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Gear You Need for Living and Working Abroad in 2021

Are you ready to change your life forever by living and working abroad? There’s no better way to see the world and smash your hustle goals than by hopping the globe while working. You’ll see new places, meet new friends, and learn outside-the-box thinking that will make you an asset to potential employers and clients. […]

Oslo Packing List: 10 Useful Things to Pack for Oslo, Norway

Oslo packing list: What to pack for Oslo, Norway

Traveling to Oslo can be very stressful if you aren’t exactly sure what to pack or what you’ll need.  The seasons vary, daylight hours are extreme, and buying things on the spot in Oslo is not a cheap endeavor.  This is a quick Oslo packing guide for those visiting Oslo, Norway.  This Oslo packing list […]

Lapland Packing List: 10 Useful Things to Pack for Rovaniemi

Lapland packing list: What to pack for Rovaniemi Finland

One of the best things about traveling to Finland is the varying seasons you will face depending on what time of the year you go.  That also can make it a bit more challenging when it comes to packing. This is a Lapland packing list that includes 10 useful things to pack for Rovaniemi.  I […]

What to Pack for Norway in Winter: Packing List for Women & Men

what to wear in norway (norway packing list for men and women)

One of the most important things you can do is when traveling to Norway in winter is to make sure you bring the right clothing. Having lived in Norway for four years, I definitely know what to wear in Norway in winter. This is a winter Norway packing list for both men and women based […]