How to Save Money by Decommissioning With Professional Office Furniture Movers

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Suppose you’re thinking of moving offices in the San Francisco area. In that case, you have to worry about leasing costs and fines from your previous landlords, fees from corporate movers, and any expenses associated with moving into a new space.

Would you believe us if we tell you that you can get office furniture removal services from your corporate movers that will not only lower moving costs but potentially recuperate the money you spent in the first place? The key is finding professional movers that offer office decommissioning services.

What is Office Decommissioning?

Before we get to the gist of office decommissioning, keep in mind that not all movers offer this type of service. Only the best moving companies in the San Francisco area offer this type of service to customers.

This is because you need an extensive network of partner charities, used furniture buyers, and refurbishers to pull off such a service successfully.

Most corporate movers only help you disassemble, pack, load, transport, and unload all your office furniture and equipment. However, professional movers that offer office decommissioning services allow you to donate and sell furniture that you don’t want to take to your new San Francisco office.

How Office Decommissioning Services Can Save You Money

There are two aspects to saving money when it comes to office moves. First, to save money, you need to lower the overall expenses associated with the process of moving.

Second, you need to recuperate any costs made during the process. If you hire the right corporate movers in your area, you can even end up making a profit out of your office move.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of the many ways office decommissioning services can save you money on your office move. Also here is the article that tells you the additional information about the office moving services.

You Get To Avoid Leasing Fines and Penalties

Office space leases in the state of California are pretty strict. In most of them, the building owners charge you fines and penalties if you don’t completely clear out your office. This means that if you leave equipment and furniture behind, you have to pay your landlords because they will get rid of those for you.

That’s not a problem if you can clear out your office quickly. However, what if you’re moving into a smaller office, or what if you can’t afford to move all your office equipment and furniture because of high moving costs?

The solution isn’t to find a cheap moving company – you need to find a way to get rid of your furniture without taking it with you.

This is where office decommissioning services come in. You don’t have to take all the furniture to your new office – you can choose to sell or donate to others so you can clear out your office entirely, avoiding penalties.

The Lower the Total Weight, The Lower The Moving Costs

One of the most significant factors that affect your moving costs is the total weight of the furniture and equipment you need to be transported to your new office.

Because most office assets are heavy, the costs can get pretty expensive. You can save money on your moving costs by lowering the overall weight of the items that need transporting.

You can do this by giving away or selling other furniture and equipment that you don’t necessarily need in your new space.

Make A Profit By Selling Furniture

We keep mentioning that selling your furniture becomes possible when you take advantage of office decommissioning services. However, the concept of selling old office furniture isn’t new.

Most companies try to sell used office furniture and equipment before their big move to cut costs and hopefully gain some money back.

However, this is a huge ordeal if you do it yourself, especially if you need to move by a specific date. What if you don’t sell your office furniture on your moving day?

Do you simply donate them all at once? If you hire corporate movers that offer office decommissioning services, they help you sell your furniture.

And because they have an extensive network of furniture buyers and refurbishers, your old office furniture and equipment will be sold off in an instant and at a reasonable price.

Saving Money and Moving Responsibly

Office decommissioning is one of the best local and long-distance moving services offered by professional movers. No other moving service allows you to save money on moving costs and even earn money in return.

And while its cost-saving benefits are the star of the show, let’s not forget that office decommissioning is also good for the environment and society.

It allows you to get rid of your old furniture responsibly, so they are not disposed of carelessly and clutter up the environment. It also provides opportunities for the less fortunate to gain access to furniture and equipment through donations.

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