15 Quirky and Alternative Things to Do in Tampere, Finland

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Tampere, Finland is one of those places I often yearned to go to but never made the jaunt up there and actually went.

I finally had a chance to check out the city and experience all the crazy things to do in Tampere just last month and I’m so glad to say that the city was a lot cooler than I could have imagined.

Are you planning your trip to Tampere last minute?

If youʻre booking your trip to Tampere last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🛌  Top Hotels in Tampere:

  1. Dream Hostel & Hotel Tampere (great for families; I stayed here!)
  2. Norlandia Hotel Tampere (has a sauna!)
  3. Lapland Hotels Tampere (in center!)

🇫🇮  Top Experiences and Tours in Tampere:

  1. City Highlights Guided Walking Tour (popular tour!)

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This is a guide to what to do in Tampere for travelers interested in craft beer, street art, and something a little different.

Best Things to Do in Tampere, Finland

I had long heard travelers and other travel bloggers rave about Tampere and how it had a unique edge to it in comparison to many other Finnish cities.

After I went to visit Lahti recently, our next stop was to head to Tampere. I was so happy to finally see Finland’s third-largest city.

Tampere is nestled between the lakes of Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi in western Lakeland in Finland.

When I think of Tampere, I actually think of it being a university city as there are four institutions for higher education in the city and a lot of the nightlife and cultural events are centered around the students.

Things to do in Tampere, Finland

One of my favorite things about Tampere is that the city felt personal. It had an intimate vibe to it that made it feel very comfortable, yet large enough to enjoy the many things to do in Tampere that exist.

As someone who has lived in the Nordics (I used to live in Norway), I definitely have learned to tell the difference between places that are just good to visit and places that are great to live. 

Tampere is both.

Another plus about Tampere is that it was voted the world’s sauna capital. *And we all just booked a one-way ticket to Tampere, Finland… didn’t we?*

This is my guide to places to visit in Tampere for those that don’t just want to stroll around and admire churches and opera buildings all day. 

Those things are great too but what energizes me is checking out street art and getting to know a city’s craft beer and cafe scene. 

I also love nature (although I don’t think the feeling is mutual, to be honest), so this will include a little bit of that too so that you can see a different side of Tampere.

Things to do in Tampere, Finland_
Tampere does have plenty of churches… but they also have other stuff

If there are any cool and quirky places I missed visiting in Tampere, please drop them in the comments section for me. Thanks!

Tampere Restaurants & Cafes

Visit the Pyynikki Observation Tower and Café and Try Munkki 

Munkki are these addictive Finnish doughnuts that are slathered in sugar and cinnamon and are GOOD. I actually don’t really like doughnuts very much at all, but these ones are a definite exception.

We enjoyed them at the tower while sipping on some coffee and it was such a nice break in the day.

Cafe Things to do in Tampere, Finland
Coolest things to do in Tampere

Besides just enjoying a Tampere delicacy with the munkki, you can also go up to the top of this tower, a 152 meters above sea level observation deck that gives stellar views over Tampere.

I’m not a huge fan of these types of towers lately as I am not fond of heights or having to cram into an elevator with a lot of people (or climb narrow staircases), but I definitely enjoyed the view from the bottom… with munkki, of course.

You can find the Pyynikki Observation Tower and Café at Näkötornintie 20 in Tampere. 

Visiting the cafe and forest is free; it is 2 Euros to go to the top of the tower for adults.

Forest Things to do in Tampere, Finland

Eat Everything at Sauna-Restaurant, Saunaravintola Kuuma

Okay, I admit, saunas are not my thing. Not that they are not relaxing and absolutely incredible, but because I am claustrophobic.

I can do personal saunas at home but when there is a chance I am inside with too many other people, a panic attack will ensue. But I can totally get down with sauna restaurants because, well, they have food.

Sauna Restaurant Tampere Finland

Saunaravintola Kuuma is a sauna restaurant in the center of Tampere that has sensational food, views, music, atmosphere, and most importantly, a sauna. 

Allison and I had our last meal in Tampere there and we had everything from a lightly fried cauliflower to a delicious beef steak. The food was next-level and so extremely refined. 

Combining that with a sauna, I think we have one of the top things to do in Tampere, without a doubt.

You can find Saunaravintola Kuuma in the city center of Tampere at Laukontori 21.

Sauna Restaurant in Tampere

Have a Set Lunch at Cafe Pispala

We were fortunate to enjoy a late lunch at Cafe Pispala in the neighborhood of the same name.

Located on the edge of Pispalanharju about 2.5 kilometers from the Tampere city center, Pispala has become a hip place to grab views over the city, go for a walk, and enjoy a quiet and delicious lunch.

There is no better place to do the latter than at Cafe Pispala.

The owner’s mission is to serve food that was inspired by his trips to other parts of the world. We had a cold watermelon soup as a starter and Mexican-inspired fare for a main. 

We were both equally as impressed with the quality of both and would have happily eaten anything on the cafe’s menu.

Cafe Things to do in Tampere, Finland-2
Cafe Pispala in Tampere

Cafe Pispala is cozy, colorful, and inviting and they have a lovely terrace outside welcoming customers during the warmer months.

We really enjoyed our time there and wish we had had a chance to spend even longer strolling around Pispala. 

If you don’t make it there, do stop by Kauppahalli Market and go to Ohana, a burger establishment also owned by the same owner. It gets raving reviews!

You can find Cafe Pispala at Pispankatu 30 in Tampere.

Zeytuun Cafe

There are not many places in Tampere I knew about before heading there, but I had actually heard of Zeytuun as a friend recommended the cafe to me.

He told me it was a great change up from the food I would likely have in the city and that I would welcome something different.

Fortunately, I had some great food plans while there and never needed that change-up, but I do regret that I never had a chance to go to Zeytuun Cafe.

They specialize in mezze-style Middle-eastern dishes and with a cool and hip atmosphere.

The place is colorful and has a lot of personality and I am listing it here because it came so highly recommended and I think that a lot of you would enjoy heading there. Let me know how it is!

You can find Zeytuun Cafe at Kuninkaankatu 17 in Tampere.

Satiate Your Senses at Kauppahalli Market 

There are few things I love more when visiting a city than checking out its old market halls (and new ones!) 

We had the chance to head to Kauppahalli Market when we visited Tampere and it pretty much turned me into a kid in a candy store.

The market hall had everything from small French eateries to craft beer bottle shops and more.

Market in Tampere Finland

With 32 vendors on-site, the Kauppahalli Market is the largest indoor market in all of the Nordic countries. That, in itself, is all the more reason to visit Tampere and check it out.

You can find the Kauppahalli Market, sometimes referred to as the Tampere Market Hall (because ‘Kauppahalli’ actually just means market), at Hämeenkatu 19 in the city center. It is closed on Sundays.

Try Mustamakkara… or Chicken Wings

Tampere is known for a lot of things and mustamakkara and chicken wings are two of them. Mustamakkara is blood sausage. 

While the thought of blood sausage makes me pretty squeamish, when I taste it, I quite like it. There are several places where travelers can indulge in it in Tampere- from food trucks to market halls. 

This food truck, Tapola, comes highly rated as one of the best places in Tampere to try mustamakkara.

Blood Sausage Things to do in Tampere, Finland

But, chicken wings?! I don’t really understand how this is such a popular thing to eat in Tampere… but who am I to complain? 

Tampere has somehow become associated with chicken wings over the years and two of the top places to eat them are at Hook and SiipiWeikot. 

I didn’t have a chance to try them when in the Finnish Lakeland city but it is certainly at the top of my list for my next visit to Tampere.

chicken wings in tampere finland

Night Life and Craft Beer in Tampere

I have to admit that Tampere had a pretty solid nightlife. 

While we didn’t get to experience in all its depths (probably a good thing, let’s be honest), I love being able to recommend people to visit a city when I know there are things to do at all hours of the day. 

Brewery Tour + Sauna at Pyynikin Brewing Company

Only in the world’s sauna capital would you find a brewery that also offers sauna experiences. Such is the case with Pyynikin Brewing Company, the king of craft beer in Tampere. 

We went to the brewery to tour and experience it interactively when we ended up in their sauna (it was not on, but was a great space for a chat about beer).

You can book experiences with them to have a brewery tour and a sauna after. And yes, the sauna will be on. I literally can not think of better things to do in Tampere. Not at all. 

I recommend trying their Mosaic Lager and Cloudberry Saison. They have an array of other award-winning beers you can also enjoy when there.

Tampere Craft Beer

You can visit Pyynikin Brewing Company at Kolismaankatu 1. They also have a brewhouse in the city center that was recently rated the best restaurant in Tampere. 

You can find it at Verkatehtaankatu 2 in the city center by the harbor. It has an amazing terrace.

Drink Beer and Sahti at Gastropub Tuulensuu

What started as a bar for Belgian beer lovers has now emerged into one of the best places to drink every style of beer in Tampere.

Located on the edge of the spacious Hämeenpuisto Park, Tuulensuu has even won awards in Finland for being the best place to drink a beer. 

Bars in Tampere, Finland

With a full-menu and wide beer selection, Tuulensuu is a must-visit in Tampere for beer lovers.

The interior is cozy and intimate and doesn’t have the minimalistic appearance that many new bars are opening up with these days (I happen to like both styles).

It is a place that people of all legal drinking ages can chill out and relax. Be sure to also try sahti, a Finnish farmhouse ale typically flavored with juniper, when you’re there.

You can find Tuulensuu at Hämeenpuisto 23 in the Tampere city center.

Tampere Museums

There are many museums in Tampere but these two are very exclusive to the city and if you are a normal reader of this blog, you will know that one of them excited me far more than the other.

Moomin Museum

Blame my Americanness, but I don’t really know much about the Moomins. But, pretty much every European and Asian friend of mine do and apparently, I missed out. 

This museum is dedicated to the Moomins, animated characters created by Tove Jansson in the early 20th century that have become a part of pop culture in Finland and throughout the world.

Photo Courtesy of Visit Tampere – Photographer: Laura Vanzo

This is the world’s only Moomin Museum and there are illustrations, interactive displays, and much more. If you’re looking to do something truly Finnish, head there!

They have about 2,000 Moomin items on display.

You can find the Moomin Museum in Tampere at Yliopistonkatu 55.

Lenin Museum in Tampere

Did you know that one of the events that marked the start of the Soviet Union took place in good ol’ Tampere, Finland? Well, it did and at the Lenin Museum, you can learn all about this. 

The Museum hall was once the Tampere Workers’ Hall, a hall that is associated with being the birthplace of the USSR. 

It was in that hall in 1905 that Lenin and Stalin first met and they ended up allowing Finland to have independence while forming a new country, the Soviet Union.

Lenin Museum Things to do in Tampere, Finland

The Tampere Lenin Museum has so many interesting pieces of history from kitschy objects to literature to life-sized replicas of Lenin and the Georgian monster. 

I really loved their selection of books available; I found a cosmonaut history book with photos that I am planning to order as I didn’t have room to bring much home in my suitcase.

You can find the Lenin Museum at Hämeenpuisto 28 in Tampere.

What to do in Tampere for Nature Lovers

Tampere is surrounded by lakes and forests and nothing puts me in a happier place than a lake… and a forest (well, maybe both without mosquitoes). 

The two activities below are great options for those traveling to Tampere and desiring a more natural experience.

Forest in tampere, Finland

Forest Immersion with Boreal Quest

One of the best things about Finland as a whole is the sheer number of trees and forests calling the country home.

I remember my first trip to Finland years ago and I was expecting to be disappointed because I was visiting from Norway and the scenery in Norway pretty much trumped everywhere else I went. 

But Finland surprised me. The lush forests and nature astounded me and it was one of the first places in years that gave me that feeling.

Finnish forest near Tampere

While I had spent a little time at Nuuksio National Park and enjoyed winter in Ruka, I hadn’t really gotten a chance to explore the forests in Finland that deeply. 

That all changed with a morning of forest immersion with Markus at Boreal Quest.

He took us to Pirkanmaa, a forested area around Tampere. There are dense forests and the national parks of Seitseminen and Helvetinjärvi are located nearby.

This was easily my favorite experience in Tampere. 

We trekked out to a wilderness shelter in the middle of the forest overlooking a lake and we sat around, learned how to make a fire, chop wood without losing a finger, and we even ate game meat cooked out in the middle of the forest.

Parks in Tampere

I highly recommend this experience if you’re into nature or even just keen to learn more about Finnish forests and how to have some basic skills out in the wilderness.

Click here to learn more about the forest immersion experience with Boreal Quest.

Canoeing on Lake Näsijärvi with Hiking Travel

Of all experiences I was looking forward to in Tampere, this was the top one. I love canoeing and being out on the water and in a beautiful setting. 

While most of my canoeing experiences have actually been ‘cabrewing’ ones (drinking and canoeing for you non-Americans), I still was down to be on the water and enjoy the stunning views around the forests and edge of the city center.

Mother Nature had other plans for us.  We arrived at Hiking Travel’s lakeside office and the wind was vehemently telling us to not pull a canoe out onto that lake.

We ignored and thought we could somehow manage this as novice canoers anyway. 

We dragged the canoe to the lake and I sat in it and immediately got queasy and nauseous. 

That was enough for us to put the canoe back and spend the time inside, away from the elements, and chatting.

Canoeing and Water Sports at Lake in Tampere

Hiking Travel is a wonderful, family-run company in Tampere that specializes in nature activities on the lake. They have everything from Nordic skating to kayaking to SUP to activities for children. 

The company has been running successful tours since 1992 and has become an integral part of the active community of Tampere. Click here to check out what else Hiking Travel has to offer.

Other Things to Do in Tampere

Visit the Kodin Kakkonen Flea Market

I rarely go to flea markets when I travel these days because I am usually packed full and cannot bring back more goods from my travels.

But, several people do travel with the intent of shopping and this is a wonderful, centrally-located area to pick up some second-hand goods. 

Finland is known for design and aesthetics, so even if you can’t bring anything home, it is still worth it to peruse the stalls to see what is out there. 

Kodin Kakkonen Flea Market is located near Hämeenpuisto Park at Papinkatu 20 in Tampere.

Get Creative at Hiedanranta (Tampere Street Art Area)

I don’t think I would have heard of Hiedanranta if it were not for Dream Hostel informing me that it exists in Tampere. 

This area of old factories spans thousands of square meters and has become an area synonymous with creatives who frequent it and add to its colorful building art. 

There are also events where underground musicians will come out and play while artists paint their newest masterpieces.

We didn’t have time to venture out to Hiedanranta, unfortunately. It was on our list, but given that it is located outside of the city center a bit, we just simply didn’t have enough time.

But, you can find some cool street art throughout the city, as well, if you look hard enough.

Street Art Tampere Finland

Hiedanranta Street Art Park can be found at Tehdaskartanonkatu in Tampere (not directly in the city center). 

Visit a Finnish Sauna

So, you basically can’t leave Tampere, the world’s sauna capital, without going to a sauna. 

There are so many public saunas to choose from, but three highly recommended (but not mentioned above) are Rauhaniemi Beach and Rajaportti, the oldest public sauna in Finland that is still in use.

Tampere has over 30 public saunas you can use. Click here to see the names and addresses of them.

Sauna Tampere Finland

Where to Stay in Tampere

There are several options for where to stay in Finland, but I highly recommend staying at the place that I stayed- Dream Hostel & Hotel

Now, before you say you’re not a hostel person… I’m not either. They have a hostel and a hotel inside. I stayed at the hotel and it was a comfortable experience in a practical, clean, and inviting room. 

The bed was actually hard to get out of in the morning.

Dream Hotel What to do in Tampere, Finland

Dream Hostel & Hotel has a killer breakfast and spacious common areas. I can not suggest this place enough. I really loved my stay there and I won’t hesitate to book to go back there when I am in Tampere next time. 

If you’re staying in the hostel side, they even have a room dedicated to Lenin (because of the Museum). 

–> For current rates and availability click here 

Dream Hotel What to do in Tampere, Finland

Other Places to Stay in Tampere

There are several options for places to stay in Tampere. Here are some affordable, mid-range, and luxury options for those traveling to Tampere.

How to Get to Tampere

There are quite a few ways to get to Tampere. You can fly, take a train or bus, or hire a private car. If you decide to fly to Tampere, I recommend checking out tickets with airBaltic as they have regular flights there from Riga and I fly airBaltic a lot and they are my favorite airline in the world. Click here to check flights to Tampere with airBaltic.

If you’re looking to take the train there, you can find tickets from Helsinki for around €8,90 one-way. Click here to check the schedules for the trains from Helsinki to Tampere.

Bridge in Tampere

Rent a Car in Finland

Another option for getting to Tampere from Helsinki or anywhere else in Finland is by renting a car

It is fairly simple to rent a car in Finland and driving there is pretty easy in comparison to a lot of other countries (and yes, signs are often in English in case you can’t read Finnish).

Click here to check Finland rental car rates

To sum it up, I think that Tampere was such a great and cool city break in Finland. While there are a lot of traditional things to do from churches and historical sights, I really found happiness and inspiration from the quirky things to do in Tampere. 

If you have any awesome places in Tampere that I missed here and need to check out next time, please leave them in the comments section for me!

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2 thoughts on “15 Quirky and Alternative Things to Do in Tampere, Finland

  1. Siiri Koistinen says:


    For underground culture one hasn’t even to leave the centre!

    We have this wonderful hang-out place called Romu & Random in Satamakatu close to Kuuma, it’s basically combination of everything what one wants it to be. Gigs, meetings, workshops, gallery, shop, fleamarket… You should definitely check it out from Facebook!

    Close by Kodin kakkonen in Pyynikki you can find Taidetila Katve, which is more oriented to visual arts and the place is just unbelievable as there are couple of artist working all the time and they have made the outlook of the place (buildings and garden) just great! It’s quite easy to spot since it’s so colorful and full of weird stuff. The history of the place is also very interesting. If you see people around there just start asking questions as that was exactly what I did and got surprised! They have free workshops every sunday (?) and this place with the details can also be found on Facebook!

    Couple of nice underground bars can also be found from the centre. In Hämeenpuisto there’s a bar called Maanalainen (straight translation from underground) and they organize many gigs and jamming-sessions in the basement. Second bar/restaurant worth mentioning must be Telakka, the place which has got the greatest athmosphere of all! You MUST check this out. As Maanalainen, they also have got a lot of gigs and jamming sessions (for example soul and jazz) which are free and you can enjoy the warm and old building as it makes the place so welcoming. They also have got very good food there which I can definitely recommend even though it’s a bit expensive.

    In Tahmela and Pispala can be found some amazing places as it’s the main spot for almost every artist! I’ll mention just Hirvitalo and Kurpitsatalo for example. And of clubs located in the same area I want to recommend the Vastavirta-klubi! It’s just the greatest.

    There’s also many other amazing places which you can pretty easily find if you just walk around and keep your eyes open.

  2. Tatu Suomalainen says:

    Haha good thing you liked Tampere. Coming from born-in-the-city-Tamperelainen few short pointers. Sauna-restaurant Kuuma is ridicolously expensive and way too “look at me, im rich” kind of place, it is almost a joke with “natives”. On the food aspective, I would recommend two places: Pispalan Pulteri wich is the oldest restaurant on Pispala area. Awesome food and magnificent pub-atmosphere. From the menu, I would suggest taking “Superpihvi” wich is the steak (and THE SAUCE) they are known for in Tampere. The second place is called Sticky Wingers (Wings, suprise suprise!) known for three kinds of wings and over TWENTY different sauces for them.

    For the bars, shortly: Thrasherie bar, the only and the Best metal bar in Tampere, located on corner of Hämeenkatu and Hämeenpuisto.
    You can locate me every day there from the corner of the bar, come to chat :D

    Welcome to Tampere

    Tatu Suomalainen, proud to be Tamperelainen

    Ps. Kauppahalli is THE place to visit, words cant describe how wonderful that place is, especially on breakfest time. They shared your post on Facebook and that is how I found this article :)

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