Hi! I’m Megan! I’ve been traveling the world since I was very young and have no intentions of stopping now. I have been fortunate to step foot in over 70 countries and enjoy sharing my stories and tips with you. I hope my adventures inspire you to have some of your own and to do what you love!  



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Scenes From Alte Mainbrücke in Würzburg

Würzburg is a German city situated on the Main River in Lower Franconia in Bavaria.  It is an ideal day trip from Frankfurt, so I decided to head to the city last week. Prior to my arrival in Würzburg, I had heard that the city…

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Photo Evidence that Roadtrips in Armenia Rock

I’ve traveled quite a bit and talked to locals of so many nationalities and backgrounds.  Many tell me I’m lucky to have the opportunity to travel (which I am) while others tell me they wished they had grown up in a different place and will…

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Royal Gaitor Tumbas in Jaipur, India

Peace and Solitude at Jaipur’s Royal Gaitor Tumbas

Saying that India has so much to offer is an understatement.  That’s why I struggle to comprehend why people travel there and only see the very most popular tourist sites in the city.  Sure, these places are famous and lure in crowds for a reason, but…

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The Ultimate Layover Guide to Dubai

A few years ago, I recollect telling people I would never willingly visit Dubai.  At that time, Dubai was in the news for imprisoning a Norwegian expat who was raped by a colleague while under the influence of alcohol upon her reporting of the matter….

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Finding a Flaw in My Stomach of Steel in Faridabad

I don’t like heights and I’m a bit claustrophobic.  Moreover, I’m terrified of rats and rodents.  But my biggest fear is one that may be deemed comical to many.  I am afraid of vomit.  I have had the fear since I was about five years…

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