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Challenges You May Face While Climbing Everest

29th of May 1953. New Zealander climber Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay become the first people to climb Mount Everest. Since their unbelievable achievement, 5,924 people have reached the summit, while almost 300 have died trying. This data tells us one thing. Despite being a many people’s dream, climbing to the top […]

10 Adventure Activities in Nepal

While Nepal is a small landlocked country, don’t be fooled by its size; it is an extremely diverse nation, home to numerous ecosystems, from mesmerizing Himalayan peaks to hot Terai lowlands.  Defined by its outdoors, Nepal naturally lends itself to outdoor adventure, and there is something for every type of tourist, from some of the […]

7 Money Saving Tips for Budget Backpacking in Cambodia

budget backpacking tips for cambodia

Budget backpacking in Cambodia should be on the agenda of anyone travelling around South East Asia (SEA). Rich in culture, history, beauty and general intrigue, it is simply an awesome place to explore. But, relatively speaking, it isn’t the cheapest place to travel in this part of the world. Read on for 7 money saving […]

An Island Guide for Your First Trip to Thailand

Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia where you will find secluded beaches with clear blue waters, mountainous plains, and even jungle terrains. With an abundance of islands clustering around the Thai coastline, it can be hard to take your pick especially if you are new to the country. […]