Why You Will Fall in Love with Kyiv

Despite some political instability and versatile problems with neighboring states, Ukraine remains one of the most popular destinations among travelers from the US and many European countries. More and more tourists search for top airfares at cheapfirstclass.com/business-class-flight-deal/ and hurry to admire the power and unity of Ukrainian people alive. And the capital city is definitely the first place visited by foreign guests.

It may seem there is nothing special in Kyiv and the city is similar to most European metropolises. At the same time, it has own spirit and charm to attract hundreds of thousands travelers every year. You won’t be an exception and will fall in love with this city. Curious why? Here are some answers:


Ukraine is the cheapest country in Europe. Accordingly, Kyiv is the cheapest destination among top European capitals. For example, the metro ticket costs around 15 cents. Having a meal in a café is around $5. Besides, the cuisine is splendid and tasteful. Services like taxis, cellular communications, and others are also rather affordable for tourists.

Night Life

Moscow never sleeps and Kyiv turns brilliant after the sunset, too. Exciting parties begin around midnight and last until the next day. There is a vast selection of pubs, bars, luxurious lounges and reckless nightclubs. Spirits are cheap and people are so friendly that you won’t ever want to cease the fun.


Kyiv citizens, as well as most Ukrainians, are practical and sincere people. Compared to residents of neighboring countries, they are much friendlier. If you need some help, they are ready to come to the rescue. Hospitality is embedded in their DNA.

The Motherland Monument

We did not want to add certain attractions to this list of features, but it is impossible to skip the Motherland Monument. The height of the structure is 335 feet and one can get on the very top. Words are not sufficient to describe the feeling you experience when watching the city from such perspective. If you happen to find yourself in the Ukrainian capital city, do your best to reach the top of the said structure. You won’t regret it.


Another benefit observed by Kyiv residents is the aspiration to keep the city clean. It is difficult to encounter an individual who would litter outside rather than in special designated places. For this reason, the city looks splendid and bright.

Balance between the Past and Present

The city is very old and has a number of ancient buildings and monuments. At the same time, the amount of modern buildings is also great. Thus, one can see structures aged more than 100 years adjacent to contemporary architectural erections in the center or suburbs of the city. And the most important thing is that such diversification causes no discord of the general ensemble. The balance between the past and present is maintained at a high level.

And final parting words for enthusiasts who have planned a trip to Ukraine:  keep in mind that a Ukrainian and a Russian are two different nationalities. For certain reasons, it is better not to confuse them. Still, a lot of people in the country speak both languages. So, basic knowledge of any of them is welcomed.

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