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10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands for Your Bucket List

Best Mediterranean Islands

The Mediterranean is brimming with stunning places to visit. This is a guide to the best Mediterranean islands to visit and put on your bucket list! There are nearly 200 islands in the Mediterranean Sea, from Aegina to Zut. Of these, only 12 have a population over 100,000 and seven with a population over 200,000. […]

12 Places to Visit in Belarus – Europe’s Hottest Emerging Destination

Babruysk Belarus

Belarus was long a closed-off country in Eastern Europe that was not frequenting the minds of many travelers.  My first trip to Belarus was back in 2013 and the visa process was a nightmare and an ordeal I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.  I went back to Belarus in 2014 during a short visa-free […]

27 Best Destinations for Spring Break in Europe (+ Unique Options!)

Athens in spring

Spring break is one of the most spectacular times of the year. Whether your spring break is around Easter or even earlier, chances are you’re trying to find the perfect spot to spend it. These are the best destinations for spending spring break in Europe! We have included some diverse options – many popular and […]

5 Detailed Books on Chernobyl to Read Before Visiting the Exclusion Zone

5 Detailed Books on Chernobyl to Read Before Visiting the Exclusion Zone

There are many great books on Chernobyl worth reading if you’re interested in learning more about the Chernobyl disaster.  The following books about Chernobyl are ones we recommend reading before you visit the Exclusion Zone.   Books on Chernobyl to Read Before Exploring the Exclusion Zone Tourism to Chernobyl has exploded in the last year thanks […]