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Svalbard Walrus Safari: What to Expect, FAQs, & How to Book

Recapping my Svalbard walrus safari

Svalbard is brimming with Arctic wildlife, and one of the best things to do during the summer months is to see one of the walrus colonies! This post will dive into how to take a tour to see walruses in Svalbard, including what to expect, how to book, and some FAQs. This is, hands-down, one […]

Best Time To Visit Rovaniemi: Month-by-Month Guide (2024)

Best time to visit Rovaniemi (the beautiful Apukka Resort)

I live in Rovaniemi a lot of the year (I have a house there), and one of my favorite things about the Arctic city is that the months all have their own identity, and each season can present itself as the best time to visit Rovaniemi, depending on what you’re traveling there for! This guide […]

How to Get from Rovaniemi Airport to the City (2024 Guide!)

How to get from the Rovaniemi Airport to the city

This guide will give you details about how to get from Rovaniemi Airport to the city center. It will also show you how to get from Rovaniemi Airport to Santa Claus Village if that happens to be your first stop or where your hotel is! I am listing multiple options, allowing you to choose the journey […]