Not Long Enough in Trieste, Italy

On my recent road trip, I made a stop in Trieste, Italy.  Partly because it was a good break point in between Venice and Ljubljana and partly because I have a friend and blog reader that lives there who I was excited to meet.  Anyways, Trieste has a population of a little over 200,000 and after visiting, I’m tempted to add myself to its ever-growing population.  The city is absolutely striking.  And strangely, it nothing reminded me nothing of Italy.

Trieste’s architecture was somewhat reminiscent to that of Hungary or Austria… not Italy.  And that makes complete sense as it for so long fell under those empires.  The people of Trieste even had a more Balkan look to them… and not an Italian look.  It was a really interesting place for sure.  And that is certainly what added to its appeal.  That and the fact that it overlooks the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

The Piazza Unità d’Italia is Trieste’s main square.  What you don’t see from this main square when you’re standing there is behind you is the sea.  It really was one of the prettiest squares I had ever stepped foot in.

Piazza Unità d'Italia in Trieste, Italy

Piazza Unità d'Italia in Trieste, Italy

Piazza Unità d'Italia in Trieste, Italy

Ruins of an old Roman Theater in Trieste… dating all the way back to the second half of the 1st century.

Roman Theatre in Trieste, Italy

A view of Trieste from the cathedral.

View over Trieste, Italy

And some randoms from the rest of the time spent there.

Waterfront in Trieste, Italy

The streets of Trieste, Italy

Trieste, Italy

Waterfront at dusk in Trieste, Italy

Waterfront at dusk in Trieste, Italy

Very rarely do I leave a city with an urgency to get back… but I feel that emotion with this place.  I believe there is so much left to be discovered and I hadn’t touched even a part of it.

Trieste, Italy was one of my biggest travel surprises despite spending a short amount of time there.

Have you ever left a city prematurely and felt there was still so much you wanted to see?  If so, which city?! 

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Stunning photos Megan!

thanks Jay <3

wow Megan that last photo is beautiful!
Sounds like an amazing place, hopefully ill get to see Italy next year :)

you definitely should make sure it is on your list! it is one of those places i just believe everyone should see before they die

Looks like a stunning city to visit, I would have also wanted to stay longer :) One city that I wish I had more time to explore is Hong Kong, I was only there for 2 days and really wished I had a week or so to just walk around.


i feel like once i make it into asian territory im not going to ever be done exploring! or when i someday make it down your way :)

Ahh, it looks amazing! We were supposed to go there in July, but then the whole plane ticket deal happened, and it’s a no-go. It seriously is beautiful though, and I WILL go there someday!

you totally should :( and im sorry about the july thing girl…but things do happen for a reason and you have the greatest country on the planet awaiting your exploration skills ;)

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Another beautiful city in Italy- I’ll have to spend months there if I ever get to visit. A city I wish I had more time to explore is Savannah, GA. I spent only a few hours there but there is so much more to explore and learn as the city has such a unique character.

a few years back i was in savannah and luckily i was there for two weeks and that STILL wasnt enough time. or maybe i just could have lived there. either way…that city is something reallllly special!

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