12 Exciting Things to Do in Eze, France (on a Day Trip!)

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Eze is a beautiful coastal village located on the French Riviera, and it is a must-visit when you’re there.

This guide contains some of the best things to do in Eze, a place I fell in love with despite not getting nearly enough time there!

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  1. French Riveria in a day (Cannes, Monaco, EZE, Antibes, & more!)
  2. Gorges of Verdon and Fields of Lavender tour (a top-seller!)
  3. Perfume Creation Workshop (my favorite Nice experience!)
  4. Nice: 1 or 2-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour (budget option!)

🛌  Top places to stay in Nice and Eze:

  1. Appartements Massena (excellent location in Nice!)
  2. Palais Gioffredo (near the sea in Nice!)
  3. Chateau Eza (old town with AMAZING views!)
  4. Les Terrasses d’Eze Hotel (affordable luxury with an infinity pool)

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Eze (Èze) has just over 2,000 people, is close to Nice and Monaco, and is the perfect day trip from both. It is located in the Alpes-Maritimes and is renowned for being one of the best medieval villages in the country.

My guide to the best things to do in Eze, France
My guide to the best things to do in Eze, France

It’s romantic, charming, and has beautiful views throughout, and I have listed some of the top Eze attractions you have to put on your itinerary.

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you think I missed so that other travelers can be sure to check it out.

Best Things to Do in Eze, France

1. Explore the Exotic Garden (Jardin Exotique d’Eze)

When exploring Eze, there is one place you will love the most: the Exotic Garden of Eze, or Jardin Exotique d’Eze, a world of botanical splendor and panoramic vistas.

Located 429m (1400ft) above the Mediterranean Sea, the garden offers fantastic views of the French Riviera and an unforgettable experience from the moment you step in. 

The garden is home to different species of succulent plants from around the world.

Views from the Jardin Exotique d'Eze
Views from the Jardin Exotique d’Eze

The south part of the garden presents a fascinating variety of desert plants. You can explore a collection of rare cacti that gather hundreds of visitors when blooming in this part of the garden!

To the north, there are caves with plants from humid regions. All the plants are marked with information about when and how they have appeared in the Jardin Exotique d’Eze.

While strolling about the garden, you will also see statues of female figures that add a special flair to the area. After exploring the territory, you can relax and enjoy the views at a small artificial waterfall and pond.

Address: 20 Rue du Château, 06360 Èze, France

2. Sip a Drink at Le Nid d’Aigle Restaurant  

Eze is a romantic escape on the French Riviera with fantastic views of the coastline, beautiful nature, and exquisite cuisine.

To get everything in one place, you can simply visit Le Nid d’Aigle Restaurant, which effortlessly combines gastronomic delights with breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean coastline. 

Located at the highest point of Eze, near the Jardin Exotique d’Eze, Le Nid d’Aigle is accessible only by a narrow, winding road. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with a warm, Provencal welcome!

Hungry visitors will find a few places to enjoy French cuisine in Eze
Hungry visitors will find a few places to enjoy French cuisine in Eze

The interior is an absolute delight, with 50 seats on the terrace and 30 tables in the inner hall. Try to get a table under a large tree to stay cool and enjoy the view.

The real star of Le Nid d’Aigle, however, is the menu, which focuses on Mediterranean and French influences and local delicacies, including seafood and escargots.

The wine cart and soft drinks are matched with dishes to make you fully enjoy the flavors.

Address: 1 Rue du Château, 06360 Èze, France

3. Visit Eze’s Neo-Classical Church

The charming village of Eze invites you to embrace its tranquil ambiance and visit its historic gem, Our Lady of the Assumption Church, or Église Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption.

This Neo-Classical Church of the 18th century was built on the spot of an older 12th-century chapel.

The current church’s design is rich and reflects the Neo-Classical style, characterized by its symmetrical façade, columns, and a blend of simple lines and graceful proportions. 

Église Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption - one of the top Eze landmarks
Église Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption – one of the top Eze landmarks

As you approach the church, the bright yellow facade will immediately capture your attention against the backdrop of lush green and azure waters.

The church’s tower was built later, in the 19th century. It was repeatedly struck by lightning, and as a result, the dome was removed. 

Inside, the church is decorated in the Baroque style. You will see the central Mother of God altar, unique frescoes, a wooden bust of Jesus, and a decorative rainbow arch.

It is one of the more prominent landmarks in Eze that you need to check out!

Address: Place de l’Église, 06360 Èze, France

4. Walk through the Cliffside Graveyard (Cimetière de Èze)

Ancient cemeteries are a unique type of interest in Europe that showcases the stories of locals. Eze Cliffside Cemetery, or Cimetière de Èze, is one such place not to be missed when visiting this small village. 

Located outside the walls of Eze, there is a small cemetery with medieval gravestones, each telling a part of someone’s life story. A small rusted gate hides behind the mausoleums and gravestones.

Entrance to the cemetery
Entrance to the cemetery

Take your time to stroll through the graves and read the gravestones. You will find not only French names but several English names and writings on the gravestones of Americans who used to spend time in Eze.

📸 GOOD TO KNOW: While you will be tempted to have images of gravestones in your gallery, it’s not allowed to take photos.

Another fun fact – this small village was often visited by Walt Disney!

Address: 06360 Èze, France

5. Soak Up the Sun on the Beach 

The French Riviera boasts fantastic beaches, inviting guests to a romantic escape with sun, sea, and sand. Eze Village Beach is one of them, and it is simply called Plage d’Eze.

Stretching from the Cap Roux to the Cap dEstel, with mountains in the backdrop, this pebble beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and simply enjoying life.

The pebbles are fine, but it is recommended to wear special shoes to keep your feet safe. 

Eze beach is one of the most popular spots in summer
Eze beach is one of the most popular spots in summer

There are no special amenities on the beach—just the sea and sun. You have three ways to get to the beach: from the western edge of the village, from the train station, or through a tunnel. 

What adds to the charm of this beach is its backdrop and the St. Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula on its western side. Additionally, there’s a harbor located westward at Cap Roux.

While this beach is public and open to all without fees, two beachfront restaurants offer their own private beaches.

6. Hike the Nietzsche Path Between Eze Beach and Eze Village 

If you’re seeking adventure and inspiration, the Nietzsche Path along the stunning French Riviera is the answer to your search.

The path named after the great German philosopher cured and inspired him to complete the magnum opus, and as a tribute to the great individual, the path now carries his name. 

This scenic trail offers an amazing blend of breathtaking views of the Côte d’Azur and the village.

Nietzsche Path in Eze
Nietzsche Path in Eze

The journey is a real surprise, with a challenging ascent from the beach to the village and a gentler descent from the village to the beach.

The 5km (3 mi) hike with a 300-meter (980-feet) elevation gain will take you around an hour and a half to get to the top. It is a steep and tough climb, especially in the summer heat, so be prepared with suitable clothing, sunscreen, and water.

The path is well marked with viewpoints to stop by and embrace the views.

7. Visit the Fragonard Perfume Factory

When it comes to the art of fragrance, the Fragonard Perfume Factory in Èze has a unique place because of its culture of meticulously keeping the secrets of perfume-making.

Located high in the hills overlooking the French Riviera, this fragrance haven is a unique place to visit on your trip to Eze.

My stop at the Fragonard Factory
My stop at the Fragonard Factory

The factory tour begins with a glimpse into the selection of raw materials in the cosmetics laboratory. Here, you’ll discover the production process of creams and other products.

The most exciting part of the tour is the process of extracting essential oils. The technique of steam distillation hasn’t changed since the 8th century.

By the way, Fragonard is mentioned in several chapters of the renowned “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” book. Next, you will witness the art of blending.

I took a guided tour of the Fragonard Factory
I took a guided tour of the Fragonard Factory

Perfumers, often called “noses,” stand behind blending unique fragrances. And a random fact is that noses usually get paid over €15,000 for their service!

Your guided tour will also include a visit to the museum, which showcases a fantastic collection of miniature bottles.

Finally, don’t miss out on the Fragonard factory shop to find two of the most popular fragrances and purchase your favorite ones. 

Address: 158 Av. de Verdun, 06360 Èze, France

8. Peek into the 14th-Century Chapelle de la Sainte-Croix

The Chapelle de la Sainte-Croix is the oldest historic site in Eze, dating back to the 14th century. This small yet incredibly significant chapel was the place of gathering for the White Penitents Brotherhood of Nice. 

From the outside, it is almost impossible to find this chapel, because it looks like an ordinary building. Its entrance is under the porch. A massive wrought iron door hides behind a beautiful, intact building.

The small chapel has a single nave and a decorated porch with a pebble mosaic. Inside, you will see the central altar, a crucifix (a crucified Jesus on the cross) on which Jesus is smiling, despite everything!

In front of the high altar, a skull, placed on two shins, announces, “You are as I was; you will be as I am.”

Address: 7-1 Rue de la Pise, 06360 Èze, France

9. Browse the Shops and Peruse the Old Town

“Old Town” is a universal term describing the heart of any city, its history, and its architecture. For Eze, the Old Town is the whole village, from its lowest to its highest points!

To explore the village, you will need only a few hours (that is why it is the perfect day trip from Nice!), but it is highly recommended to stay here longer and explore its winding streets. 

The well-preserved medieval village has kept its allure even in the 21st century, with its Chapelle de la Sainte Croix in the heart of the village and Exotic Garden perched at the top of the hill.

Wandering the streets of Old Town Eze
Wandering the streets of Old Town Eze

As you wander through Eze’s ancient streets, making your way up to the hill, you will see the red tile roofs against the background of the Mediterranean Sea’s blue waters.

The houses are connected by rocky cliff walls. The streets are narrow and are only for pedestrians. When exploring the Old Town, you may occasionally end up at a cozy cafe or restaurant.

For example, you can visit Les Remparts Restaurant or Café du Jardin for lunch or a glass of wine. 

10. Visit the Galimard Soap and Perfume Factory

Eze is a paradise with breathtaking scenes of the French Riviera and scents from the Galimard Soap and Perfume Factory.

Part of the flourishing perfumery industry in France, the 18th-century Galimard Perfume Factory had a very special role, and today, you will have a chance to explore the factory and its museum with the fragrance organ.

Galimard Soap - Birute Vijeikiene - Shutterstock
Galimard Soap – Birute Vijeikiene – Shutterstock

You will learn what it means to have head, heart, and background notes, experiment with these 18 notes, and try to create your own perfume.

Once you finish, your unique perfume will be registered in the Galimard Perfumery database which is something to put on your Eze bucket list!

Next, you will have time to watch the soap production and visit the museum with hundreds of antique perfume bottles. 

Address: Pl. Charles de Gaulle, 06360 Èze, France

11. Hike to the Ruins of the Village of Mont Bastide

While Eze Village is a fascinating place to visit and stay, there is one place you should not miss.

Often overlooked by tourists exploring the French Riviera, the ruins of Mont Bastide Village offer a captivating journey back in time. You can reach the location through hikers’ favorite trails and it is one of the best things to do in Eze!

The hike to Mont Bastide Village is a moderate 3.5-kilometer (2.1-mile) journey with challenging areas. The trail starts at the Eze-Sur-Mer train station and continues further to the signpost of the Chemin de Nietzsche.

Hiking trail from Mont Bastide to Eze
Hiking trail from Mont Bastide to Eze

You will spend the next hour climbing through pine trees. The scrubland will soon replace the forest, and you will find yourself surrounded by lavender and cowslip.

Once you reach the top, you will see the signpost with the altitude (570 meters / 1870 feet) and words encouraging you to have reached the top.

The descent back is no less impressive. To reach Eze-Sur-Mer you will cross towering cliffs. 

12. Marvel at the Breathtaking Views over the French Riviera 

The stretch of the Mediterranean coast known as the Côte d’Azur is the most sought-after destination with its luxurious beach resorts.

While many come for an “elite” vacation, we come here for amazing views, beautiful nature, and the sea. 

There are many great spots along the French Riviera to embrace the views, but Eze village is one of the best thanks to its location on a high cliff and the medieval flair that has nothing to do with the modern world.

Views over the French Riviera from Eze
Views over the French Riviera from Eze

The views from Eze to the French Riviera are undeniably fantastic, but before getting to the village, you will have time to embrace the views of the village from the M6007 road.

The drive alone is a spectacle; you will see red tile roofs, a castle in ruins, and a church at the top of the hill, crowning the view. 

How to Get To Eze from Nice

I am currently writing an entire guide detailing the process (in a more thorough manner!) but I actually visited Eze as part of a tour and if you’re in Nice and looking to visit, I think that is a great way to see the village.

Views around Eze on my tour
Views around Eze on my tour

The ‘French Riviera in a day’ tour that leaves from Nice makes for a long day, but you get to stop in Eze, Cannes, Antibes, and Monaco – making it the perfect way to see a lot of Riviera highlights.

>> Click here to check tour rates and availability from Nice

Map of the Best Things to Do in Eze

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eze, France worth it?

Eze is definitely worth the trip! The picturesque hilltop village is one of the most popular places to visit on the French Riviera because of its medieval architecture, jaw-dropping views, and charming cobblestone streets.

Places like the Jardin Exotique d’Éze make the village a unique stop along the coast.

How long do you need to spend in Eze?

If you are looking to just see the highlights of the village, you only need a day. This gives you plenty of time to explore the narrow streets and Jardin Exotique d’Éze, as well as enjoy some of the delicious restaurants and cafes there.

If you are an avid hiker and want to take advantage of the trails nearby, I would plan an extra day there. But, if you plan well, you can see the village in 3 hours and still have time to do a hike or two before the day ends!

What is Eze village famous for?

Eze is famous because it is situated on top of a hill that is around 427 meters high (1,401 feet), offering views over the Mediterranean and beyond.

Views over Eze , France : Best things to do in Eze
Views over Eze, France / Best things to do in Eze

It is also famous because of places like Jardin Exotique d’Éze (a famous botanical garden) and perfumeries like the Fragonard Perfumery. You are also not too far from beaches and some of the best hikes along the French Riviera.

Where are the best views in Eze?

There are plenty of iconic views over Eze, and here are some of the most famous:

  • Jardin Exotique d’Éze (a botanical garden with mind-blowing views)
  • Nietzsche Path (a trail that guides you from the village to the sea; it is teeming with viewpoints)
  • Fort de la Revolte (not quite in Eze, but nearby; you will need to hike a bit to reach the fort but the views are worth it)

Can I do Eze and Monaco in one day?

Yes! You can definitely visit both in a day, but you will limit yourself to both places if you do. However, if you are based in Nice, you can take a tour that travels to both Eze and Monaco. You can check tour rates and availability here.

Where to Stay in Eze

If you’re looking to stay in Eze (not Nice!) and not visit merely as a day trip, here are some fantastic options for places to stay in the village:

Did I miss any of the top things to do in Eze in this guide?

Let me know in the comment which Eze attractions and places to visit are your favorite!

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