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10 Off-the-Path Places in the Baltic Countries That You Must Visit

I have been a long time fan of the Baltic countries.  I have spent several months of my life traveling throughout the region, but like any traveler, I have my favorite spots and I always venture back to those familiar places.  Interestingly enough, many people venture to this area of Northern Europe to hit up […]

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ireland in 3 Days

Ireland may be a small country, but thanks to an extensive diaspora, its reputation has travelled around the world. Perched on the corner of the North Atlantic, this small island has produced an impressive selection of poets, musicians and writers. But there’s a lot more than just the arts and beautiful castle hotels in Ireland, […]

Azores Photos That Will Inspire You To Finally Book That Trip!

Photos are often the first thing that captivates someone’s mind and lures them into visiting a destination.  The Azores were no different for me.  The landscapes in the pictures of the Azores I had seen just seemed so magnetic and lush.  I knew I was going to visit one day, but I never knew when.  […]

Best Beaches in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland

Fitzroy Island boat and beach

If you’re picturing a relaxing beachside holiday, tropical north Queensland is the place to go. It’s world-renowned for sunshine, warm-weather and picture-perfect beaches. But if you’re planning your holiday, where exactly should you head? Out of the extensive Queensland coastline, how do you know which area is going to suit you best? We’ve listed our […]

Should You Travel to Astana, Kazakhstan?

Should you travel to Astana, Kazakhstan? Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center and Mall

Astana, Kazakhstan is one of the weirdest places I have ever visited.  If you even just Google “Astana”, you will find several other people using the word “weird” as a word to describe the city of just over a million people in the middle of the Kazakh steppe.  Despite it having a rather extensive history, […]