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Best Hotels in Funchal, Madeira: Options for All Budgets

Places to stay in Madeira: Madeira hotels, hostels, and guesthouses

One of my favorite trips was to Madeira, a gorgeous island in the Atlantic.  There are so many cool options of where to stay in Funchal, but these are the best hotels in Funchal that I think you should consider booking for your trip.   This is a Funchal accommodation guide, giving options for all budgets […]

A Romantic Getaway at Casa Amora in Lisbon, Portugal

A romantic getaway and breakfast at Casa Amora in Lisbon, Portugal

I can’t believe that in all my years traveling, I finally made it to Lisbon, Portugal.  I always knew I’d love Portugal.  But most of my travels are spent in the east and I certainly connect better with the cold than the warm and Portugal isn’t exactly known for its polar bears and winter parkas.  […]

Lisbon Cafes: Where to Find the Best Coffee in Lisbon, Portugal

Are you on the hunt for the best coffee in Lisbon? These amazing Lisbon cafes have you covered! It took me ages to finally make it to Lisbon.  Portugal was always one of those places that I kept putting off as I knew I would love the food, the people, the culture, and the scenery.  […]