5 Reasons Istanbul is Popular for Hair Transplants (Turkey Medical Tourism)

Known as the cultural capital of Turkey and the only city that encloses two continents, Istanbul has earned yet another title in a field far from geography and history. In recent years, the archaic city has witnessed an over-pour of health tourists from all around the globe, making it become the world’s first choice for hair transplant treatments. Many factors come to play when considering why Turkey appeals to thousands of health tourists, but for now, here are the top 5 reasons.

1- Cost efficiency

One of the primary factors contributing to the popularity of medical tourism, in general, is the affordability of medical procedures abroad. In Turkey, the price of the cutting edge FUE is only a fraction of what the traditional FUT would cost in the UK or Europe. FUT is a technique of hair transplantation that leaves a linear scar on the scalp and nerve damage that may or may not be temporary.

“The average cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey ranges from $1,700 and $2,000. While the same operation in Britain or the U.S. could cost up to $25,000.” – Nicole Crowder, The Washington Post

Despite the inconvenience of FUT, the treatment is more sought after than FUE for its cost efficiency. Prior to the emergence of medical tourism, patients would accept to opt for FUT over the emotional distress of baldness. however, medical tourism provides patients with a new route that grants them the ability to receive top quality medical care at lower prices.

2- A wide variety of clinics to choose from

Turkey is home to hundreds of hair transplants centers and retains the world’s highest number of (Joint Commission International) JCI approved hair transplant centers. The rivalry between the clinics calls for rapid development and growth. Hair transplants centers are constantly endeavoring to invent methods to stand out such as vera clinic. As a result, treatments like sapphire FUE, and many more have come to life.

In addition to the technical aspect, hair transplant centers in Turkey are patient focused. With services that include airport pick up, transportation with a private car, an interpreter to facilitate communication between patient and doctor; the patient is guaranteed to have as comfortable a stay away from home as possible.

3- Visa procedures in Turkey are straightforward

In addition to offering an extensive range of hair transplant providers, obtaining a visa to Turkey has never been easier, patients can either visit the embassy or get an electronic visa in 3 minutes by applying online. For some countries like Germany, Belgium, France, Georgia, The Netherlands, Spain, and other European countries; a visa is not even required to enter Turkey. This relatively simple visa and passport procedures have helped to make Turkey a popular destination for people seeking hair transplant.

4- Recovering in Istanbul

Hair transplants are quick-recovery procedures that, fortunately, do not require hospital stay-in. Thousands of hair transplant patients take advantage of this aspect and travel abroad for the procedure to earn a holiday on the way. With breathtaking views, tens of monuments to visit, famous landmarks, and delicious cuisine and food to devour, patients experience a memorable trip.

5- Medical tourism is growing in popularity

The idea of medical tourism has gained so much popularity among thousands of patients worldwide for its various perks. For one, the concept of visiting a foreign country ensures the patient preserves their privacy. Hair transplants and any other procedure is often a big move where patients alone are often unsure of their decision. As a result, many seek the comfort of anonymity abroad in a foreign country with only a few close members of the family or friends to avoid questions or to simply keep the details of the procedure to themselves.

For some, just the mere thrill of receiving a life-changing makeover and discovering a foreign country is mainly what draws them towards the trend of medical tourism.

In summary

Fare flocking to Istanbul to achieve their dream hair. Many assume costs are the primary reason behind the popularity of medical tourism in Turkey, but money is merely one of many factors luring in medical tourists. The variety of centers and techniques provides patients with the ability to choose based on their needs.

In addition to 5-star services that include airport pickup, private transportation, a personal interpreter which only portrays a fraction of the comfort patients receive in Turkey.

In addition to significant cost savings, patients can enjoy tranquility and peace of mind in a foreign country away from all the personal questions from friends and extended family. Not to mention, the versatile range of activities that medical tourists could engage in on a trip to Turkey or all the sightseeing to do and food to try.


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