A Day in Gamle Bergen

I have been down to Gamle Bergen a few times, but have not been there when the history museum has technically been “open”.  Gamle Bergen is an open-air museum with more than 40 buildings that are indicative of what Bergen looked like in the 18th and 19th century.  When the museum is “open”, people are dressed for the times and have food representing old Bergen (gamle=old in Norwegian).  I have twice found myself walking around Gamle Bergen late on a Sunday morning, hence why nothing is open.

Wooden buildings in Bergen's Gamle Bergen

Gamle Bergen sits inside a walled area littered with cobblestone streets.  Evidently, many of the homes were placed in the same area so the museum would not be a long adventure around town, but could be seen in a short amount of time.  I am not one who cares for history that has been moved or reconstructed, but since I do understand the purpose behind it, it didn’t really bother me.

In order to take the guided tour, it costs around 50 NOK (or $10).  I personally feel like strolling the area on a non-busy day alone is a better way to grasp how Norwegians lived during this time rather than taking a guided tour (only because the internet can provide the information one is seeking if they are interested).  But, in reality, I haven’t taken the tour, so I can’t not recommend it :)

Gamle Bergen Museum in Bergen
Wooden building in Bergen's Gamle Bergen
Wooden buildings in Bergen's Gamle Bergen
Ducks in Gamle Bergen
Mini pond in Gamle Bergen
Overlooking the sea from Gamle Bergen
Wooden buildings in Bergen's Gamle Bergen

For more information about Gamle Bergen, click HERE.

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what! that place looks darling, I want to go there, I love the way the streets goes down and the water is right there, it kinda reminds me of San Francisco. Love the tightrope pictures, you’re looking mighty skinny these days!!

Hot Pink Combat Boots

I’m with you – guided tours are overated. Especially walking tours.

Aren’t Sundays boring??

Our staple outfits look the same: black rain coat and some variation of a messenger bag. Its like the European uniform. Ha.

You look cute Megan – great tight rope skills!

I took the tour once and I am trying to make the time to do it again, maybe next year (I have three month old twins now), but I absolutelly recommend it, more if you speak norwegian, because they do speak english, but they give you the ‘dirty details’ på norsk, + you get to see the houses inside.

Anyway, is a nice place all year long.

Best regards, Macarena

It looks beautiful! I love that you can walk through an area that’s like it was in the 18th and 19th centuries!

Oh, just had the best idea for you. You KNOW you want to work there. You can dress up and play ‘old times’ haha. Now maybe that wouldn’t be the best, but it looks like fun to visit. Great photos!

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