In Love with My Hometown of Richmond, Virginia

When I was in the US this summer traveling around, I was was most excited to visit my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. You see, in Europe, I have to tell people I am from “near Washington D.C.”.  No one knows of Richmond. It gives me great joy when those rare conversations happen where that person says, “Where near Washington D.C.?”

While I have immense pride for my hometown, I don’t know my hometown.  I only realized how little I knew of the place when we arrived there July 27 and tried to drive around the city..  I felt mildly embarrassed.  I wanted to cry.  How could I live in a place for fourteen years and know nothing about it?  Except that it is pretty in the fall, unbearably hot in the summers, and packed with more history than I can even wrap my head around?

A little background…I moved to an area south of Richmond when I was in grade school.  I spent my many years living there traveling around the US for sports.  I did travel the Richmond area frequently as a child… but it wasn’t to city parks and historical monuments.  It was to gyms for basketball games.  Or the mall.  Shoot… I could name every single high school and middle school in the greater Richmond area.  And of course I could name every mall or shopping street.  But that was it.  I knew nothing of the city I claimed I left a large piece of my heart in.

I didn’t have a lot of days, but, with a GPS in hand and a little internet research, I toured my ‘city’.  I saw the many monuments of Presidents and prominent historical figures.  I saw beautiful Maymont Park.  I walked around the new(er) Canal District.  I saw parts of the city that I didn’t even know existed.  I don’t know if I had dug deep enough into Richmond’s culture, music, and food scene, but there is always a next time as long as my parents and friends are still residing there.  I just couldn’t leave the place.  No really… I extended our stay a few extra days.

And guess what?  I fell in love with my hometown all over again.  Except this time I knew what I fell in love with.

University of Richmond campus

Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia in summer

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia downtown

Bottoms Up pizza in Richmond, Virginia

train station in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

Street art and coolness in Richmond, Virginia

17th street Farmer's Market in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia downtown

Richmond, Virginia's Carytown neighborhood

If you’re planning a visit to Virginia’s capital city (which you should be!), be sure to check out this site before you go.

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia I never had a true appreciate for how amazing of a city it is.  I finally have taken the time to properly tour my hometown and can proudly say that I am in love with Richmond.

Do you know your hometown and where you come from?

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Beautiful photos! Looks like a great town – I have been to Virginia before and really liked it – it was a very brief weekend but made me want to spend more time in that part of the US.

thanks andrea! yea it is definitely worth a long weekend if you’re ever back! VA has so much to do it’s insane!

Love the new blog layout! It looks great!

It was so fun to wake up and see pictures of Richmond on your blog this morning. While I admit I didn’t like it here until I started driving, now I love Richmond. We just bought a house on the Southside so I’m here for the long haul. Hope you enjoyed your time here, looks like you got to see a lot of my favorite places. Maymont and Carytown being among the top 2 in the city.

thanks adelaide! yea richmond is one of those cities that doesnt lay its charm out for you…you kind of have to discover it yourself. but once you do………

actually carytown is one place i did go to a lot when i lived there…well, was of driving age (which for me was like 18 or 19 i cant remember haha). i also went to the fan and VCU neighborhoods quite often. and kings dominion…haha

Oh that’s the way to do it! Showing someone else your city and seeing through their eyes is the best!! I love Richmond! I have only been twice (and never as an adult) but I remember it fondly. Would LOVE to go back as an adult!!!

And whoa Mama, your site looks good!

wow you’ve been there twice? really impressive! you definitely must head back as an adult! but only when im there of course, so we can grab a drink together!

and thanks for your comment about the site…i slaved on this thing for so long that im just glad to not have to mess with it too much anymore minus some formatting issue in old posts and facebook people being unresponsive when changing the name!

Alex @ ifs ands & butts

So southern! And seriously, the blog looks fantastic!

you’ll have to visit one day. when im there of course. ;)

I’m from Virginia and I always have thought (even to Virginians) that Richmond is such an under appreciated city. They had done so much with it in the past decade – I think it’s fantastic! So happy you fell in love with your hometown all over again! I might be biased but I think Virginia is the best state in the country ;)

i agree with you on every point here! virginia is just spectacular! there are not many places in the US where you can see and get every landscape (aside from deserts of course!). and richmond is severely underrated…but im slowly seeing that people are figuring it out. i hope they continue to and the place receives the tourism and accolades it deserves! thanks for your comment…made me homesick again ;)

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