Champagne Itinerary: Making the Most of 2 Days (+ Tips!)

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Are you starting to plan your Champagne itinerary and need ideas for how to spend 2 days in Champagne?

Are you planning your trip to Reims/Champagne last minute?

Be sure to book your accommodation and Champagne tours in Reims ahead of time to ensure availability!

🇫🇷  Top recommendations for tours in/from Reims:

  1. Reims and Epernay Small Group Day Trip  (my top pick!)
  2. Half day trip to a Champagne house from Reims
  3. E-Bike Champagne Tasting Tour and Lunch (unique for a day trip!)
  4. Aÿ-Champagne: Pressoria Champagne Museum with Tasting

🛌  Top recommendations for accommodation in Reims:

  1. EKOSY Appart’hôtel Le Champ De Mars Reims  (Budget)
  2. Best Western Premier Hotel de la Paix  (Mid)
  3. 7 Anges – Cathédrale de Reims (Lux)

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This guide is for you – it will uncover how to maximize a weekend in Champagne (and what to do and more)!

Did we miss anything that could be done with only two days in Champagne?

Weekend in Champagne itinerary (for first-timers!)
Weekend in Champagne itinerary (for first-timers!)

Let us know in the comments! Thanks!

2 Days in Champagne Itinerary Overview

In this guide, you will find out the best way to spend 2 days in Champagne country!

Whether you’re spending a weekend in Champagne (or even longer), we have listed several places that are essentials for any itinerary!

The first day is spent in Reims. Reims is the largest city in the region and a great starting point for understanding Champagne’s history and culture.

Autumn in Champagne is a can't-miss time of year!
Autumn in Champagne is a can’t-miss time of year!

From there, you will head out to the countryside (on day 2) and will explore Epernay and Hautvillers. 

We believe there are so many towns in Champagne that are worthy of a visit, but for the sake of limited days, this is how we suggest planning things out!

How to Get Around Champagne

One of the best ways for you to fully explore the Champagne region and catch a better glimpse at all the stunning landscapes is to rent a car.

However, if you don’t have a license or you want to opt for other measures, there’s plenty of public transport in the Champagne region.

There are many buses and trains that run between the different cities.


You can also go cycling, as the region is generally flat. Another popular method is walking, provided that your destinations are relatively close.

People also choose to take day trips and tours throughout the region, which is a way to be able to get around.

Otherwise, you can check out the standard options of using a taxi or a ride-sharing service.

Champagne Itinerary Overview

  • Day 1: Walk around Old Town, see the cathedral, visit the Palais de Tau, eat lunch, take a half-day tour to a vineyard, eat dinner, have a glass of champagne
  • Day 2: Explore Hautvillers, see the abbey, eat lunch, walk around Epernay’s Old Town, stroll down Avenue de Champagne, visit Champagne houses, eat dinner

Day One: Explore Reims

Walk around Reims Old Town

Reims’ Old Town is a charming district boasting an array of architectural gems, cultural landmarks, and culinary delights.

A true icon of Reims’ Old Town would be the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a massive structure with an awe-inspiring interior, featuring vaulted ceilings and ancient stained glass windows.

Located adjacent to the Cathedral is the Palais du Tau, a historic palace that once housed the archbishops of Reims.

Place Drouet d'Erlon
Place Drouet d’Erlon

Place Drouet d’Erlon is a bustling square lined with lively cafés, restaurants, and shops and is the perfect place to soak in the local atmosphere, enjoy a leisurely meal, shop for souvenirs, or sip a glass of Champagne while watching the world go by.

Take a stroll through the winding streets of the Old Town and step back in time. The district is filled with beautiful architecture that includes half-timbered houses with elegant facades.

There are also numerous charming streets to wander through, such as Rue de Mars, Rue de l’Étape, and Rue du Tambour.

Enjoy the famous pink biscuits of Reims, known as “biscuits roses,” as you discover the Old Town!

Admire the Reims Cathedral 

Reim’s iconic Gothic cathedral dates back to the 13th century and is notable for crowning many of France’s kings. It is Reim’s main attraction and is located in the heart of the city.

The main facade of the cathedral still presents a few stained glass windows from the 13th century, such as the rose window, and it illuminates the interior with purple and pink hues.

As you walk and marvel through the interior, keep an eye out for its many statues, as the church holds the record for the most figures in a church in the world.

Reims Cathedral
Reims Cathedral

Near the back of the church, you can find relics of saints and numerous extravagant chapels.

Over a millennium, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims has seen the coronation of 34 French kings.

Its monumental size has stonework on both the interior and exterior that will have you craning your neck for attention!

Visit the Palais de Tau

Standing adjacent to the iconic cathedral is the Palace of Tau, a place of equal historical and cultural importance in regard to the French king’s coronations.

It was the formal residence of the Archbishop of Reims, however today it is a museum tracing the cathedral’s history and elaborating on each individual French king’s coronation.

In the past, the richly decorated banquet hall hosted lavish coronation banquets following the coronation ceremony.

The palace gets its name from its shape, which resembles the Greek letter tau, and it showcases an architectural blend of Gothic and Classical styles.

Palais de Tau
Palais de Tau

The facade facing the cathedral exhibits ornate sculptures and a plethora of intricate detailing.

As it is a place where the kings were crowned, you will discover a variety of personal objects of the royal family, including clothing and jewelry, as you wander around the impressive structure.

It is recommended to exhibit the Palais de Tau in order to fully understand the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims.

Eat Lunch at Au Bon Manger or Cafe du Palais 

Following your visit to the Reims Cathedral and the Palais de Tau, head to the nearby Café du Palais for a meal while immersing yourself in the city’s vibrant ambiance.

The imaginative decor of the exterior may lure you regardless, and when you dine inside you’ll find a beautiful stained glass ceiling and art hanging around.

Its enticing and diverse menu showcases traditional and modern interpretations of French cuisine, crafted with passion and using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients.

Delicious French dessert in Reims
Delicious French dessert in Reims

Au Bon Manger is another excellent option known for its reputation of serving delectable and authentic French cuisine sourced locally with their thoughtfully curated wine and champagne menu.

Savor the rich flavors of French gastronomy in a charming and cozy restaurant setting, and perhaps even purchase specially selected Champagne and wine boxes to go at the end of your lunch.

The excellent and helpful staff is very knowledgeable about the local wine and food, so be encouraged to ask and learn as you dine!

Take a Half-Day Tour of a Vineyard and Champagne House

Embark on a half-day tour to a vineyard and champagne house in the picturesque Champagne region through one of its many sprawling vineyards and breathtaking landscapes.

Enter the world of champagne production under the expertise of knowledgeable guides, who will offer insights into the terroir, grape varietals, and the meticulous processes involved in cultivating the grapes.

All tours throughout the Champagne region take participants to a renowned champagne house, where they will witness firsthand the intricate craftsmanship and transformation of the grapes into the sparkling elixir.

There are many amazing Champagne tours to take from Reims!
There are many amazing Champagne tours to take from Reims!

Explore wine cellars with rows of carefully stacked bottles, patiently aging and developing their unique flavors.

Finish your vineyard and champagne house tour with a tasting in the company of an expert sommelier.

With their guidance, you can savor a selection of refined champagnes, learn about the distinctive characteristics of each cuvée and gain an understanding of the region’s renowned wine production heritage.

Tastings are often complemented with a variety of charcuterie board options as well!

>> Click here to check half-day tour rates to a Champagne house

Eat Dinner at Brasserie Le Jardin

Nestled inside the prestigious Les Crayères property is the charming and elegant Brasserie Le Jardin.

Dine in a sophisticated and inviting ambiance accompanied by charming decor with stylish furnishings and botanical accents.

The brasserie’s garden provides an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city.

Their menu celebrates the rich gastronomic heritage of the region, presenting a delectable array of dishes, expertly crafted with the finest seasonal ingredients.

Only the best seasonal ingredients are used at Brasserie Le Jardin
Only the best seasonal ingredients are used at Brasserie Le Jardin

Find everything from classic French specialties to innovative culinary creations, with three different menus to choose from: Menu Région, Menu du Jardin, and the La Carte.

Ask their attentive and knowledgeable staff for their expertise when you pair wine with your food so that you can savor each bite and sip to the fullest!

Dine inside their beautiful, contemporary interior, or outside on their park terrace. Enjoy classic steaks and foie gras as you relax from your walk in the vineyard!

Have Another Glass of Champagne at Le Clos or Le Wine Bar by Le Vintage

Le Clos is a bistro, brasserie, a bar à vin, and bar à champagne all in one, with bric-a-brac furnishings and a burlesque boudoir-style lounge.

Choose and enjoy an assortment of delicious and affordable wines whilst listening to jazz in a vibrant atmosphere.

The exterior of Le Clos is even more relaxed with a large terrace nestled underneath the cooling shade of orange and olive trees.

Enjoy your tastings with homemade tapas!

Find a Champagne bar and enjoy!
Find a Champagne bar and enjoy!

Le Wine Bar by Le Vintage offers a more casual atmosphere with a great champagne selection included in their extensive wine menu of over 40 pages.

The wine bar in particular enjoys serving brut nature and extra brut champagne styles. The wine list is only available online, however.

If you’re having a difficult time selecting what to drink, ask either establishment’s sommeliers for help!

At Le Wine Bar by Le Vintage, you can opt for the “mystery wine” instead of trying to force yourself to pick something if you’re stuck! 

Day Two: Explore Epernay (& Nearby!)

Explore Hautvillers

Hautvillers is a charming village burrowed amongst scenic vineyards and is loaded with a rich history.

This quaint village has winding streets lined with family-run Champenois houses and stores selling local wine and food marked with traditional forged-iron signs.

Stroll through vineyards whilst sipping exquisite bubbly and experiencing an authentic taste of French heritage at one of the many champagne houses tours.

A visit to the village won’t be complete without sampling local champagne at the champagne houses or cellars.

Vineyards of Hautvillers
Vineyards of Hautvillers

You can also pick some up for yourself and stroll through the picturesque and well-preserved 17th-century buildings and admire the colorful shutters and blooming flowers.

Hautvillers is the birthplace of champagne, where the renowned Benedictine monk, Dom Pérignon, refined the traditional winemaking techniques and created the sparkling drink that is adored worldwide.

You can discover more about the monk and his time experimenting at the Abbaye Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers, where his gravesite is also held. 

See the Abbey Where Dom Perignon Was Buried

Abbaye Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers is a beautifully preserved Benedictine abbey that traces its origins back to the 7th century when it was founded by Saint Nivard, the Archbishop of Reims.

Over the centuries, the abbey flourished as a center of spirituality, education, and winemaking.

The architecture of the complex seamlessly blends Romanesque and Gothic elements and showcases its evolution over the centuries.

Abbaye Saint-Pierre d'Hautvillers
Abbaye Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers

Admire the graceful arches and the ornate carvings adorning the abbey’s exterior, whereas inside you can discover the tranquil cloister, the serene chapel, and the remnants of the ancient wine cellar that highlight the abbey’s unique historical and cultural significance.

Learn about the renowned figure Dom Pérignon and his legacy and contributions to the production of champagne.

He served as the cellarer of the abbey during the late 17th century and spent his time perfecting winemaking techniques, such as blending grapes from different vineyards, resulting in the creation of high-quality sparkling wines.

Eat Lunch in Hautvillers or Epernay

Au 36 is a charming establishment offering a unique blend of a restaurant, wine bar, and boutique hotel under one roof.

It is located in Hautvillers and highlights the culinary excellence of the region, and the gastronomic heritage of Champagne.

Enter their wine cellar cave for a delicious tasting of locally sourced foods and champagne from the town.

Epernay (and Hautvillers) have great dining options!
Epernay (and Hautvillers) have great dining options!

Otherwise, dine at their restaurant for a full experience with options including a board of local duck meat specialties to signature dishes, like Poulet Fermier, which is chicken with champagne cream, carrots, and mushrooms.

Another option includes heading over to Epernay for a meal at La Grillade Gourmande with a rotating seasonal menu serving meat, fish grilled over a wood fire, and numerous refined desserts and champagne specialties.

The restaurant has outdoor seating and a cozy interior to choose from to enjoy its high-concept seasonal cuisine.

Walk Around Old Town and See the Cathedral

Epernay is nestled in the heart of the Champagne region and stands proudly with a rich heritage and world-renowned sparkling wines.

Its Old Town is a picturesque and vibrant district with charming streets, historical buildings, and quaint boutiques.

Grab a pastry or two with some coffee before setting out to explore the delightful squares, such as Place de la Republique, and take a stroll through the winding cobblestone lanes lined with half-timbered houses decorated with colorful facades.

Epernay Cathedral
Epernay Cathedral

Towering above Epernay’s Old Town is the majestic Epernay Cathedral, also known as the Église Notre-Dame.

The Gothic architecture of the structure is characterized by its intricate stone carvings and stunning stained glass windows, whereas its massive composition showcases a soaring nave and numerous ornate chapels.

It is a mystical environment to enjoy and escape the overload of champagne all throughout town! Surrounding the cathedral are beautifully maintained gardens with vibrant flowers as well.

Stroll Down Avenue de Champagne

Avenue de Champagne has more than a hundred kilometers of wine cellars housing over 200 million bottles of the sparkling elixir on Epernay’s main street.

It was during the mid-19th century when the first Champagne houses settled on the avenue, changing the street’s name from Rue du Commerce to Avenue de Champagne.

This avenue has some of the most prestigious champagne houses in the world, including Perrier-Jouët, Mercier, Boizel, Moët & Chandon, de Venoge, Pol Roger, Vranken, De Castellane, and G.H. Martel.

Avenue de Champagne
Avenue de Champagne

You can find châteaux or private mansions lining the avenue as you take a curious stroll down the street.

Each residence and castle is more grandiose than the next, with opulent gardens and cobbled courtyards.

You will also find galleries in addition to the cellars for each champagne house. The avenue leads to the Place de la République from the heart of the city, which is surrounded by a vineyard landscape.

Visit a Few Champagne Houses in Epernay

Avenue de Champagne’s high concentration of Champagne Houses makes Epernay a popular place for visits and tastings, and you can explore the mansions and their surrounding vineyards on foot, by bike, by little train, or in a car.

There is an app you can download to help you along with your champagne-mansion-hopping experience or to help you plan ahead with superimposed reality, simply called “Avenue de Champagne.”

The other option is to board a 150-meter-high captive balloon from the Charles-de-Gaulle car park for grand views of the scenery.

Enjoying a tasting at Boizel
Enjoying a tasting at Boizel

The Avenue de Champagne comes alive and has numerous festivals throughout the year.

Take a general champagne tour through Epernay to experience all it has to offer or opt for specific champagne houses for a more immersive experience in understanding how the specific family has cultivated the sparkling nectar for centuries.

Choose between private tours and guided group tours with tastings!

Eat Dinner at Sacre Bistro or Chez Max

Sacre Bistro is a small and dark venue serving up rustic fare with a wonderful ambiance. They feature a large drink menu with signature wines and champagne.

Enjoy everything from classic French dishes to contemporary and innovative twists, such as the signature Poulet Fermier prepared with hazelnut crumbs and mango curry sauce.

They have a burger menu named after notable French kings paired with excellent flavor combinations, like the Louis XIV, serving up regional charolaise, bleu d’auvergne, caramelized onion compote, salad, and homemade mayonnaise with a side of fries.

Chez Max is a more homey and lively family restaurant passed down a generation sharing traditional French cuisine.

They are incredibly passionate about their food and the service, and so if you’re looking for the equivalent to Mama’s cooking in a casual but pleasant restaurant, then Chez Max is an excellent option to consider.

Have 3 Days in Champagne (or More)?

Visit the Town of Aÿ

Aÿ is a stunning village beckoning visitors with its rich history and exquisite wines.

It is renowned for its prestigious champagne houses and vineyards, including Maison Bollinger, Deutz, and Gosset, some of the most distinguished champagne producers.

Explore the village’s charm and cultural heritage with an immersive tour of one of its historic cellars whilst learning about the local champagne-making process and indulging in tastings of renowned blends.

Ay has numerous historical landmarks, including the Church of Saint-Brice, a stunning 16th-century Gothic church towering over the village.

Deutz Champagne in Aÿ
Deutz Champagne in Aÿ

Its imposing façade and intricate stained glass windows invite you to step inside to experience a serene ambiance and take a break from the world of Champagne.

The Château d’Ay, a beautiful 16th-century castle surrounded by lush gardens that is now privately owned, but can be admired from the exterior.

Explore the scenic countryside with tours, tasting sessions, or at a gourmet restaurant with marvelous views of the region. 

Take a Full-Day Tour That Stops at Multiple Champagne Houses

With a scenic tour of the countryside and the vineyards, you can witness the process of Champagne production from grape to glass.

View numerous meticulously maintained vineyards, learn about the different grape varieties, and gain insight into the winemaking process of the various champagne houses with a full-day tour.

Most tours include a tasting session, so take a break between each stop to savor the flavors of Ay-Champagne’s finest sparkling nectars.

Champagne cellars are NOT warm!
Visiting a Champagne cellar

Some of the most notable champagne houses include Roger Bruin, Champagne Geoffroy, Champagne Lallier, Champagne H. Goutorbe, Ayala, Champagne Hamm, and Henri Giraud. 

If you’re planning a wine tour through the region, make sure to look into the numerous gourmet restaurants and charming bistros throughout the town, with wonderful dish combinations paired perfectly with the local champagne.

Regional delicacies include Champagne-marinated fish, which is obviously paired with more champagne, and the meal is closed with a variety of sourced cheeses, and traditional French pastries.

Check Out the Carnegie Library in Reims

The Carnegie Library is a historic landmark established in 1928 and was designed by architect Max Sainsaulieu in the Art Deco style.

The library was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American philanthropist known for his dedication to education and libraries, who wanted to create a literary treasure chest holding and preserving knowledge and heritage.

Carnegie Library in Reims
Carnegie Library in Reims

The building’s façade alludes to that of a neoclassical one but in the art deco style, and has a grand entrance with two columns — a testament to the architectural style of the early 20th century.

The interior of the library is designed in the Art Noveau style, with soaring ceilings, ornate wooden moldings, stained glass windows on the ceiling, elegant bookshelves, and an interesting rectangular chandelier.

The library to an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, periodicals, and multimedia resources that cater to a wide range of interests and subjects. 

Visit Sedan Castle

Sedan Castle stands as an awe-inspiring testament to centuries of history in the Champagne-Ardenne region.

It is located in the quaint town of Sedan near the river Meuse and covers an area of 35,000 square meters.

It has seven floors and it boasts the title of the largest fortified medieval castle in Europe.

The castle traces its origins back to the 15th century when it was commissioned by the powerful La Marck family, who wanted the castle to be built on the rocky ridge overlooking the Meuse River as a strategic viewpoint.

Sedan Castle
Sedan Castle

You will feel Sedan Castle’s power and grandeur as you marvel at its medieval fortifications with massive walls, imposing towers, and vast interior spaces.

As you step inside, you’ll discover the complex that combines medieval and Renaissance architectural styles.

Highlights include the impressive gate, the Gothic-style keep, and the elegant Renaissance-style apartments that reflect the changing tastes and ambitions of the castle’s various owners throughout history.

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