive 4-hour white water rafting tour.

Admire the gorgeous scenery as your rush down the river. Learn about the diverse fauna and flora throughout the region as you raft along it with your expert guide.

Lutschine River
Lutschine River

All necessary rafting equipment will be provided, and no cameras or recording equipment are allowed for your own safety.

At the end of the journey, float down the river calmly for ten to fifteen minutes and relax with a complimentary beer or soda.

>> Click here to check rates and availability

5. Go Kayaking on Lake Brienz

Embark on a kayaking trip on the beautiful Lake Brienz for scenic views amongst the breathtaking silence and ambiance of the lake in winter or in summer!

The lake is glass-still and the least crowded during the winter… which is when I went. But, it is a year-round experience (both booking links are listed below).

The kayak ride will be accompanied by a guide who will take you around the lake and glide over the water reflecting the stunning peaks of the mountains bordering it on all sides.

Kayaking at the end of winter
Kayaking at the end of winter
My kayaking tour in Interlaken
My kayaking tour in Interlaken

If heading out in winter, you’ll put on a top-quality dry suit with boots after your guide explains a brief introduction to kayaking so that you can stay extra warm on the water.

Paddle through the water for 2 hours and enjoy the marvelous views of the historic Ringgenberg Castle and the surrounding mountainscape reflecting on the water.

This was truly one of my favorite things to do in Interlaken and I highly recommend it to all travelers!

>> Click here to check rates and availability for kayaking from November – April

>> Click here to check rates and availability for kayaking from May – October

6. Go Sightseeing on Harder Kulm

At 1322 m above sea level, the Harder Kulm is the closest mountain to Interlaken soaring at a height of 1322 meters above sea level.

It guarantees overwhelming views overlooking Interlaken and the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

Take the sightseeing experience to the next level with panoramic views from the overhanging Zwei-Seen-Steg, or ‘Two Lakes Bridge.’

Take a 100-year-old funicular railway up the Harder Kulm from Interlaken in just 10 minutes. Its central location grants easy access and thus the local Harder Kulm can be added to almost any itinerary.

Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm

At the top of the mountain, you can utilize your time in a variety of ways. The Harder Kulm is a wonderful destination for sportspeople, hikers, gourmets, fans of great views, and nature lovers.

The mountain station grants a path to the Panorama Restaurant in only five minutes, and the architecture of the restaurant resembles that of a mini fairytale caste with its turret and red tiled roof.

It also has an excellent sun terrace where you can unwind. Enjoy outstanding Swiss dishes as your eyes roam across the dramatic natural landscape of Interlaken.

There is also a multitude of hiking opportunities available, including the chance to cross the ridge toward the Augstmatthorn.

7. Explore Oberhofen Castle

The 13th-century Oberhofen Castle is a stunning medieval fortress and museum with one of the most beautiful gardens in the Alpine region.

The historic residence now presents a branch of the Bernisches Historisches Museum as well as a living museum which provides an opportunity for visitors to rent rooms.

The museum displays a wide range of historical artifacts, including paintings, ceramics, costumes, and lavish furniture, providing insights into the castle’s luxurious past as a Baroque-style residence.

The inner castle garden was designed with geometrical flower parterres as well as a park with meadows, paths, and rows of trees.

With conifers, exotic sequoias, and deciduous trees, the Swiss valley will harbor an abundance of romantic feelings.

Oberhofen Castle
Oberhofen Castle

Additional buildings in the complex include the gardener’s house, the orangery, and the children’s chalet.

It overlooks the shores of Lake Thun with its picturesque blend of architectural styles, including medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements.

Throughout the year, the castle hosts various cultural events, exhibitions, and concerts and provides visitors with a chance to experience local art and culture.

Take a leisurely stroll through both the gardens and consider a guided tour through the inside of the castle for insight into the local history.

Address: Schloss 4, 3653 Oberhofen am Thunersee

8. Fuel Up with Coffee at Velo Cafe

If you’re looking to fuel up for an exciting day in Interlaken, look no further than Velo Cafe!

This cafe specializes in ‘Extraordinary food and Italian coffee’ according to their motto and I definitely agree.

The interior is inviting and decorated with bikes and cozy leather furniture. Their menu has a variety of caffeinated drinks from flat whites to an iced matcha oat latte (and more!).

Velo Cafe
Velo Cafe
My tasty flat white
My much-needed coffee

They also have a variety of teas including Assam Halmari, Berner Rosen, and Morrocan mint tea. For those looking for an alcoholic beverage – they have you covered with their Aperos, beer, and wine/Prosecco!

If you happen to wander in hungry, they have a menu that serves breakfast (until 1130), lunch (1130-1600), and small bites like avocado toast all day long.

Vegetarian and vegan options are always available. Velo Cafe is open daily from 0900 until 1800.

Address: Unionsgasse 10, 3800 Interlaken

9. Discover the Unterseen Old Town

Take a leisurely stroll in Unterseen Old Town along the Aare and take in the town’s vibrant buildings. A visit to the Tourismuseum and time spent relaxing on the sun terrace of a restaurant on the Stadthausplatz await you.

Stadthausplatz is at the heart of the old town and is lined with numerous cafes, sun terraces, restaurants, and shops, and in its middle is the Stadthaus building.

Try a variety of traditional and local Swiss culinary delicacies, including cheese fondue, raclette, and rosti.

Unterseen Old Town
Unterseen Old Town

As you explore the square and its many highlights, you’ll come across historical sights such as the impressive church tower, or the Tourismuseum, which is a two-story, popular attraction recounting the history of tourism in Interlaken.

There is even an archeological cellar ready for you to explore – the Stadtkeller is an imposing vaulted cellar combining old with new by hosting cultural events regularly!

Unterseen Old Town offers you an opportunity to step back in time to a tranquil ambiance and experience the historic charm of Switzerland.

With all the well-preserved architecture and emphasis on tourist amenities, you can truly immerse yourself in the region’s rich cultural heritage for a memorable experience of traditional Swiss life.

10. See the Thun Castle

Thun Castle dates back to the 12th century and is a well-preserved medieval castle that exemplifies Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance architectural elements.

It consists of several towers, courtyards, and halls, with impressive walls and ramparts wrapping around the structure.

The castle museum showcases a wide range of historical artifacts that include weapons, armor, and paintings, as well as temporary exhibitions that highlight various aspects of Swiss history, art, and culture, and that of the local region’s heritage.

The tour of the castle includes access to the cellar, which showcases 900 years of urban development, as well as five floors, each with its own collections on display.

Thun Castle
Thun Castle

The first floor presents treasures from the Thun Town Hall; the second floor presents 800 years of governors in the Thun Castle; the third floor is where the Grant Hall is located, and was renowned to be a unique ceremonial hall dating back to the Late Middle Ages; the fourth floor has the prison, corn chamber, and itself is a ducal building; and finally the fifth floor is notable for its Bernese hipped roof, which has layers of history to uncover.

The towers are also available to tour, which grant spectacular panoramic views overlooking the surrounding area. 

Address: Schlossberg 1, 3600 Thun

11. Stroll Down Hoheweg Main Street

Explore the ambiance of the Jungfrau by strolling down Hoheweg main street.

Browse through the line of shops for a souvenir, enjoy a refreshing drink or delicious local meal on one of the many restaurant terraces as you watch paragliders circle around from above.

As a starting point for various recreational and adventure activities in the region, you’ll regularly find skydivers dotting the sky as well as scenic helicopter tours.

You can also opt to rent a bicycle or for a horse-drawn carriage ride to see the Höheweg and the rest of Interlaken on wheels.

Hoheweg Main Street View
Hoheweg Main Street

Stroll around the popular Höhematte, or continue with a scenic promenade in Höheweg along the Aare River.

The picturesque scenery includes panoramic views of the nearby lakes of Thun and Brienz as well as the mountains Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch.

The Höheweg is a meeting place for holidaymakers and locals and the gem of the Swiss Alps dotted with entertainment, events, historical buildings, and surrounded by unforgettable natural beauties.

The long and spacious promenade is lined with trees, flower gardens, and park benches, which makes it an ideal place for a relaxing picnic in lieu of restaurants all throughout the Swiss town.

12. Visit St. Beatus Caves

The Saint Beatus Caves is a series of limestone caves and one of the most popular destinations located on the northern shore of Lake Thun.

You can explore the nearly one-kilometer Niederhorn massif by descending down the well-built and illuminated path.

As you immerse yourself in the natural underground world, you’ll discover stalactites and stalagmites dating back millions of years, as well as underground pools and waterfalls.

As you carefully walk around the interior of the massif, you can learn about the more intricate details of what you’re seeing with the help of nearby guides or with your own guided tour.

St. Beatus Caves
St. Beatus Caves

There is also a cave museum that elaborates further into the history and speleology of Saint Beatus.

The tunnels, chambers, and museum of Saint Beatus take at least an hour to discover and the entrance into the cave system takes a little bit of hiking to reach.

After the unparalleled natural adventure and educational experience, you can enjoy regional and culinary delicacies at the newly renovated Stein & Sein restaurant only a few minutes away from the car park.

The restaurant is situated in a nature garden and provides views overlooking the Bernese Alps and Lake Thun. 

13. Get in Touch with Nature at Weissenau Nature Reserve

Weissenau Nature Reserve is a protected area known for its untouched natural beauty with meadows, wetlands, lush forests, and riverbanks located on the Aare River near Interlaken.

It is home to a variety of plant and animal species and offers a serene escape for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

The diverse range of flora and fauna in the reserve offers a haven for numerous insects, bird species, amphibians, and mammals, and is a popular place to spot rare and endangered species in Switzerland.

It includes a multitude of well-marked hiking trails allowing visitors to observe the local wildlife up close in addition to exploring the stunning landscape.

Weissenau Nature Reserve
Weissenau Nature Reserve

There is a mix of difficulty levels pertaining to the hiking trails. There are designated picnic areas and is a popular activity for visitors to enjoy a leisurely day immersed in nature.

The reserve also offers opportunities for water-based activities due to its location along the Aare River, including swimming and kayaking.

You can also discover the ruins of a castle of the same name, declared to be a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

As you venture throughout the park, you may even come across and make time for the golf course! 

14. Marvel at Trummelbach Falls

The Trümmelbach Falls are a series of ten waterfalls that roar down the interior of the mountains of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is often also called “the valley of 72 waterfalls.”

These loud and thundering waterfalls are the largest subterranean waterfalls in Europe and is also the world’s only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground.

It can be viewed via tunnels, paths, platforms, lift, and galleries, and it is also illuminated.

Trümmelbach Falls carries up to 20,000 liters of melted water per second from the glaciers from the Jungfrau down to the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Trummelbach Falls
Trummelbach Falls

The water carries over 20,000 tons of boulders with it and thus causes the entire mountain to shudder with a loud, thundering noise.

Entry into the waterfall is 14 CHF and takes up to an hour to explore the entire region surrounding the waterfalls.

Enjoy the stunning visuals of such a unique waterfall found only in Switzerland.

15. Check Out Kirche Interlaken and Schlosskirche

Schlosskirche (also called the Interlaken Church or the Castle Church) is famous for being the oldest building in the city! It was originally an Augustinian Monastery and dates back to 1133.

While it remained a monastery for several years, it was also used as a storage facility for things like wine, barrels, and more during the 16th century.

In fact, it wasn’t even until the 19th century that it was revived as a church and used for its initial intent again.

Today, you can visit and check out the church’s gorgeous stained glass windows, lush gardens, and famous Medieval clock. It holds services every Sunday.

Kirche Interlaken (Holy Spirit) at day time
Kirche Interlaken (Holy Spirit)

Another church worth photographing in Interlaken is the beautiful Kirche Interlaken, also known as the Church of the Holy Spirit.

There, you’ll have the chance to admire the 14th-century, neo-Gothic construction right in the center of the city!

While the interior of the church is a bit simplistic and understated, it received its first organ in 1934 (and was later replaced by one from Orgelbau Geneva AG in 1990).

The new organ has 28 registers and underwent a large revision in 2006. This Roman Catholic Church is large and definitely worth stopping by.

Where to Stay in Interlaken

If you are looking for the top places to stay in Interlaken – here are some of our top picks!

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