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Top Walking Holidays in France (for an Upcoming Trip!)

France is known for so many great things that its landscapes and nature are often forgotten about. Wine, food, cafe culture, architecture, museums, and many more – but these can all be explored when walking through rural areas, not just Paris. Organized Tours Camino de Santiago Spain is an example of a company that organizes […]

Top Places to Visit in Malaga, Spain on Your Trip

Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol, the birthplace of Antonio Banderas and Pablo Picasso. Andalusia is the most stereotypical part of Spain, with flamenco, gazpacho, bullfighting, and long lunch breaks. Malaga matches. Freedom and lightness are in the air here, and there are no hats in the wardrobe of the locals. Here, […]

Which Covid-19 Test Do You Need Before Planning A Business Trip?

While virtual meetings proved useful during the months where the movement was restricted due to Covid, most companies are eager to return to some semblance of normalcy and pick up on pre-pandemic activities, such as business travel. Business travel has once again become a reality in the last few months, with companies sending employees to […]