This is a list of some of my favorite reads.  I do not do link exchanges…these are all blogs I really do read on a regular basis.


Ashley Abroad
The Blonde Gypsy
Expat Edna
Flights and Frustrations
Global Goose
Inspiring Travellers
Jackie Travels
Kami and the Rest of the World
Katie Aune
Off the Path
Sateless Suitcase
The Midnight Blue Elephant
Waegook Tom
Young Adventuress


From There to Here (from Canada to Gabon to Norway)
Heather Goes to Deutschland (from USA to Germany)
Ifs, Ands, and Butts (from USA to Germany)
Land of Candy Canes (from Germany to USA)
My Home Away from Home (from USA to South Africa)
OSLOst in Space (from USA to Norway)
Rachel’s Rantings in Rio (from USA to Brazil)
Sara in Le Petit Village (from USA to France)
Wander in Delight (from Canada to New Zealand)
Yogini’s Quest (from USA to South Korea to Norway to the UK)


For the Intolerants
Life is a Sunset
Miss Jeanett
Mutual Weirdness

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