Around the Hardangerfjord in Norway

 During a recent road trip, I spent a lot of time in and around Hardanger.  While I will showcase a few of the places seen here in another post (ok…so it’s basically just about waterfalls), I still was stunned by the beauty of this area, which is home to the third largest fjord in the world (the biggest is in Greenland and second biggest is here in Norway).
Hardangerfjord, Norway
Me on the Hardangerfjord, Norway
Grass roof houses on the Hardangerfjord
Just your token waterfall in Norway

This wasn’t my first time hearing about this area actually.  In the past couple of years, long before I ever suspected I’d end up here in Norway, I would watch a Scandinavian cooking show that came on a PBS type channel that was local.  There was an episode that took place in Hardanger and its focus was all about apples.  Evidently, Hardangerfjord is known for its apples…and they weren’t kidding.  While cruising around I saw many apple orchards.  I don’t know if the apples were actually ripe and ready to eat or not, but it still gave this area a nostalgia and smell unique to other places I have visited in Norway.

Apple tree in Hardanger, Norway

One area of the Hardangerfjord that really caught my attention was the town of Eidfjord.  Certainly one of the cutest towns I had ever seen in my life!  I didn’t capture any photos of this place but definitely would love to make another stop there on a future road trip.

Pit stop for lunch on the Hardangerfjord, Norway

For more tourist information on Hardangerfjord, please click HERE.

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Wow so beautiful! I’m jealous!

It is sooo gorgeous there! And really cute picture of you on that boat to boot :) I have to come visit, it is just too pretty not to!

What a beautiful place and your eyes…OMG! I think they’re shining! :)

Sooooo gorgeous! I just adore the buildings with the grass roofs! I’ve never seen anything like that before.

so beautiful! i love how green and vibrant all the colors are.

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