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15 Lovely Things to Do in Lucerne in Winter (+ Christmas Tips)

Visiting Lucerne in winter

Are you looking into booking a trip to Lucerne in winter? This guide details the best things to do during winter in Lucerne… and more! Lucerne is a dreamy destination regardless of when you decide to visit. But, winter is especially beautiful! The temperatures are cold… but on the milder side of things but since […]

Paragliding in Interlaken: What to Know, How to Book, & Tips!

Me flying over Interlaken

Paragliding in Interlaken is a unique and thrilling experience. And this guide will tell you everything you need to know before you go! In Interlaken, you have the chance to go tandem paragliding, which involves flying in a paraglider designed for two individuals with the pilot situated in the back and the passenger in the […]

18 Picture-Perfect Small Towns in Switzerland (to Visit in 2024!)

Best small towns in Switzerland

Are you searching for the best small towns in Switzerland to add to your bucket list? We’ve got you covered! From gorgeous mountain villages to small towns near large cities, these are places you’ll want to put on your Switzerland itinerary! Did we miss any of the best Switzerland small towns and villages? Let us […]

How to Book the Best Interlaken Kayaking Tour (on Lake Brienz!)

Kayaking in Interlaken

I’ve been kayaking in many countries and Switzerland was one of the most memorable experiences for me because it has everything, including stunning mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and wonderful nature. This guide talks about my experience kayaking in Interlaken and I give you all the necessary details on how to book your own trip! Fortunately, this […]