Lake Bled on a Grey Day

Very few places on this planet that I have visited have completely taken my breath away.  Before heading to Slovenia, I heard Lake Bled would be another one I would be adding to that list.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut.  And sadly, I believe that mother nature was mostly to blame.  I was also told that Lake Bled would be more my ‘thing’ than Ljubljana.  Apparently whoever told me that doesn’t realize I have a super deep appreciation for a culture that has its locals sitting at outdoor bars at 9am with a large beer and a newspaper.

This is what Lake Bled looked like through my eyes:

Lake Bled on a grey day.

I didn’t give Lake Bled much of a chance, to be honest.  I could have planned an entire day trip there, but it was raining, so I did a little cave exploration at Postonja instead (post to come soon on that touristy little place).  I ended up hitting up Bled and all its glory on our drive from Ljubljana to the Czech Republic… just making a pit stop for a short while to check out what all the hype was about.  I didn’t realize it would begin pouring and leave me only wanting to stay for about 5 minutes.  I drove almost completely around the lake looking for that special spot I kept hearing about and just never found it.  Maybe this should have been done by foot and not car?  Maybe I should have given this place more of a chance than what I did.

Either way, Lake Bled didn’t blow me away like I expected it could.  But the more I look at these photos I took, the more I think the place has an enchantment all of its own that leaves me still thinking about it.  Maybe Lake Bled did just what it was supposed to do for me.

Lake Bled on a grey day.

Lake Bled on a grey day.

Lake Bled on a grey day.

Lake Bled on a grey day.

Have you ever been to Lake Bled? What is the prettiest lake you have ever visited?

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I have never been, but even though your pictures are overcast and cloudy, they are still beautiful!

As for me…I know its close to home for me, but short of the ocean, I have never seen water so beautiful as Lake Michigan. Especially overlooking the lake from the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. Gorgeous!

i love the great lakes! i think they are so underrated. but i definitely agree with you that lake michigan is gorgeous…nothing like sitting in chicago with a drink in hand overlooking that water!

Wow, beautiful pictures darling!

Obviously it doesn’t look as stunning on a grey day, but it’s still beautiful.

The difference between the first pictures and the ones you took is huge! Maybe if the sun had showed it’s face a little bit the lake would have left a different impression because the houses and architecture look really enchanting and beautiful :) Funny enough I’m not sure what the most beautiful lake I’ve seen is, maybe Hartbeespoort in SA although I’m pretty sure there are more spectacular ones out there.


Wow I love those pictures!

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