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15 Best National Parks to Visit in December (+ Winter Tips)

Yellowstone National Park winter Wyoming

Are you looking for the best national parks to visit in December? This guide will give details on fifteen fantastic parks that you can visit in December, why you should, and what to expect during winter. While many don’t think to visit US national parks in winter, it might just be the prime time to […]

18 Awesome Places to Visit in Ukraine (That Are Not Kyiv or Lviv)

Chernivtsi, Ukraine railway station

There is no shortage of amazing places to visit in Ukraine.  Most of us that have traveled the country extensively know this.  Unfortunately, not everyone has had the opportunity to visit Ukraine beyond Kyiv and Lviv and I think that they absolutely should! So, I asked a group of travelers where they want you to […]

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands for Your Bucket List

Best Mediterranean Islands

The Mediterranean is brimming with stunning places to visit. This is a guide to the best Mediterranean islands to visit and put on your bucket list! There are nearly 200 islands in the Mediterranean Sea, from Aegina to Zut. Of these, only 12 have a population over 100,000 and seven with a population over 200,000. […]

12 Places to Visit in Belarus – Europe’s Hottest Emerging Destination

Babruysk Belarus

Belarus was long a closed-off country in Eastern Europe that was not frequenting the minds of many travelers.  My first trip to Belarus was back in 2013 and the visa process was a nightmare and an ordeal I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.  I went back to Belarus in 2014 during a short visa-free […]