How to Get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo, Italy (Gewiss Stadium)

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This guide will take you through how to get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo from the airport, train station, old town, and the new town.

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How to Get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo, Italy (Gewiss Stadium)

Having competed in the Europa League a few times in their history, Atalanta had an incredible 3rd place finish in Serie A and it has launched them directly into the Champions League group stages where they will play some of Europe’s best teams.

About Gewiss Stadium

Originally called the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia until the end of the 2018-19 season, the Gewiss Stadium was given its name for sponsorship reasons and has been home to the Serie A side Atalanta since 1928. The stadium seats 21,300 people and has a rather rustic feel to it with some of the facilities seeming a little outdated.

The stands, unlike most top-tier Serie A or Champions League stadiums, are mostly uncovered, providing a different atmosphere and lack of protection from the elements. 

Originally, it had been proposed to build a new stadium for the city, but nothing came to fruition due to lack of funding. Instead, it was agreed to gradually develop the current Gewiss Stadium. The stadium redevelopment is happening in stages. By 2021, it is hoped that the capacity will be around 24,000.

By Elena Chochkova – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Despite the 2019-20 season being Atalanta’s first season in the Champions League, the stadium has had its fair share of big European nights, with Atalanta competing in the various versions of the Europa League five times throughout their history.

The Stadium has also hosted a few Italian national team matches. After my trip to Bergamo, I really believe the city is such an amazing host for the Champions League as it is beautiful, and historic, and there are so many fun things to do in the Northern Italian city.

This guide will take you through all you need to know to reach the Atalanta Stadium from the old town, new town, airport, and train station. 

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How to Get to Gewiss Stadium from Bergamo Train Station

Thankfully, Italy has an amazing railway network (laugh all you want- I’m American so just having one that has a train on it makes me happy) and you can easily reach Bergamo quickly from many of Northern Italy’s large cities. Arriving at the station in Bergamo, you will find that it is centrally located within the new part of the town.

The old town is perched on top of a hill and is not capable of having a railway connection. From the station, there are multiple ways of reaching the stadium. All of the options are relatively quick with the longest only taking 35 minutes. 

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Bergamo has an extensive bus network that is cheap and efficient with a single ride in one zone costing 1.30€. From the train station, there are several bus options that will take you close to the stadium. The main and best option from the train station is to take the bus line 6. 

Bus line 6 departs close to the station from Via Paglia 34c, which is a stop 240m walk to the west of the station and will take around 3 minutes. Once you have arrived at the stop, you will need to take the bus in the direction of S. Colombano. You will stay on the bus for 9 stops, which should take 14 minutes in good traffic conditions, and get off at the stop Piazzale Olimpiade 8.

Once you are off the bus, the stadium is a quick, one-minute walk from the stop. The bus runs around every 20 minutes and the journey in total, with walking, should take about 18 minutes, providing the matchday traffic isn’t too bad. As you will only be traveling one zone, the ticket will cost 1.30€.

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Bergamo only has one tram line that departs from east of the main station. The problem with taking the tram is that it doesn’t go towards the stadium and after disembarking you will need to walk 15 minutes. 

To take the tram, you will need to go to the tram stop by the station and take the only tram that will stop there (called T1). The main station is the first stop, so you will not be able to get on in the wrong direction. You will need to take the tram for three stops to BG Albino and the tram part of the trip takes around 4 minutes.

From the tram stop, you will need to walk 1.2km (about 15 minutes) to the stadium. The journey is along main roads and there should be crowds walking there, but it may not be well signposted. I’d advise downloading the city map on google maps to navigate your way to the stadium just in case. 


Another viable option to get to the stadium is via a taxi from the train station. There are several ways to get a taxi- you can either try and hail one down from the street, use the app MyTaxi / FreeNow, or order an Uber. I personally find the MyTaxi/FreeNow to be the best option for getting a taxi and is the app I use while traveling in Italy. Even though Uber is available, due to the government’s restrictions on the app, you will it is often more expensive than regular taxis. 

Prices fluctuate during the day and with traffic conditions on a standard day, a taxi journey will cost around 12-14€ and take about 10 minutes.  Another great thing about the app (MyTaxi / Free Now) is that you can book a taxi in advance to meet you at the station when your train is due to arrive.  

If you are wanting to take an Uber, it will take around the same time and cost somewhere between 14-18€. As Uber X isn’t available in Italy, you can only take Uber Black, Lux, or Van. Booking an Uber is the same as anywhere else in the world but you will find the number of drivers available is limited as most people would rather use MyTaxi / FreeNow. 

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If you are planning to drive to the stadium from the train station, it will take around 10 minutes. There is parking around the stadium, but it will naturally be harder to find parking during a match. There is also likely to be high levels of traffic in the area, so I suggest taking an alternative mode of transport to get there. Leaving the match may also be stressful. 


I think one of the best ways to get to the stadium is by walking. The journey takes about 35 minutes and is fairly scenic as you walk below the old town. Along the way, there are plenty of places to stop and get a drink or some food. The journey is only around 2.5km and is through the new part of the city.

I would advise downloading some city maps if you do not have data while you are there to ensure you do not get lost. Walking is probably also one of the best ways to get back to the city once the game finishes.

How to Get to Atalanta Stadium From the New Town

The city of Bergamo is split into two distinct sections- the old town that is perched on top of a hill and overlooks the newer town which is more like an urban sprawl of more modern buildings, cafes, and restaurants. There is a range of places to stay in the new part of town largely focused around Porta Nuova, which is a large intersection in the middle of the city. 

If you arrive in the city early, there are plenty of places around Porta Nuova where you can enjoy a beer or two before heading to the game or grab some amazing Italian food for lunch. After warming up with a few drinks and food, there are many options of how to get to Atalanta Stadium for the game. Please note that since Bergamo only has one tram line, the tram option is only available from the train station.

By Ago76 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


Bergamo is a pretty small city so the bus network is reliable and speedy. Pretty much every street seems to have a bus stop or two and you can get everywhere in the city by bus. 

To reach the stadium from around the Porta Nuova area, you simply need to take the bus line number 6 towards S. Colombano. The bus stop is located at via Camozzi 14 which is located a quick walk from the major Porta Nuova crossroads. If facing the old town while at the crossroads, you will need to head right at the crossroads and the bus stop is located about 100m down the road.

Once on the bus, you will stay on it for 8 mins, or 5 stops, and get off at Piazzolla Olimpiadi 8. Piazzolla Olimpiade is about as close to the stadium as you can get. Once off the bus, you will literally have to walk just one minute to reach the stadium. There will be plenty of people heading that way so you won’t get lost.

The bus runs regularly at 20-minute intervals and it is important to remember that traffic on match days might be heavier so the bus timings might be slightly off, as well as travel times. The bus will set you back just 1.30€ since your whole journey will be within one zone. 

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Taxis are readily available throughout the city and are a quick and efficient way to get to the game although it is far costlier. You can either grab a taxi off of the street or use a taxi app with both MyTaxi / FreeNow and Uber being regularly available. The drive from Porta Nuova to the Gewiss Stadium only takes about 8 minutes. 

I favor using a taxi app over hailing one from the street as it gives you the option to see driver ratings, approximate costs, and times before committing to the taxi. While in Italy, I exclusively use MyTaxi / FreeNow as I find it is the best-priced option.

You can either book a taxi instantly via the app or book one for a set time and day meaning you can have your taxi ready a few days before you even need to be at the game. The 8-minute taxi journey from Porta Nuova will set you back between 11-13€, however, with traffic conditions on game day and possible extra charges, this price may rise slightly. 

Uber is also available in Bergamo, but due to governmental restrictions, Ubers are often pricier than regular taxis. If you want to use an Uber out of convenience and not needing to set up another app, then the journey will set you back somewhere between 13-17€ depending on the car option you choose (Uber X or Pool are both not available in Italy). Prices on game day are subject to changing drastically with Uber surcharging, so it’s best to check upon arrival. 


Atalanta Stadium’s central location means if you are planning on driving yourself there, it will only take around 8 minutes depending on the levels of traffic. Although there is parking in the area, you may struggle to find a good space close to the stadium to park.

After the game, the traffic is likely to be heavy and it could mean you will end up waiting around to escape the area. I recommend taking an alternative mode of transport to reach the stadium.

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If you are lucky enough to be heading to the stadium in good weather, then I personally think the best way to reach the stadium from Porta Nuova is by walking. Bergamo is a small city and the stadium is only 2km away from Porta Nuova. It should take about 30 minutes to walk to the stadium. There are plenty of places to grab a beer or bite to eat along the way.

Getting to Atalanta Stadium from the Old Town (Citta Alta)

Bergamo has one of the most picturesque old towns in Italy and one that has been, until recently, overlooked by many tourists passing through the region. The old town is normally referred to as Citta Alta and is situated above the more modern city on a hill. It is the perfect place to stay or chill out before the game.

The winding streets are full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and some of the most amazing places to indulge in Gelato in the city. The old part of the city is pretty much pedestrianized, but from its edges, there are plenty of bus stops and main roads where you can use various transport methods to get to the stadium. 

You will notice that on a map, the stadium looks geographically very close to the Citta Alta. However, due to Bergamo’s topography, it takes a little longer as the roads have to wind around the hill. 


Since the old town is a historical center, the roads are fairly narrow and not built for public transport. So to get to a bus stop, you will need to head to the edges where there are plenty of main roads where buses can travel.

From the old town, you are able to get a bus pretty much directly to the stadium. First, you will need to head out of the city in a northerly direction to the bus stop via Alla Fara fr. S.Lorenzo. You can easily get there by heading along the street Via San Lorenzo.

You will need to take the bus line number 3 in the direction Ostello and the journey lasts 9 minutes (8 stops) and will set you back 1.30€. You will need to disembark at the stop Viale G.Cesare. From there, it is a quick, three-minute walk to the stadium and there should be plenty of people around, so I recommend following the crowds.

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Due to the tiny streets and one-way systems within in the old town, it’s advised to grab a taxi from the main street at the end of Via San Lorenzo. There are several options for getting a taxi, you can either hail a taxi, which is likely to take a while, or you can use a taxi app such as MyTaxi / FreeNow or Uber to book a taxi. 

I find that in Italy, MyTaxi / FreeNow is the best way to order a taxi as they provide estimated prices and time and give the option to book in advance. The journey taxi will take you around 8 minutes and cost between 12-14€. This is likely to change on matchday with additional traffic and congestion and the possibility of increased prices. With the app, you can also book a taxi in advance.

Uber is also available in Bergamo, but the government has restricted Ubers in the country so you can only take Uber Black, Lux, or Van. The 8-minute journey via Uber will set you back between 13-17€. This could vary on game days.


If you are planning on driving from the old town to the stadium, the journey will take around 8 minutes, traffic dependent. The downside of driving yourself to the stadium is that parking will likely be a nightmare. You have been warned.


The walk down from the old town is scenic and a great way to explore a little more of Bergamo. The walk is just over 2km long and will take you just under half an hour. Luckily, the walk is mostly downhill as you descend from the old town to the newer part of Bergamo.

Take the time to have a few drinks or a bite to eat in a few of Bergamo’s best bars and restaurants as you make your way to Atalanta Stadium. If the sun is beating down, I highly recommend walking to the stadium as from the old town you will be able to take in the full beauty of Bergamo. 

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How to Reach Gewiss Stadium From the Airport (Milan-Bergamo)

Milan-Bergamo Airport, or Orio al Serio International Airport, is the third busiest airport in Italy and is served by many different airlines, from high-end to budget. The airport is new and nice, even if I found the outside of the airport to be a little overwhelming without much direction.

There are several ways to get to Atalanta Stadium from the airport. Given the stadium’s location, you will need to take a mode of transport as walking would be impractical.

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The most affordable way to reach Gewiss Stadium from the airport is via bus (but you’ll need to make a change). From the arrivals area of the airport, you will need to head to the bus stop where you will take the bus line number 1 that heads to Citta Alta via the main station.

You will disembark at Porta Nuova Chiesa Grazie viale Papa Giovanni XXIII- this will take 15 mins (4 stops). From the stop, walk to the crossroads and turn right and walk until you reach via Camozzi 14 bus stop. From via Camozzi 14 take the bus line number 6 bus toward S. Colombano.

You will need to get off at Piazzale Olimpiadi 8, which is an 8-minute journey (5 stops). Once at Piazzale Olimpiadi 8, you will be able to see the stadium. The entire journey should take 39 minutes, depending on traffic and making the connecting bus.

Alternatively, you can stay on the number 1 bus line from the airport and get off at Viale Vittorio Emanuele fr.102 Porta S.Agostino. From there, you will need to walk for 20 minutes to the stadium.

As you will need to travel through three zones, a ticket will set you back 2.30€. The ticket is valid for a 90-minute journey, so you should be able to make it to the stadium on one ticket.

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There are plenty of taxis available from the airport- you can either flag one down outside of the arrivals hall or you can book via an app like MyTaxi / FreeNow or Uber. I struggled to get a taxi from this area because no one seemed to know where I was going or couldn’t give a direct answer. The price will be about 30€.

The easiest way to get to the stadium from the airport is to pre-book a taxi via the MyTaxi / FreeNow app. You can select the time when you think you will need the taxi and change it based on any delays to your flight. A taxi ride from the airport to the stadium will cost somewhere between 21-26€, depending on traffic.

Uber is also available from the airport and can be booked via the app. You will be picked up from the opposite the car rental area. The journey typically takes somewhere between 15-30 minutes and cost in the range of 35-45€, although this is likely to fluctuate depending on the time and the number of Ubers being requested.

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How to get to Atalanta Stadium in Bergamo


If you are planning to rent a car from the airport, there are plenty of options available and you can check them here. The drive should take between 15-30 minutes, not including the time spent finding parking. There are few official parking areas around the stadium where you can park, or you can try and park in the vicinity near the stadium or in the center of town and take public transport from there. See the sections above.

There are several ways to get to Atalanta Stadium from Bergamo city, airport, and the train station. If you have any questions pertaining to how to get to Gewiss Stadium, please leave them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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