There is Something Magical About West Virginia

In terms of beauty, I think West Virginia gets the shaft.  I think there is truly something Wild and Wonderful (obviously I stole that from their license plates) about West Virginia.  I have spent many hours of my life driving across the state and inside the state.  I mean, I did only grow up only one state away in Virginia.

One of my favorite things about the state is driving through it.  For all of those hours of my life spent on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and other boring roads, driving through West Virginia is a real treat.  As soon as you enter the state, it is just breathtaking and gorgeous.  And no, you will not hear music from Deliverance playing on any radio stations.  And no, not everyone is a mountain man and married to their cousins.  At least I don’t think I know of any.


When I recently left Ohio and went home to Virginia to say goodbye to my parents before my move to Norway, I had the opportunity to drive through West Virginia again.  And I got to drive through it at dusk.  I made a quick stop in Charleston, the state capital, to take my dog on a quick walk and so I could admire the capitol building itself, which I always found to be one of the nation’s most beautiful.

West Virginia state capital building in Charleston

West Virginia state capital building in Charleston

Walking along the river at sunset in Charleston, West Virginia

So cheers to West Virginia, a state, in my opinion, that is highly underrated in terms of beauty, but never fails to show me her magic when I cross her soil.

Have you ever been to West Virginia?  Which, in your opinion, is the most underrated US state??

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sooo prettyy :) i wish i couuld visit sometime haha!

never been to West Virginia, but now I kind of want to!

Given all the stereotypes, I have to go with AL being most underrated :)

I have been there and yes it is beautiful. I have to vote for my home state – Michigan. I even forget how amazing it is until I start to drive north!

Have to agree with you..WV is such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos!

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